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Halloween Social Run

Each Halloween the Thursday Night Social Run club meets for a costume run. We run around a popular dining area and throw candy to people eating on the patios. My friends asked if I would join them as 1970’s runners. I agreed.


Our inspiration and us. Next year we need to step up our game.

Our inspiration and us. Next year we need to step up our game.

I got the pic of the jorts runners from our pal over at Jogging Jeans. Check her out if you get a chance, funny stuff.

Anyway, we had a decent tournout…

Our costumed group.

Our costumed group.

Before we ran, we had to warm up. I did some 70’s stretches.

Work it.

Work it.

After that, it was time for a few last pre pictures.


Snow White looked beautiful. I don’t know why my friend Jules didn’t wear a costume????




Got our basket full of candy to hand out. Very few of the candy bars had razor blades in them.

Got our basket full of candy to hand out. Very few of the candy bars had razor blades in them.

Then it was time to run!!!

We're ghost runners!!!

We’re ghost runners!!!

Some of the candy recipients LOVED it, others not so much. Especially if a tootsie roll knocked over their margarita. Oh well, it’s only once a year.

Afterward it was time for a little post run socializing.

Keepin it klassy.

Keepin it klassy.

Sorry kids, out of kandy.

Sorry kids, out of kandy.

Retro fun.

Retro fun.

Fun times. Fun times. Now it’s time to carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating with the youngins.

How bout you? Doing a Halloween run? What’s your costume this year? Going trick-or-treating?

-Seventies Scott

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Social Running

Last night I got to run with a group that I hadn’t been able to run with in like forever.  Thursday Night Social Run is a fun group that meets and runs each Thursday (coincidentally).  Afterwards we have a little get together at a different establishment each week.  The joints usually hook us up with drink and food specials.  Last night we were at a cool TexMex joint Chiladas.

Before the run (not sweaty).  I'm wearing the sweet headband in front.

Before the run (not sweaty). I’m wearing the sweet headband in front. (click pic to enlarge)

There are people of all levels from walkers on up to elite (seriously).  I like it because running with them I usually go faster than my solo runs.  It’s nice having others to pace with.

During the run (sweaty).

During the run (sweaty).  I know there are no others next to me in the pic, but trust me, this was a rare stretch where I was separated. Get off my back, sheesh.

Afterwards we enjoyed some good food and drink.  It was fun to catch up with all my running peeps.  I also registered for a RACE!  I’ll write more about it later, but a local 5k sent representatives to our group to offer us some discounts and incentives to register…so I did.  It’ll be my first race since the Dopey Challenge, and that’s exciting times right there.

How bout you?  Ever run with a social group?  Ever pick up your pace when with others?


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Race Recap: The Beer Mile

So I did my first beer mile.  First off, let me say that this was mostly a fun social race, as opposed to an official one.  The timers were people holding iPhones.  The course was not exactly 1/4 mile, but it was pretty darn close.  And from what I understand, we may not have followed all the rules.  Supposedly you’re supposed to all drink the same beers from their bottles.  Not sure if that is true, but we didn’t do that anyways.  It was BYOB, and most people had Mich Ultra, Miler Lite, or the like.  I had Guinness.  This surprised many people and they said I was crazy, but I saw it as an advantage.  It’s less carbonated than those fizzy light beers, it tastes better when it’s not ice cold unlike those other brews, it has a little less alcohol too, and since it takes time to settle I had them poured into red Solo cups.  Drinking from a cup helped me too cause there’s more surface area for air to touch the beer and help add pressure to help push it out of the cup and into my mouth.  Trust me, I’m a scientist (no I’m not).

I also had a “pit crew” whom I relied on to have the beer waiting for me after each lap.  She not only poured the beers while I was on the previous lap, but could hand them to me – easier than searching for it on a table of a bunch of other beers.

BTW, I guess I need to explain what a Beer Mile is.  You drink a beer, run a quarter mile, repeat until you reach one mile.  I was fortunate enough to come in 2nd place – beating several runners who are much faster than I.  I think my strategy of drinking Guinness helped.  Plus I did a two mile warm up run to get loose.  I ended up finishing in 9 mins 49 secs.  Not bad!

A trophy, yay!

A trophy, yay!

Here’s the breakdown:  Beer one, everyone pretty much chugged em down pretty fast and we were off and running.  My plan was to keep a steady pace and not go out too fast.  Just like any race, there are always the majority of folks who go too fast at the start and struggle at the end.  Negative splitz is the goal!  Indeed people went all out the first lap.  I finished in somewhere near 10th place.  Then came the second beer – all the sprinters were gasping for air and the cold fizzy beers went down very slowly.  I still had control of my breath and was able to down mine pretty quickly.  From that point on I was in 2nd place.  I wasn’t able to catch the super speedy dude ahead of me and nobody else could recover after the first lap to catch me.  I hear there was a barfer or two, and some people had to drop out.  But everyone who competed is still a champ!

It was not an easy race.  Lots of people complained about being hard to run with full bellies.  I lucked out on my 3rd and 4th laps because I was so full I didn’t think I could run anymore, but after a few bouncy steps….BEEELLLCHHH!  Apparently chugging a beer, when you’re already huffing and puffing, traps a lot of air in your belly.  Who knew?  After the burps, I was back to my pace.  Funniest moment came when I was trying to get those burps out – both times this guy next to me kept saying, “It’s coming up!  It’s coming up!”  I’m not sure if he puked or not, but was funny to hear him narrate it like that.

It was an interesting experience, I’ll say that much.  We even made some new friends as a baby shower that was going on at the same place asked if the mama could take her picture with us.  They said we were as much a part of the night as their own people.  I guess we were entertaining to watch.

Our group with the mom to be (hint - she's not wearing running clothes)

Our group with the mom to be (hint – she’s not wearing running clothes)

OK, off to the track.  Gotta get faster for the next one!


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Accountability, Social Run & Rest Day (Yay!)

So accountability is a big B.  I know it’s a good thing cause it makes you TCB, but it can be a bit brutal when your in the middle of it.  Case in point, on my track workout the other day, we were doing 4oo’s in the afternoon Texas sun.  The plan was to do 6, but after 3 I was feelin’ it.  I would’ve probably stopped at 4 if I had been on my own…but I wasn’t, so I didn’t.  And last night at the social run, it was even brutaler.  100 degrees.  And I was already tired from the afternoon weight session.  In the middle of the 4 mile run, I thought about turning back and making it a 3 miler.  But then I remembered that I had already told people and the internet that I was doing 4, so I had to.

If you can, run with other people.  Post your workouts online before you do them.  Etc. Etc.  That will give you the extra motivation when you’re ready to quit.  Lesson accomplished.

Speaking of last night’s run.  It was hawt, but fun.  Pretty good turn out.  Got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while, and got to make new friends.  Ann and Pepsi saved a baby bird.  The post race craft beers were just the thing.  Good food.  Good times.

Some of the group last night.  I'm doing my best pole dance.

Some of the group last night. I’m doing my best pole dance.

Now today is Friday.  Currently my one rest day.  I’ll take it.  Back at it on the streets in the morning.  Bring it!  Dopey Challenge in 7 months!

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