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Weekend Group Long Run, Tacos, & Taco Aftermath

On Saturday I met up at 6am at a taco joint with the WRRC for a long run. Did I mention the meeting spot was a taco joint? Of course they weren’t open that early, but I knew they soon would be, and that is some incentive right there to get the run dun.

The lake + some.

The lake + some.

Wheweeee! This was a hawt one. Even at that hour. But I pushed through and ended up going 11 sweaty miles with some nice hills thrown in the last few.

I definitely had some runger going on afterwards. But did I mention meeting spot was a taco joint? I took full advantage!

Sometimes it's good to be fuzzy.

Sometimes it’s good to be fuzzy.

Of course, there are sometimes side effects to eating tacos. And I recruited the boy to demonstrate in a 6 second video (put on your headphones for all the classy sound effects)…

Yes, we’re very mature. I know this.

How bout you? Ever get the runger? Get in a long run this weekend? Have any taco consequences stories?


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Runin, Partyin, Yogain, & Rule Breakin

Ya know how people always annoyingly say that they need a vacation after their vacation? Well, I think many of us exerciser-type people need a weekend after our weekends. Man, weekends are ex-haus-ting.

Saturday I was up early to run with the White Rock Running Co-op. I ended up going 11 miles. There’s some great runners in this group. And we had another rare break in the heat – it was an unheard-for-August-mid-60’s in the morning. Awesome.

Are we runners, or are we human?

Are we runners, or are we human?

Humidity was still hovering around 90% though. Someone commented that it was hard to breath. All I know is my shorts were so heavily soaked in sweat that they were coming down. Hello! Had to keep retying the string tighter.

It’s all good though cause we cooled down after with a pool party.

Got it made in the shade.

Got it made in the shades.

This is such a great idea. It was potluck style, but the hosts also fired up the grill and had a cooler of adult style bevvies.

Sunday I was up early again for a solo trail run. Due to some rain earlier in the week, there was a big sign that read, “Trail Closed”. But something I learned once from my grandma, “It doesn’t say who it’s closed to. That sign could be meant for anybody.”

So I climbed over the barricade and ran. It was nice to have the whole trail to myself – well except for all the critters scurrying about (including the box turtle I had to move off the path).

The trail isn't really that squiggly, I was looking for my keys.

The trail isn’t really that squiggly, I was looking for my keys.

After four sweaty miles, it was time for yoga. Yoga is always more difficult when you’re on tired legs (and arms and torso and brain). But I got through it and that should make all the body and mind parts stronger for next time.

The rest of the weekend it was chores, and playing with the kiddos. If you’ve ever played with toddlers, you know how tiring that can be in itself! They are like full-speed non-stop.

But even though it was all tiring, it was all fun! And luckily I didn’t see any nude photo shoots, like I did the other day.

Onward to more!

How bout you? Any good workouts this weekend? Save any wildlife lately? Do you see a sign and think it’s not necessarily meant for you?  Who else needs a weekend after their weekend?


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