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Run Fuel: Kicked-Up Healthy Lunch

Most of the time, I sacrifice my lunch break to work out instead.  But I still need to eat, so what I do is munch my lunch while I work.  This usually means I get to go to take my “lunch” break later, which is good cause I miss the big crowds of other lunch worker outers at the gym.  Mid afternoon gym time is pretty empty, so I get my pick of equipment.  Noice!

I try to always eat healthy, and packing lunch helps with that.  But a while back I started picking up some dried vegetarian soups that just need some hot water to bring them back to life.  These have been my lunches for quite some time now.  But after a while they got kind of old.  Then I had a revelation – I can kick em up a few notches.  For example, check out the pic below:

Black bean soup – Scotterized!

What I had did was bring a bunch of optional options that I can add to the soups.  For this simple Chipotle Black Bean Soup, I added Salsa, Jalapenos, and Avocados (obviously).  This not only adds layers of flavor, but more veggies means more nutrients and health benefits!  It has changed my workday lunch world.

Of course, I also keep fruits and nuts and such to snack on through the day too.

I've got quite a pear, don't I?

I’ve got quite a pear, don’t I?

What do you do for lunch?  Do you eat at your desk too?

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