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Dopey Challenge Training Missed Workout

For the first time in almost 4 months, I’m having to skip a workout from my training plan.  I. Hate. It.  But I have no choice.  I did something to my knee, not sure what.

The week started good – last weekend called for me to run a total of 26 miles – check!  Monday rest – easy check.  Tuesday 4 miles – check.  Wednesday 8 miles – check*.

So Dopey indeed!

Click the pic to enlarge it.

*This is where something went wrong.  We had our first really bad cold front come through early that morning.  The temps went from shorts and t-shirt weather to sub-freezing in a matter of hours.  I woke up early for my 8 miler, saw that it was 29 degrees, cursed in my head, then busted out the winter running gear for the first time this season.

I got all bundled, did my dynamic warm up, and hit the roads.  It was taking me a while to get loose in the cold, and off and on my left knee did feel the slightest uncomfortable, but I still ran a pretty decent pace (for me) at that distance for a training run – 8:11 miles – and didn’t think much of it.  Thought everything was normal.

Then I showered and drove to work.  No big whoop.  But when I got out of the car, it hurt to walk.  The inside of my left knee hurt every step.  I’ve never had this pain before.

Hoping it would go away, I got up today wanting to do my planned 4 miler – nope.  I went to the gym like normal, but couldn’t do what I normally do.  Still hurts to walk.

Frustrating!  All my training was going so well!  I will probably have to skip my 11 miler on Saturday and yoga on Sunday if it doesn’t improve.  May have to get it checked out.  I hope not.  I hope it’s just a little strain that will heal quickly.  Grrrr.

Anyway, ever have any weird “injury”?  Any idea what’s the deal with my knee (yes internet people, give me a diagnosis – especially if you’re a doctor)?

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100th Post!

I just noticed that since I have re-started blogging, that I’m up to 100 posts.  For those who don’t know, I originally started my blog when I signed up for my first marathon back in 2007.  I started it because once word got out what I was doing, it became multiple daily discussions from people asking me how the training was going.  I was repeating myself alot.  Now I like to talk and be the center of attention as much as the next egomaniac, but it was getting a bit old, so I decided to start the blog and let people keep tabs on my training that way.  It worked great (even though my training wasn’t great – see the painful results below).

I think the looks on our faces capture the feels of our bodies.

My sis and I after our first marathon – I think the looks on our faces capture the feels of our bodies.

I kept that blog going for a few years, and really enjoyed it, but then one day I had a mini freak out about my personal thoughts being on the internet –  so I deleted EVERYTHING on the blog.  Years and years of posts, gone.  But, after a couple year hiatus, I decided to restart it.  So here we are.

I enjoy writing, always have.  Heck, I’ve even won an Emmy for my writing (nominated twice).  And through this blog I’ve gotten to virtually meet some other great bloggers, have picked up some good tips, and hopefully shared some good information.  This time around though, I’ve been more selective about what I share and don’t.  So if you’re keeping tabs on my training, looking for advice, appreciate my sense of humor, or are just a stalker – Thanks for being part!

Until next time internet, peace out!


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