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Running with Armadillos, Skunks, Kanyes & Humans!

I’m tired, kids. Gone over 500 miles the past 2-3 months getting ready for the Chicago Marathon. That’s a lot of 3:45-4:00 am wake-up alarms. The good news is that I still haven’t missed a single day of training. That, and I’m relatively healthy – no major injuries to report – just the odd aches and pains and colds and coughs. It’s going relatively well, all things considered, if you must know, I do declare, but I digress.

The past weekend saw our 2nd 20 miler of the training plan.

If we make funny faces, it'll mask our pain.

If we make funny faces, it’ll mask our pain.

Oh, that reminds me, in August we ran 198 miles. And yeah, I thought about running an extra two, but then I unthought about it.

So close to the double century mark.

So close to the double century mark. Oh well, there’s always next month.

Back to last week – One nice surprise was the rare “short” weekday run – Only a 5k! That’s a far cry from the 12 miles scheduled we ran just 7 days richard prior. Decided to do it on the track – just a few pre-sun 800’s amongst friends.


It was dark. Used a flash. My shoes glowed.

And is it just me, or are there a lot more varmints out and about lately? On the track there was a skunk…a SKUNK…On.The.Track!!!!

There’s also been some coyotes, frogs, bobcats, bunnies, more skunks, and some giant roly poly bugs…

Happy to report we outran the armadillo.

Happy to report we outran the armadillo. And we were sure to cautiously approach the dangerous HS XC team behind us – oh how I hate them with their short shorts, long hair & zero body fat.

Not sure what’s going on…are they all foraging for winter sustenance? Do I need to do the same? Should I start hoarding choco-sprinkle donuts like these smelly critters…?

Strange beasts indeed.

Strange beasts indeed.

Oh, and did I mention the snakes? Indiana Jones would hate it up in hurrah..

It's totes real.

It’s totes real.

That pic above is courtesy of Thursday Night Social Run – as always, things got crazy with TNSR. There is so much going on below, that I don’t even…

Da Fu?

Da Fu?

There’s been some more runs and funs, but I’ll get to that, like later, or whatever, no big whoop. For now, I gotta go lay down, put my feet up and watch the new episode of Drunk History. Hasta luego, playas!

How bout you? Been seeing any critters on your runs? Armadillos – cute or dangerous? If you were an animal, what would you be?


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Running with Taylor Swift, A Real Life Monster, & Don’t Ask About My Job!!!

Chicago Marathon training is in full swing! It’s early still, but so far so good. It’s nice to finally have a plan instead of just running random daily miles. I’ve been running a lot with friends and I think I have a pretty solid base heading into the real dillyo.

A highlight of the week was our TNSR celebrity social run…

Josh didn't photoshop anything here. It's all legit.

Josh didn’t photoshop anything here. It’s all legit. Kanye and Taylor set the pace.

It’s always good to have other folks around to help push you on the run…and to mess with your otherwise perfect running photo…

Guess they thought I needed two sets of bunny ears.

Guess they thought I needed two sets of bunny ears.

Another fun group run this past week was with the WRRC and their “Run My Hood” series. This time it was a run around some East Dallas neighborhoods, followed by another fun pool party!

I actually ran 10 miles - the gps was acting up.

I actually ran 10 miles – the gps was acting up.

There’s something about jumping in a pool after a sweaty humid Texas summer run. I need to get a pool, or more friends with pools, or figure out a way to sneak into my neighbor’s yard.

And I don’t know if you can tell this or not, but whenever a camera makes an appearance, I am instantly drawn to it…even if the subjects didn’t necessarily want me to be in it. Cause in my head, if you want to improve your pics, just add Scott! 😉

Photobombsaway! #notcreepy

Photobombsaway! #notcreepy

So the training is going well so far. And other than that, this little monster had a birthday…

Don't let the cute smile fool ya, she can single handedly destroy an entire house.

Don’t let the cute smile fool ya, she can single-handedly destroy an entire house.

And at her school, they gave her a father’s day questionnaire. After reading her answers, I feel like she doesn’t know me at all!

If any narks are reading this, please ignore her answer to what my job is.

If any narks are reading this, please ignore her answer to what my job is. (click the photo to enlarge)

So things are good, things are good. Oh yeah, and so are TACOS!!!!

I like to eat in front of a mirror to make it look like there's more tacos.

I like to eat in front of a mirror to make it look like there’s more tacos.

So there ya have it. BOOM! On to more!

How bout you? You’re not a nark, are ya? Who likes mirror eating? Will you invite me to your pool?


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