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Race Preview: Project 214 Relays

This is cool.  A new run training group called Project 214 in town is putting on this event in conjunction with Thursday Night Social Run and the City of Plano, TX.  The race itself is a 4 x 1 Mile Relay…but you don’t get to choose your team – all names will be drawn from a hat.  Registration is 5 bones and the money goes to the Plano Animal Shelter, I’m assuming so they can buy more bones.


I haven’t run just one mile in a race since high school.  I’m assuming I can still run it at the 5:04 time I ran it then.  Hahaha!  I have been doing track work tho and so I’m getting my speed back.  At yesterdays workout, my 400’s were down in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s.  Fastest I’ve gone since my mid 50’s in my high school days.  And it’s about 10-15 seconds faster than I was running them just a couple months ago.

That said, my legs are a little sore from said workout, and I’m about to go to the gym right before the race too to get in another workout.  We’ll see what kind of spring I’ll have.  It’s gotten hotter today than it’s been since Sunday when all the rain came through town.  That always takes a little out of me to.  But I’m optimistic!  Mostly I just want to have fun with it!

Winners get gift cards from Top Golf, which is always a fun time.  There’s also going to be music, some special guests, and a other surprises.  How do I know all this?  Well if you look on their website, I’m going to be one of the coaches, so I kind of have an in.  It’s going to be a really cool program.  We have some really great partnerships with doctors, nutritionists, yogis, trainers, stores, companies, chiropractors, etc. etc. etc.  We want to create well rounded runners who stay healthy through training.  Also, one advantage to being a small start up, we are able to customize the training plans to adjust for whenever their race is.  For example, my race is in January, so I’ll have to tweak my program from those training for the Dallas Marathon in December.  Nice.

If you see this and can come out, please do!  If you can’t, then come to the after party at Rugby House Pub where they’ve reserved the back room for us.  If you can’t and want to be involved somehow, just holla at me.

Peace and running grease!

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