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Crossfit vs. Yoga Strong

Whenever I’m at yoga class and we end with dead man’s pose, I always wonder what the other people in the gym think about our ‘workout’.  I mean, we’re just laying there after all.

I assume that most people who don’t do yoga think it’s an easy hour of relaxing and stretching.  It can be relaxing, and you do gain flexibility, but it is NOT easy.

This past weekend I was at yoga practice and there were a bunch of first-timers.  They were all Crossfitters who decided to give it a try.  Now, I’ve never done Crossfit, but I know what it is.  And I know it’s a great workout.  And I know it gets people in great shape.  But apparently it doesn’t make you yoga strong.  Lemme splain.

The instructor knew that there were a bunch of newbies, so she took it very easy on us.  She even said she was skipping a bunch of stuff she wanted to do.  And some of her regulars remarked how she was showing mercy on us.  Normally I’m a sweaty shaking sore mess after yoga – That’s what I’m used to – but not this time.  But here’s the thing…

…The Crossfitters were dropping like flies.  They kept saying how tough it was and how they can’t do this and they weren’t even going to attempt this or that.  I was shocked.  I thought the strength they get from Crossfit would translate to being able to hold yoga poses, but I guess not.

Now, I’m not saying they’re out of shape, far from it.  But they weren’t yoga strong.  It made me feel good to realize that I kind of am.  Cool.

How bout you?  Do you do any power yoga?  Are you yoga strong?  If you don’t yoga, do you think it would be tough or easy? 

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