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Social Runs, Hawt Runs, & Tex-Mex (guaranteed to not give the runs)

First off, thanks to everyone for your kind words about my last post.  I’m sure if any of her friends or family ever come across that post that they will appreciate all of your comments as well.

Anyway, it was a decent week of exer-ma-cizing.  Texas brought the heat, but I hung in there.  I got through all my workouts, but the hottest was at the Thursday Night Social Run.  Triple digits.  Even hotter heat index.  Full on blazing sun.  But we still had our fun…

Me and two Boston Qualifiers.

Two Boston Qualifiers and me.  All smiles.  Weird hand gestures.

Of course after the run came the social part.  It’s always great talking with other runners.  I can pick the brains of the more experienced ones, and can share stories with those who are more newish.  We talk about races, training, etc.  For some reason my non-running friends don’t really care to talk running all the time.  Go figure?!?!

This time our run was hosted by a cool Tex-Mex joint in town called Chiladas.  And being it was National Tequila Day, there may have been a margarita or more involved.  The owner (and runner with our group) snapped a group selfie.

Four points if you can spot me.  *Hint*

Four points if you can spot me. *Hint***there are chips and salsa in front of me*** Hope that helps.

I’m really looking forward to my next run in the morning.  The heat aside, it will be fun.  A couple of the groups I run with are merging for some longer miles.  The aforementioned TNSR, and also the White Rock Running Co-op.  We’re meeting at a very popular breakfast/brunch/post-run joint for some mileage.  They have the patio reserved for us.  Stay tuned for the results!!!

How bout you?  Have a good week exermacizing?  Ever get to run with people who you can steal advice from?  What’s better than post-run food and fun?


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Social Running

Last night I got to run with a group that I hadn’t been able to run with in like forever.  Thursday Night Social Run is a fun group that meets and runs each Thursday (coincidentally).  Afterwards we have a little get together at a different establishment each week.  The joints usually hook us up with drink and food specials.  Last night we were at a cool TexMex joint Chiladas.

Before the run (not sweaty).  I'm wearing the sweet headband in front.

Before the run (not sweaty). I’m wearing the sweet headband in front. (click pic to enlarge)

There are people of all levels from walkers on up to elite (seriously).  I like it because running with them I usually go faster than my solo runs.  It’s nice having others to pace with.

During the run (sweaty).

During the run (sweaty).  I know there are no others next to me in the pic, but trust me, this was a rare stretch where I was separated. Get off my back, sheesh.

Afterwards we enjoyed some good food and drink.  It was fun to catch up with all my running peeps.  I also registered for a RACE!  I’ll write more about it later, but a local 5k sent representatives to our group to offer us some discounts and incentives to register…so I did.  It’ll be my first race since the Dopey Challenge, and that’s exciting times right there.

How bout you?  Ever run with a social group?  Ever pick up your pace when with others?


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