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Rock n Roll Dallas Half 2013 #rnrdal

So like in a month or so I’ve gots the 4th annual Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon.  I’ve run the race the previous three years.  It’s aight.  You can see my reviews about the race




They finally announced this years course today.  I didn’t post it cause, call me crazy, but I don’t see any differences from the previous years’ course.  Which is a shame, cause I think it should be changed.  But I won’t get into that.  I’ll try to keep it positive.  Smiley face.  But as a reminder, here’s the elevation chart:

Who doesn't love a 9 mile incline?

Who doesn’t love an 8 mile incline?

They also announced the concert “headliner”.  Some dude named Andy Grammer.  I had never heard of the dude, and since I don’t listen to pop radio, I have no idea if he’s popular or not?  My friend told me that he mostly sings positive songs, and that’s good.  I’ll give him a chance.  Hopefully he puts on a good show.  Now if had been Michael Franti & Spearhead, I’d a lost my darn mind!  Talk about positive music!

They also released this year’s medal.

Soon I'll be a guitar hero.

Soon I’ll be a guitar hero.

It’s aight.  Doesn’t represent the city as well as some of their other cities’ medals, but whatevs.

So that’s all I gots right now.  In the meantime, just cruising along and listening to the sound of sunshine comin down.  Yup!

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