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Runner Staying Positive Thru Injury

So I’m not sure what’s exactly wrong with my knee.  I so know it is not IT Band Syndrome, as I have had that before….bad.  My first marathon, I picked it up pretty early in my training.  It was awful.  I couldn’t bare to run most days, but did find that it didn’t really bother me on the elliptical machine.  So I’d do three hour sessions on that thang to get my miles in.  Only thing that kept me sane was the Saved By The Bell marathons that were usually on at the gym Saturday mornings.

My former training partners.

The problem was that on an elliptical, you don’t get the pounding on your feet that you get on the streets.  So when I showed up for the marathon, not only was my IT Band killing me, but my feet got all bloody from blisters, and chafing, etc.  Here’s what my shoes and socks looked like after the race…

That took place on a Sunday Bloody Sunday.

But hey, I still finished, right?  Haha.  After that experience I got smarter.  I edumacated myself on  how to do these distances safely.  And I’ve been pretty diligent about trying to do all the right things, because I never want to go through that again!

That’s why this injury is so frustrating.  I thought I was being smart.  Cross training, yogaing, foam rolling, proper eating, stretching and a bunch of other thingings.

I don’t think this is Runners Knee, as I consider that a gradual injury you get, and this one happened all of the sudden.  One day I ran and felt great, the very next day I ran and it hurt.  I want to say I over exerted it landing too hard going down hill, but I can’t say for sure.  I must admit though, that after looking up the symptoms, I seem to have some of them – it gets stiff after sitting too long, hurts to walk down stairs, etc.

As for now, I’m hoping it’s still just an overexertion that needs a short time off to heal.  Of course I’m going to RICE, and do other good things like up my dosage of fish oil.  And so I’m going to rest some more, and if I still have issues, I will go see a professional.

In the meantime, I have to make a choice. I can wallow in a tub of french onion dip, or I can stay positive and send good energy to my parts that need it.  I think I’ll choose the latter.

So here’s something positive.  My 4 year old asked me to make Mickey Mouse waffles.  Here he is enjoying the original thang in Disney World…

Mickey says, "Thank you for eating my face."

And here’s the “healthy” homemade version I made for him.  I used whole wheat flour, local unfiltered honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, organic milk, free range chicken eggs.

More of a pancake than a waffle, but whatevs.

More of a pancake than a waffle, but whatevs.

So as much as I wish I was running right this moment, I’m not going to complain about it.  I’m going to look at the positives and hopefully be back sooner because of it!

What about you?  How do you stay positive?  Ever recreated a favorite dish from someplace at home?  Which Saved By The Bell character would you be, and why?

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