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Please to Enjoy these Running (and not) Links for You

Short post today. I thought I’d share a few things that have been on my mind.

1.  This runner is totally cracking me up! She’s been running routes based solely on the picture the GPS data will create. Most are not SFW, but they are hilarious! Here’s the link:  Running Drawing

Runners World posted a fascinating article about Robin Williams. It’s about his pre-fame running days in NYC. Hello, can you say 34 minute 10K!?!?! Fascinating:  Robin Williams, the Runner

Finally, I went to a funeral the other day. She was the mom of a friend of mine. They are both entertainers and I’ve been lucky to work with them on several videos. One of his personas, David Chicken, is a family entertainer. He travels the world performing for kiddos. Mama Chicken was always at his side (even rapping in some numbers). Check out some of their videos when you get a chance:  David & Mama Chicken

That’s all I got right now. Hope you like the links. Please let me know your thoughts on them.


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Robin Williams, Running, & Photos from My First Job

I usually don’t give much mind energy to the news of a passing of a celebrity.  I did though, about Robin Williams.  I’ve been a fan since I was a little child and was watching Mork & Mindy.  I even had a pair of those crazy suspenders that he would wear.

I wasn't old enough to know what suspenders did, but I still wore them.

I wasn’t old enough to know what suspenders did, but I still wore them.  (Note-I’ll check old photo albums later to see if there are any pics of me wearing them)

Judging by all the social media posts and what’s in the news, everyone seems to have been moved by his passing.  He brought a lot of joy and entertainment to a lot of people.  Even running sites were posting about him…

From his high school track days.

From his high school track days.

I knew he was an avid cyclist, but I didn’t know he had been a big runner too.  He even ran the same events as me in high school – 400 & 800.  They said he ran a 1:59 half mile and a 52 second quarter mile.  He would have beat my by about 1-2 seconds in each race.  He certainly had talent everywhere in his life.

He even talked about running in some of his comedy bits – here’s his thoughts on running marathons:

I will mainly remember that time when I worked as a projectionist at a movie theater in Ohio.  While there, both Mrs.. Doubtfire and Alladin were out in theaters.  So I got to watch them over and over while on the job.

Hello ladies.

Hello ladies.

Still rockin the bow tie.

Still rockin the bow tie.

Sometimes I would sneak into the back of the theater when I knew a particular funny scene was coming up…just so I could listen to the room full of strangers howling with laughter together.

So I am sad about this.  But I am going to go back and watch his movies again, which will make me happy. – Nanoo Nanoo –

How bout you?  Did the news affect you?  Any good memories?  What was your first job?


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