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Social Run and Homemade Pesto

A year ago I planted a rosemary bush in the back yard.  It has grown like crazy!  And it’s paying for itself cause I use it in food and cocktails that I make.  Wait, how did the word cocktail come about?  I hear cocktails were invented in New Orleans (I’ve had a Sazerac (original cocktail) in Nawlins, and it’s quite dangerous!), but what do they have to do with roosters and their tails?  I’ll figure that out later.  Anyway, due to the success of my rosemary, I went ahead and bought a few other herbs with a goal to plant them.  Hopefully they live cause my thumb is most definitely flesh colored (not green)!

One of the plants is basil.  I love cooking Italian food and basil is good for that.  So in the food processor I threw basil, spinach, garlic, pine nuts, fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano (no substitutes!), and blended them up with some fresh fresh olive oil.  The olive oil comes from a tree in Italy that we actually adopt.  We were given the adoption from my parents for Christmas and it’s one of the coolest gifts ever!  Every few often they send us a shipment from the latest pressing of the olives.  Very cool!  You can adopt a tree here:

I then boiled up some sweet potato gnocchi and mixed it with the pesto.  Yum and healthy and fuel to run!

Crappy photo of the food, but wanted to show the Olive Oil tin and Basil plants used in the dish.

Crappy photo of the food, but wanted to show the Olive Oil tin and Basil plants used in the dish.

And run I did!  Another week of workouts almost done – Sunday 11 miles, Mon rest, Tues weights and 3 miles, Wed 4 miles, Thurs weights and 3 pretty fast miles, Fri rest.  All that’s left is Saturday, then the next week of Dopey Challenge Training kicks off.  I think I’m supposed to do 5 miles on Sat and cross train on Sun (probably trail run and yoga).  As for Thursday, that’s usually social run time, and last night we ran from a pretty legit new BBQ place.  We had about 30-40 peeps, but only handful made it in the pic:

B-boys, B-girls, and B-BQ.

B-boys, B-girls, and B-BQ.

The weather was hawt – 102 according to the sign we passed.  But I still went pretty fast – 7:30 miles – It’s so much easier to do when you have others to run with and help pace you!  We also ran by one of those police speed gauge sign things.  I took off at a short sprint and hit 13 miles per hour.  Not fast enough to get pulled over, but then again, I’m not a car.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  Back at it bright and early!

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