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Awesome Run, Muddy Run & Birthday Fun!

First off, I want to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes. And yay, we finally got to celebrate it over the weekend with a bunch of friends and fams.

Must be this tall to ride.

Some running buds. “Must be this tall to ride.”

But I’ll get to that…

…The weekend started with one of the best runs I have had in a long time. I woke up early to meet up with WRRC in Dallas. The weather was gorgeous. It was especially lovely as we ran by White Rock Lake.

This is the kind of stuff runners see every day. Almost makes up for the early alarm clock...almost.

This sunrise is the kind of stuff runners see every day. Almost makes up for the early alarm clock…almost.

The folks I joined up with said they were doing 10 miles at an 8:45 pace. “OK, sure.” I said. I’m not really training for anything specific, so just running for fun.

Buuut, one thing that WRRC group runs are famous for, is always running further/faster than planned. We ended up going closer to 11 miles at an 8:15 pace.

My GPS was off - hence the pace/distance discrepancy.

My GPS was off – hence the pace/distance discrepancy.

I felt really really good on this run. I think I could’ve gone all day long. I wish more runs were like that.

Afterwards, a few of us got breakfast tacos…Natch! I didn’t take a picture of the tacos (they got in my mouth hole too fast), but I did take a pic of a pic of a friend that I spotted on the wall.

Pics of my friends - James and Sylvia (who just ran her first 13.1). BTW, how do I get on the Taco Hall of Fame wall?

Pic of my good friend…his name is Dean. Oh, and also there’s a pic of my pal, Sylvia (who just ran her first 13.1). BTW, how do I get on the Taco Wall of Fame?

The next morning I met more friends for a really muddy trail run. They also surprised me with some birthday presents…I didn’t take a pic, but trust me, they were Klassy.

Anyway, we went about 6 miles and had a few photo ops along the way.

Taking a break.

Taking a break. Bummer that I forgot my giant headband.

A couple friends even camped out there the night before. They let us play with their toys.

We got so hammered.

We got so hammered.

Even though there were some really muddy patches that slowed us down, we eventually finished the run.

The park rangers didn't like our shenanigans. They put us in their tree jail for a spell.

The park rangers didn’t like our shenanigans, so they put us in their tree jail.

After the run, guess what happened? Yeah, that’s right…

I had this thought as I was eating.

I had this thought as I was eating.

From there I had to get all cleaned up nice, cause it was finally time for the birthday party! We went to a runner/kid/dog friendly Texas patio bar. It was packed (like I said, gorgeous weather). Because of the crowd, most of us were spread out all over, but it was still great to see everyone!

I was really bad about taking pics – too busy with birthday bevvies socializing. But we did get a few.

That's a small glass of water.

That’s a small glass of water.

Ha, but I did take one photo with a friend who complained it was too “normal”. She wanted a more “Scottish pic”. OK, you asked for it.

I needed salt for the tequila.

I needed salt for the tequila.

So all in all it was a really good past few days. It wouldn’t be a bad life if every day you got to go on a run, eat some tacos, then sit on a patio with friends/fams, would it? Need to work on that.

How bout you? Ever have one of those runs where it just felt effortless? Any guesses what my trail runner friends gifted me? Is it patio weather where you are yet?


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Long Run (Hooray!) & I Run 4

So the weather finally cooperated (no more icy roads) and I felt fairly healthy again, so it was back to runnin! I ran each day last week, including a long run with the White Rock Running Co-op. Felt good to be back out there after nearly 2 weeks off!

The route we ran. Start/End with hills while the lake was sandwiched in between.

The route we ran. Started/Ended with hills while the lake was sandwiched in between.

Who Ray that was fun!

After the run, we got breakfast tacos…natch! And I’m glad we did because it gave me a chance to catch up with some run buds.

How can it be butt burnin if it's only medium heat?

How can it be butt burnin if it’s only medium heat?

One of these run buds is in the I Run 4 program. If you’re not familiar with IR4, here’s what it says on their website:

In I Run 4 Michael, Athletes of all levels and kinds – runners, walkers, yogis, triathletes, etc – are paired with children and adults with physical, mental, and developmental special-needs ranging from Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy to Autism Spectrum disorders, to physical deformities and disorders like lost limbs and congenital organ disorders, to lesser-known disorders like AHC.”

It’s a pretty cool program. A lot of these kids aren’t able to run, so when someone runs 4 them, they usually share with them how many miles. After special events like races, quite often they send the kids their medals/shirts.

For the past few months, I’ve been giving race medals to my bud so he can send them to the girl he’s matched up with.

Me & Clay and the chocolate bar medal he's going to send the girl.

Me & Clay and the chocolate bar medal he’s going to send the girl.

It’s always great to hear back that the kid was so excited to receive her new bling. I’m really glad it can bring a smile to her face!!!

Now yes, I do love my race bling too. And my own kids always love it when I bring a new medal home. So what I usually do now is explain to the race people what I’m doing and if I can have an extra medal for the girl. So far so good!

Here's me in a homemade tank top hugging a unicorn for some reason. In the background you can see where I hang my race medals.

Here’s me in a homemade tank top hugging a unicorn for some reason. In the background you can see where I hang my race medals.

Not only do the kids love what comes from being in this program, but it can help the athletes too. When things get tough in a race, thinking of the kid you run 4 will help you keep going! That’s for sure!

How bout you? Have you heard of IR4? Do you know Who Ray is? Should I start a homemade tank top business?


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New Race, Random Question, & Super Heroes all up in yo grill!

Random thought – I wonder if the parents of Miles Davis were runners and that’s why they named him that.

Anyway, it’s been a good couple weeks of running. This past weekend I got in a long run with WRRC. We ran to one Dallas running landmark to another and back (White Rock Lake & Katy Trail).

Kind of a pointy laying down dog.

Kind of a pointy laying down cat.

The next day I ran a solo run around one of the ‘burbs. It went well, except for the one stretch with all the bobcat droppings all over the sidewalk…I was looking over my shoulder the whole way!!! “Good kitty. Nice kitty.”

Kind of a

Kind of a cartoon caveman with an giant head.

Unfortunately I had to miss yoga this weekend, but it was for a good reason…the boy’s birthday present! We took him to see Marvel Live!

A bunch of stunt performers dressed up as super heroes.

A bunch of stunt performers dressed up as super heroes.

Thor and his big hammer.

Thor and his big hammer.

The Hulk was there too. And he SMASHED!!!!!

Despite the loud explosions, the boy had fun. And he was doubly thrilled cause his Godmother sent him a Pirate Ship Kite that’s gonna be like bigger than he is once put together!

It's going to be big.

It’s going to be big.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this coming weekend I’m running in a race! It’s the Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas.

Can't wait to get this medal!

Can’t wait to get this medal!

I think I’ve only raced one other 15k, so I’m not really sure how to pace this distance. But I’ll do what I can. Go big or go home, right? Booyah!


How bout you? Ever run a Hot Chocolate Race? Ever flown a kite bigger than you? Have you ever gotten smashed?


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Classic Me Weekend – Running & Tacos & Yoga (+ Bonus Vomit)

With just a couple weeks until the Key West Half Marathon, I gotta keep at it. So this weekend, I did my best.

Friday wasn’t so good. I didn’t run. I had some weird nausea and light headedness. I even had to pull over my car so I could vomited on the side of the road.

Fast forward to Saturday…I felt less vomity, so I met up with some friends at White Rock Lake early in the morn. The plan was 14 miles @ 8:30 pace. We ended up going a little further and a little faster than planned. Felt good.

Looped the Lake, and then some.

Looped the lake, and then some.

After the run, a small group of us went for tacos…duh!

The devil made me do it.

The devil made me do it.

While Saturday was chilly, it was nothing compared to the 30 or so degrees it dropped over night thanks to the Arctic air sent down from Canada. Yes, I blame Canada (can you please fix the Texas weather Mrs. Outdoor Running Adventures?).

I do.

I do.

I had put a call out to some of my Sunday Runday buds to join me for some chilly miles, but all I heard back was cricket creeks. I guess a 25mph constant wind that causes a 16 degree wind chill wasn’t up their alley.

Anyway, I decided that since the conditions were tough, that I should say ‘screw it’ and make my run even tougher. So I did 7 miles with a series of nasty hill repeats. My cheeks were frozen by the end.

After, I warmed up with some yoga…

So what, I'm in a yoga class in a Lululemon - I can still keep it old school gangsta.

So what, I’m in a yoga class in a Lululemon – I can still keep it old school gangsta.

So there ya go. Pretty much what you’d expect from me, right? Running, tacos, yoga, misguided blame…Just a typical weekend in PirateBobcat’s world. Love it!

How bout you? Did you get Arctic blasted? Do you blame Canada? Ever make a tough workout tougher just to spite the weather gods?


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I Finally Mastered Yoga & Ran Hilly Miles & Ate Tacos

Nuther krazy weekend, kids…But good news, I finally mastered yoga!!! After yesterday’s hilly 7 mile run, my elf friend and I totally nailed chair and tree poses.

Boom, nailed it.

We finally found the Keebler tree.

The day before that, I had woked up early for a long run. This time the WRRC and DRC teamed up at White Rock Lake in Dallas. I ended up running 13 really HILLY miles in the neighborhoods East of the lake.

Yes Virginia, Dallas hills are real.

Yes Virginia, Dallas hills are real.

After those two days of hilly runs, (plus the previous 4 days of runs), my legs were feelin it. I had to help them recover by eating many many tacos. My fave of the weekend was from a farm to taco joint called Good to Go Taco.

Local chorizo and mashed taters in a taco? Yes, they went there.

Local chorizo and mashed taters in a taco? Yes, they went there. And the,y in turn went to my belly.

And some more good news – we got a warm front this weekend, so we had a very nice 75 degree day. We took advantage with a patio brunch and attending a big Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

All in all a pretty good lil weekend. And there’s more! I got some big news over the weekend, but you’ll have to wait for that. Stay tuned!

How bout you? Have a good weekend? Have you mastered yoga yet? Who wants tacos (besides our friend over at Walk to Rio 2016) who was taunting me on Instagram over the weekend with his Mexico City tacos)?


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Dallas Marathon Course Partial Preview, Run Bale & Pre-Dawn Selfies

This weekend saw many more miles. The WRRC mapped a route that ran along some of the new Dallas Marathon course – intentionally running the toughest sections of the course. And I gotta say, I feel for those who are running this race. You got some hills to deal with.


The “Dolly Parton Hills”, Swiss Ave & the Santa Fe Trail are gonna make you work.

It did take us through some old pretty neighborhoods. Hopefully the mansions will distract you from the ups and downs of the roads. However, you won’t have such a luxury after you leave the lake and hit up the Santa Fe Trail – Not much to see there.

Now, if you’re running the half marathon, you won’t have to deal with these tough sections of the course. You don’t even sniff them. Consider yourself lucky!

Anyway, to get to this run, I had to get up in the 4 o’clock hour. When I did, I noticed I had been tagged by my buddy Amy at FitnessMeetsFrosting on an Instagram challenge to take a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment. Here’s mine…

I was being absolutely thrilled at being up at this hour.

I was absolutely thrilled at being up at this hour.

After the run, we ate tacos. I didn’t take a picture. I was hungry. Deal with it.

Anywhoodle…the next day I was up early again for a trail run with friends. It was kind of rainy and cold, so most of our friends bailed…I didn’t.

See, I told ya I didn't 'bale' on the run.

See, I told ya I didn’t ‘bale’ on the run.

I love that there was a random hay bale. Just last week in the same park was a random chair.

It's a park of random mystery props.

It’s a park of random mystery props.

Anyway, by the end of the run, there were only two of us left. We ended up getting in 7 miles before I had to head to yoga.

IMG_2456What I loved about both runs is that the people I ran with all pushed each other to go further and faster…In fact, on both days the fastest miles were on the hilliest sections. All in all, we got in some long runs, some hills, and some speed work. Love it! Feelin strong. Thinkin I might need to sign up for the half to take advantage of my current fitness level. Hmmmmmmm………

How bout you? Ever preview a race by running sections of the course? Ever bale on a run? If you took a selfie right now, what would you be doing?


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Lots of Running, Ghost Chairs & Taco Hauntings

We finally got a few days of somewhat fall-like weather. Yippee! It made for some good runs. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when it’s not a billion degrees.

For Saturday’s long run, it was in the upper 40’s when I meet WRRC at 6am at a strip mall with an interesting store…

Nothing butt good deals here.

Nothing butt good deals here.

A lot of the folks I ran with are gearing up for the Dallas Marathon. I am not. They were going 20 miles. I did not. I ended up with a group that went 15. Why? Just for fun.


It was an out and back because one of the runners wanted to end with hills. And this route started with hills. So that’s a nice hilly bookend. Lucky us. Amazingly though, some of these runners pushed me to negative split. At the half we were an 8:25 pace, but by the finish our total average mile was 8:15! Feels good to be a gansta.

Afterwards some of us mowed down some totally epic tacos. Sadly, I didn’t take a pic, but I did when I previously visited this taco joint.

This place is cleverly called "Taco Joint"

This place is cleverly called “Taco Joint”

For Sunday Runday, I met my run-bud Serene for some trail running and I added another 6 miles.

I photo bombed her selfie. I'm such a rascal.

I photo bombed her selfie. I’m such a rascal.

She had done a 30k trail race the day before. And.Was.Hurting. But she toughed it out. I’m glad she did, because in the middle of the park we spotted a photo op!

This will be the album cover when my next release drops.

This will be the cover photo when my next album drops.

Lots of people have photo shoots in this park, and I assume that’s what this chair was there for. But nobody was with it. It was just randomly in the middle of a field. Later on it was gone. So either someone took it, or it was a ghost chair. Probably the latter.

Afterwards I went to yoga. The instructor decided it was going to be a power leg day. Lucky us. I legs were shaking so bad, and now I am berry sore. I didn’t take a pic in class…but also this weekend, our friend at Candies and Crunches challenged me on Instagram with a yoga pic. I sent one back.

Leaning tower of paradise.

Leaning tower of paradise. Yes, I’m a mouth breather.

Also this weekend, our friend at My Walk to Rio 2016 challenged me on Instagram with a taco pic. So after yoga I went to yet another taco joint. Again, I forgot to take a pic, but here’s an earlier pic from the same joint.

Rudy Rudy Rudy...

It’s a BBQ joint in a gas station, and it’s good. They serve breakfast tacos too!

So not a bad weekend of running, yogaing and tacoing!!!

How bout you? Do your run friends push you? Any Instagram friends challenge you? Do you believe in ghost chairs?


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Update on Reflections of a Lost Runner

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote a post about a little tucked away memorial to a person who had passed away. You can read the post HERE.


I had done some research and found out she was a runner. I pass this memorial on my favorite running route and always pause there.

This is right near the spot where the memorial is located.

This is right near the spot where the memorial is located. Cloudy day, but you can kinda see the Dallas skyline in the background.

Since I wrote that post, I’ve gotten a few messages from friends of her. If you read the comments in it, you’ll see some of them. It seems she was very much loved. I’m glad to hear that she made such an impression on people…So much so that they are still searching for her online so many years after her passing (That’s how they come across my blog post). That said, I still had many questions about who this person was…

…Fast forward to this week, and I received another message. One of her friends shared some more details about her. Here is what she wrote:

“Scott – I was a good friend of Sabra’s and her sister, Monica. I met them through mutual friends and became close to them when I joined Luke’s Locker’s marathon training programs in 2000. They’d been running marathons for years, and when I joined the group they took me under their wings and helped me prepare to run my first half-marathon (White Rock half). Although they were both much faster runners than I was, they were so sweet to run at my pace to keep me company and give me pep talks. I told them both at the time that I’m not sure if I would have made it through that first race without their support. We were also good/social friends outside of running. Sabra’s death was tragic – a motorcycle accident caused by a driver who ran a red light.

She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside, just like her sister, who was her best friend. Monica spearheaded planning for the memorial bench that you’ve discovered, and a number of us running friends contributed to its erection at the park. The phrase on the bench was Monica’s idea and it’s absolutely perfect. So many friends spent hours – years – training with Sabra at the lake and we wanted a place where friends and family could come to visit her. I shed a few tears of sadness when I stumbled upon your post, but also a few tears of happiness to know that her memory lives on at the lake and that others have discovered the special spot where she spent a lot of time and touched so many lives.”

Panorama mode

Panorama mode

I’m thankful that she reached out to me, and that I am then able to reach out to you with this information. But I’m most thankful that Sabra’s friends know that even though she’s gone, people are still thinking of her…even people that never met her.

No questions today, but if you have any thoughts on this, please share in the comments.

PS – If you ever run at White Rock Lake in Dallas, and want to know where this memorial is, holla at me and I’ll fill you in.

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The Ebola Race (Cancelled) & High Impact Yoga

I’ve been a bit out of it ever since I got a case of the Ebola sniffles last week. I’m just now starting to not be light headed all day. Despite this, I was still supposed to run a 15k race the other day – that happened to be near where all the Dallas Ebola stuff is going down…But it had got cancelled. So I ran 14 miles instead.

It looks like a balloon mid-popping.

It looks like a horrible balloon…a horriballoon.

The race didn’t get cancelled because of the Ebola stuff, it got cancelled due to a storm. This storm came through 36 hours before the race, left behind many downed trees and power outages. Too bad too, cause the storm also brought with it some cool temps. The 14 miles I did run, felt easy peasy booty squeezy.

The next day I got up early to meet friends for trail running and yoga. The trails were nice.

So we'll just follow that path then?

So we’ll just follow that path then?

The yoga, however was not what a sick person who just ran 6-7 miles and hadn’t eaten needed. It started with a whole series of ‘mountain to swan dive’ repeats. If you don’t know what that is – basically: stand up, bend over, repeat. Yowza, I was dizzy.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

The practice went on to be pretty intense. There was lots of shaking, sweating, and grunting going on – it sounded like being in a dorm. Seriously though, it was a great workout.

And of course, I had to help nurse myself back to health with some tacos.

Migas & Independent (veggie)

They look good, but tasted better.

Onward to more!

How bout you? Ever have a race cancelled on you? Any tough yoga classes lately? Are you celebrating Taco Tuesday?


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The Loop 15k preview – Running with Ebola

So there is a race I’m supposed to run this weekend. It’s in Dallas. Where the Ebola stuff is going on. They say we’re safe. I believe them. But, I’ve been sick all week with a cold. At least I THINK it’s a cold!!!!

Should I be worried?

Should I be worried?

I tried to continue with my workouts all week, but on my run yesterday, I felt like doo doo. Besides my Ebola sniffles, it was also flippin hot, wildly windy, and freakin Humid with a capital H. Left me nice and shweaty.

My sweat leaves marks.

My sweat leaves marks.

Buuut we had a massive storm blow through last night, and that has brought us some relief. And so the thought of running a race in somewhat tolerable conditions is very tempting.

Also, I ate some pho last night (pho realz, I did). And I slept-in instead of running this morning. So I hope that helps me feel more better. Well, at least as well as I can feel…

I had a real chip on my shoulder (tortilla, not potato).

I hope to get rid of the chip on my shoulder.

I ran this race last year and did ok. But it was muuuch more hotter than it’s supposed to be this year. But two, I was healthy last year. Well, at least as healthy as I can appear…

Say ahhhhhh!

Say ahhhhhh!

So here’s hopin I feel well enough to race this weekend!

How bout you? Do you run if you’re under the weather? Do you run whether the weather? Can you diagnose my illness?


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