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Week 6 Disney Dopey Challenge Training

I finished the 6th week of my Disney Dopey Challenge Training (if you can’t tell from the title).  It was my last unofficial training week, because this week begins week 1 of the Hal Higdon training plan.  Why did I have to do pre-training training?  Because week 1’s long run is 13 miles.  So I have to be prepared for that.

Week 6 was supposed to include a kind of an easy weekend of running.  The weekend long run was supposed to be only 6 miles (but I accidentally did 7) with Project Run 214.

Bright and early!

A few of us from the group…bright and early!

It’s still miserably hot for running around here, no matter how early you get up.  So humid too.  After the run I sat down on the ground for a minute and left a heart shaped stain of butt sweat.

Sweat so sweet.

Awww, my sweat is so sweet.

Afterward we did my fave thing to do after an early run, we went to breakfast and exchanged running war stories and ideas.  Yes to eggs, must satisfy that “Runger”!

Then Sunday Runday was supposed to be only a cross training day.  I made mine a 6 mile trail run with friends.  We ran through Erwin Park in McKinney, TX.  It’s a great park, but there are usually lots of mountain bikers on the trail that you have to watch out for.  It was also kind of freaky hearing all the gun shots going off from the surrounding fields – apparently dove season has opened and people were out shooting birds.  Only one of us was hit, but luckily he had on a bullet proof vest.  Just kidding.  But not kidding, it was cool to see the recreational hot air ballooners flying from and around the park.  My one friend snapped this pic as we were leaving.

How does one decide to buy a hot air balloon?

How does one decide to buy a hot air balloon?

After the run we did my fave thing again – breakfast!  Where for some reason we took a group photo in the restroom.  Runners are weird I guess.

I was caught by surprise by the camera lady.

I was caught by surprise by the camera lady.

Anyways, pretty good weekend of running and eating.  No the training officially kicks in, and I’m ready.  I’m also ready for some cooler temps.  When football season starts, I know we’re close to cooling down some (I hope).

Hope you got a good sweat or two in this past weekend!



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Saturday Long run, Sunday Trail Run

So this past holiday weekend I got up on Saturday for my long run.  No specific plan as Dopey Training doesn’t start until September, but I need to able to run 13 miles for the week 1 long run, so I got’s to be ready before then.  The last couple months my long runs have been kept to 8-9 miles.  Just keeping it in check but also keeping my endurance somewhat up.  So when I started the run I went ahead and decided to go double digits for the first time since April.  It was hot, but I got er done.  I have been able to run from park to park finding drinking fountains in most of them.  Not too bad.

Sunday was Runday.  I had some friends wanting to run trails.  Sounds good to me.  I like running trails.  I like the challenge, the difference, the variety, the mental focus, and the fun of it.  It looks like our Runday trail group might keep it up for a while as several of the newbies got bit by the trail bug (not a literal bug).  I’m sure our group will grow too.  We got up early and ran Arbor Hills.  After we got breakfast and swapped stories.  Not a bad start to the day!  And we only lost 3 people during the run (don’t worry, they were all found safe later on)!

It's best to run in the back so the leaders are 1st to find snakes and spiderwebs.

It’s best to run in the back so the leaders are 1st to find snakes and spiderwebs.

Stopped when we realized a few peeps were missing.

Stopped when we realized a few peeps were missing.

We ended up going 5-6 miles.  Great cross training!  But after the run I went for more xtraining – yoga.  Wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up, but they did alright.  I can’t miss yoga during Dopey training.  The stretching, stabilizing, strengthening is so vital to running!

Anyways, took a day off and back at it today with an early run and an afternoon weightlifting session.  The journey continues!


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