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Weekend Group Long Run, Tacos, & Taco Aftermath

On Saturday I met up at 6am at a taco joint with the WRRC for a long run. Did I mention the meeting spot was a taco joint? Of course they weren’t open that early, but I knew they soon would be, and that is some incentive right there to get the run dun.

The lake + some.

The lake + some.

Wheweeee! This was a hawt one. Even at that hour. But I pushed through and ended up going 11 sweaty miles with some nice hills thrown in the last few.

I definitely had some runger going on afterwards. But did I mention meeting spot was a taco joint? I took full advantage!

Sometimes it's good to be fuzzy.

Sometimes it’s good to be fuzzy.

Of course, there are sometimes side effects to eating tacos. And I recruited the boy to demonstrate in a 6 second video (put on your headphones for all the classy sound effects)…

Yes, we’re very mature. I know this.

How bout you? Ever get the runger? Get in a long run this weekend? Have any taco consequences stories?


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