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Mornin Running & Man-Panties Cont’d

As I wrote earlier, Kindergarten started this week. No, not for me, (I already failed that grade), but for the Grifster. It’s been a whole new adventure waiting to happen. Gone are the days of casually strolling into daycare a couple hours late. Nope, now there’s a new four letter word – “Tardy” – And it’s a no-no.

Sooo, what does that mean for my running. Welp, I have to get up an hour earlier on the weekdays than I was. I’m going to miss that hour. We had some dreamy times together. But I have to be home before the sun comes up.

Run Dun B4 Da Sun. Looks like I'm the only star on the track this morning.

Run Dun B4 Da Sun. Looks like I’m the only star on the track this morning.

It’s not so bad (once you get past the not being able to see the ground thing). The roads are pretty empty. The stars are there to guide me. And I come across the occasional cross country team in training.

Anyway you sickos, I noticed another fool found my blog with ANOTHER man-panty google search. I always get a chuckle out of that. People are weird.


2014, the year of the man panty. It’s about time they got equal rights.

Anyway, I’m still adjusting to the new sleep schedule (so are the kiddos), but it will be a good thing, I think. It is def nice to have them actually go to bed at a somewhat decent hour, I’ll tell you that much! An advantage of waking up early…you fall asleep early too! Boom!

How bout you? Has school started where you are? Has it changed your schedule (even if you don’t have kids – I know school zones always mess with my commute!)? How will you support the Year of the Man-Panty?


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