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Relationship Troubles (w/ Gym) & Running, & Vampires, & Tacos

First up, my knee feels better each day.  I feel like that relationship will be strong for years to come.  I went on my 2nd run since I hurt it, and I must’ve had more confidence in it because I went a mile further and was running a almost a minute faster per mile that my first run (4 miles @ 8:20 per).  Hooray for that!

In other news, I fear my relationship with Gym 1 is over.  I’d worked out with Gym 1 for like 12 years, 3-4 times per week.  Since I stopped visiting, it’s weird how they haven’t even called me.  I guess I’m not missed.  Man, break-ups are hard.  I thought about going back to them, but I have access to another Gym that is free for me!  I’m going to try them out.  We’ll see if it starts another long term relationship.

With all those relationship troubles, I was ready for an escape.  Luckily this week marks the return of The Originals and Vampire Diaries.  I don’t know how I got hooked on these vampire dramas, but I like them.  I’m particularly enjoying The Originals.  I think partly because I’m a huge fan of New Orleans, where the show takes place.

At the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans.

At the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans.

And as a TV producer, I do appreciate the acting, cinematography, effects, lighting, etc.  Even though it’s probably technically considered a soap opera (but what show now a days isn’t?).

At least it doesn't take place at Twilight.

At least it doesn’t take place at Twilight.

I also turned to food this week for comfort.  Particularly, Tacos.  Everyday in fact.  Here’s a picture of my favorites:

On da left - Migas.   On da right - Fried Avocado.

On da left – Dirty Sanchez (eggs and veggies). On da right – Fried Avocado. @ Torchy’s Tacos

So there you have it, one relationship ends, another begins, another is renewed, and it’s all balanced out with vampire dramas and vegetarian tex-mex.  Not bad I guess.

How bout you?  Ever change up a gym?  Ever had a dirty sanchez?  Ever watch dramas about 100 year old “teen” vampires?

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