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Valentines Day Run, Under/Over the Weather, & Keepin it Real!

Sup playas? Oh really? Cool. Me? I’ve been a bit under the weather lately – literally and figuratively. Texas got some of the arctic coldness that most of the rest of the country is dealing with. Granted, we don’t have mounds of snow anywhere, but the temps went from the 70’s one day, to the 20’s the next morning. I think that’s why I’ve been sickly the past few days. When I can, I still run tho!

I had to take this screen shot a few days ago when I realized I was .1 mile ahead of my friend so far this month. Had to tease her...had no choice! ;)

I had to take this screen shot a few days ago when I realized I was .1 mile ahead of my friend so far this month. Had to tease her…had no choice! 😉

On Valentines Day I had to get my miles in early, luckily one of my run buds agreed to join me. We got in 11+ miles with some hill repeats mixed in.

After, we popped into grab some hot tea and found a photo op…

Bunny ears makes me sad.

Bunny ears makes me sad.

Other than that, just been try to keep it real. You should try keeping it real, it’s fun. I got to hang with the rugrats a bunch…

I wonder where he gets it from?

I wonder where he gets it from?

And if you don’t know, when I’m not exermasizing, I’m busy making TV Magic. I got have a shoot with long time friend and great on-camera personality, Ashley Kamrath. Stay tuned for the finished videos!!!

Bienvenidos a mi hammy.

Bienvenidos a mi hammy.

And to my blogger friends, I apologize for being somewhat absent lately. Like I wrote – I’ve been busy and sickly. I look forward to catching up!

How bout you? Under or Over this weather? Did you run on Valentines Day? How you doin?


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Back 2 Runnin, Birthday Boy, Makin TV & a Bummer, man.

Bummer, man…I’m not in South Florida anymore.

(If you did miss my recap of the Key West Half Marathon, see it HERE)

But it’s good to be home too. Especially to celebrate the boy’s 6th berfday!

We're just a group of mouth-breathers.

We’re just a group of mouth-breathers.

With the hat and shirt, there’s no mistaking who’s day it is.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play - bundt.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play – bundt.

To burn off the birthday cake, I got back into my running groove after taking a couple days off after the race. The highlights were my weekend runs with friends.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

The next day we tried to run trails, but they were too muddy. Another round of pavement pounding it is!

I see a bunny wabbit...I think.

A bunny wabbit run with Serene. Funny cause we actually saw a coyote on our run.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. If you don’t know, when I’m not running, I’m making TV shows. And this week I got to go to a fun little training thingy to help keep my skills razor sharp.

Movies aren't as glamorous behind the scenes.

Movies aren’t as glamorous behind the scenes.

So there ya go. And now I go. More miles in the morning!!!

How bout you? Do you see any animals on your runs? Celebrate a birthday recently (aka join a new age group)? What kind of videos would you guess that I make?

PS – Again, if you missed it, you can see here my Key West Half Marathon Recap & my Key West Photo Purge.


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I’m on TV, Runnin & New Protein

Firsty, as you may know, I am a TV producer. I can put myself on TV whenever I want…pretty much…But there’s something special about a photobomb. And the other day I saw the local NBC affiliate doing a live remote. I couldn’t resist. I had to pretend like I was on my phone so I could photobomb them. Here’s the video evidence:

Ha, good times! Other than that, I’ve got a few muggy runs in this week. Two road runs and one track workout. I get up early to do them, and I gotta say, it’s so dagnab humid. This morning it was 95%. I keep reminding myself this when I see I’m running shorter distances and slower than normal. The ‘experts’ say you can acclimatize, but it’s slow going around here.

Anyway, I know most of us exerciserers are always looking for lean protein to keep us going, but not bog us down. Well, I was driving past a gas station/convenience store and I think they have a new solution.

it doesn't say if they're served cold or worm.

it doesn’t say if they’re served cold or worm.

Ha, alrighty then. Looks like a perfect marriage of carbs and protein.

Anykitandkaboodle, here in the States, it’s 4th of July weekend. Woot Woot – 3 days off, BBQ’s, Fireworks, Holla Holla! I usually run a local 5k, but this year I’m joining some friends for an unofficial race. Stay tuned for the details!

Hope you’re having a great week(end)!

How bout you? Ever photobomb the news? Want to try a bait sandwich? Any big 4th plans?


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Meeting Pentatonix, Yard Work Workout & 1st Bike Ride

So the other day I was working (I’m a TV Producer) all day at an early 4th of July festival. It was pretty fun. The headlining music act was Pentatonix.

And being that I had an all access pass, I checked out a bit of their performance from the stage in front of an estimated 100,000 festival-goers!

I liked to imagine they were all cheering for me (they may have been).

Notice how the female band member is totally checking me out.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about them going into this event. But since we were interviewing them, I needed to research them. I came to find out that they are very popular and pretty talented. They were also super nice in person.

They asked me to join the group based on some of my youtube karaoke videos.

They asked me to join the group based on some of my sweet youtube karaoke videos.

And they put on a pretty good show to boot.

Front row joe.

Front row Joe.

Between the festival and that morning’s run/boot camp, I was pretty exhausted. The next day I took a rare unscheduled ‘rest’ day. However, I ended up doing 5 hours of yard work. That is a workout in itself. I was left noodle-armed from all the mowing, edging, etc. Imagine how much more tired I’d be if I got around to the manscaping.

Later on we took a doggy walk and the boy was anxious to try his bike out sans assistance – I had taken off the training wheels earlier in the day.  I was shocked that the first ride without the training wheels, he did pretty good!  You can watch the video HERE.

So he can now bike.

He can run.

He's flying (literally).

He gets it from me.

And he can swim.

In da pool.

He gets it from me.

We may have a budding triathlete on our hands!

 How bout you? Are you a fan of Pentatonix? Yard work ever double as a workout for ya? Anyone else see a lil triathlete?



PS – Sorry I’ve been a little MIA – WordPress was giving me issues.

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Runnin, Pro Soccer, & Cassanova

I’m always pretty worn out come Monday from my weekends.  I think we need to make Monday’s a national sleep in day.  Yes, I know we’re supposed to sleep in on the weekends, but runners (and parents) don’t seem to have that luxury.

Saturday I got up and ran 10 chilly/windy miles with one of the pups.  Why did I run ten?  I dunno, sounded good.

That evening I got called to work with the TV broadcast of the FC Dallas match vs. Portland Timbers.  If you don’t know, when I’m not exercising, I’m a TV producer guy.  This gig called for me to stand at midfield and watch soccer.

On field Selfie!

On field Selfie!

I’ve played soccer since toddler days and it’s still my favorite sport.  So this is a pretty sweet gig for me.

The next morning I was going to get up and run with group on some trails, but I didn’t get up in time for their start.  No biggie, I was able to get 4-5 miles on the trails by my lonesome.  I hadn’t been on the trails in a while, and I loved it.  It’s so awesome to run in nature.

My shoesies got a widdle durty.

My shoesies got a widdle durty.

I’m so glad to be re-introducing trail and track running back into my routine.  It’s so great to mix it up!  And so beneficial too.

Afterwards I went to the Lululemon yoga class, where get this, a lady had a newborn baby on her mat.  It was kind of cool to see the baby looking around as her parents did yoga over them.  That is until the baby got fussy and they had to step out.  Anyways, it was a good class and I did some poses I had never even heard of before.  Reverse tree/eagle anyone?

And of course the weekend also included some doggy/kiddy walks.  The boy even collected some flowers along the way.

He's a little early for the prom.

He’s a little early for the prom.

How bout you?  Do you like trail running?  Are you a soccer (football) fan?  Would you accept flowers from a boy in a shark shirt?


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Never Trust the TV Weather Dude

I have known most of my life that the weather updater person on the local TV news shows were never very accurate.  Growing up my dad used to say, “The weatherman couldn’t predict a bowel movement, let alone the weather!”

More recently I spoke with someone who said they can only accurately predict 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the weather happens.

I’m sad to say I forgot both of these lessons yesterday, and I paid for it with a run loss.

Yesterday it was in the 80’s (American), and the lead story on all the local news was that overnight the temps would drop to the 30’s and it would be WINDY.  They were talking 45 mph (American) gusts.  And that wind would be cold and would make it feel even colder outside.

Like a fool, I believed them.  I mean, after all they had maps and satellite images and ‘futurecasting’ all used to dupe me.

I had planned to run hill repeats this morning, but when the alarm went off, I could hear the wind blowing against the house.  I thought, “I don’t want to run up and down hills in the face of tornado like freezing winds.”  So I slept in.  Mistake.

It was a little windy, but then again it’s always kind of windy in North Texas.  It was a little colder, but not the near freezing temps they had predicted.  I should have run, it would’ve been perfectly fine.  It’s actually quite lovely out.

Lesson learned, don’t trust the TV weather dude or lady.  Another lesson:  You can’t control the weather on race day – It could be hot, cold, windy, rainy, etc.  So you might as well train in all conditions too.

Anybody else ever get tricked by the TV/Internet meteorologists?  Does the weather ever adjust your running schedule?


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Destination Workouts and Awards

I was in the Texas town of Seabrook for work the past couple days. It’s home to NASA and the Kemah Boardwalk. It’s right on the Gulf of Mexico. Sticking to my training sched, I got up early to run. I love running in new places. You really get to see stuff from a different perspective. This run I got to see the sea.

This was NOT a pedestrian friendly town. Not many sidewalks, busy roads, etc. But I didn’t get run over, so I got that going for me. I also ended up at the commercial seafood selling district. I love seafood, but that place smelled funky! Must be the dumpsters! But it was made up for by the beautiful sunrise views over the water. Awesome.
There were a lot of animals about too. Deer, jellyfish, non jellyfish, and lots of pelicans. In fact they had painted pelican statues all over town. Kind of their mascot I guess.


Anyway, a nice run. I also got a good little workout in in the hotel gym. After though, we had an awards dinner. I’m a TV producer when not running (as part of this conference I taught a class on pre-production). So I got all gussied up and collected our trophies. We work hard on our shows and it’s nice to be rewarded time to time.


All in all, a pretty good couple days. But the travel and excitement and exercise has left me a tad tired. Just landed back in Dallas and off to home to hopefully relax on the couch with the fam and rest up for 6 mile Saturday and 16 mile Sunday. Here we go!
Here’s my question. If you had a mascot, what would it be?

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What a Weekend!

So much happened this weekend that it will probably take all week to write about it all.  Today I will give you a summary:

Friday – Went to visit a friend who works at a Sports Chiro joint (pun intended) inside a Tri store.  Got to test some recovery equipment and attend a talk by an Olympian and world champ triathlete – Jarrod Shoemaker.

Saturday – 4 mile run.  Then took the toddler to his first hockey practice.  Oh yeah, Mike Modano was on the ice too playing with the kids.

Me and Mo.

Me and Mo.

Sunday – 14 mile run.  Then got the new iPhone.  Then an awesome patio lunch.  Then took the toddler and went to a pub where we met my dad and watched the Browns play like an actual football team.  Also, saw the Indians and Rangers make it to the post season!  Also, the Steelers still suck, and that’s a good thing.  I also ate a naughty snack as I heard that a new world record was set in the Marathon!

What else?  Oh yeah, this weekend I got nominated for FIVE Emmy Awards!!!  Did I mention that I’m a TV producer when I’m not running?  Here’s a pic from last year where we added #7 to the trophy case!

Don't be fooled by the fancy photo, I'm actually not wearing pants.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy photo, I’m actually not wearing pants.

I’ll give more in depth descriptions of what went down as this week progresses.  For now, just enjoy this picture of the 4 year old in his first ever hockey gear!

He looks serious!

He looks serious!

More to come, stay tuned!  Until then, let me know how your weekend went!!!

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