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The Nude Photo Shoot Run

***Sorry I don’t have any photos to go along with my post today…but then again, maybe you’ll be grateful.*** silhouette_photo-missingSo something interesting happened on my morning run. But first, you should know a few things about the situation:

  1. Part of this run took me along a paved hike and bike trail.
  2. This trail is NOT in an isolated area. It connects two neighborhoods and passes a large apartment complex.
  3. The trail is one mile long, but ¾ of the trail goes through one of the neighborhoods. However, the other ¼ there are no houses adjacent.
  4. We had a really massive storm overnight. So the ground this morning was wet. That made it possible for me to see the footprints of those who ran before me on the trail.
  5. Also, it was morning, that meant there was daylight.

Despite all that, one person decided it was the perfect setting for a nude photo shoot.

I had just turned a corner on the section that is not adjacent to any houses. There I saw a tripod with an iPhone attached to the top. There was a large professional lens attached to the iPhone. Someone was planning to take some artsy photos.

The subject was in front of the camera. He was disrobing. A pile of clothes lay on the ground. He didn’t see me at first because he was taking off his shirt. All he had left to remove was the white g-string he was down to (thank goodness I didn’t arrive 15 seconds later).

Then he saw me. He had the most embarrassed expression I have ever seen on a human face. He hurried to put his jeans back on, but it was too late. I was running after all and was about to pass him. He surrendered to the situation with slumped shoulders.

I gave him a wave, he dropped his head.

Now that my back was to him, I had a sudden fear. My mind flashbacked to the ending of ‘American Beauty’ where then military man who tried to kiss Kevin Spacey was so embarrassed that he shoots him in the head. I don’t know where the budding model would’ve hidden a gun, but I picked up the pace in case.

I made it home safely, but with a head full of questions…

Who was the photo for? Where would he post his ‘art’? Why did he think he would be alone on a popular hike and bike trail? What is the title of his piece? And most importantly…Why oh why couldn’t he had been a nude woman???

How bout you? Can you answer any of the above questions?



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Weekend Whirlwind: Emmys, Running, and American Gladiators!

I’ll try to keep this brief and let the pictures do the talking.  Friday I ran 17 miles and felt good.  Saturday I ran 2 miles and felt like bricks.  But after that run I got on a plane and flew to San Antonio for the Lone Star Emmy Awards Gala where we were nominated for 5 Emmys!

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Then got all gussied up for the brew ha ha.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

I wanted to have a duck lipped selfie.

Then went to the ballroom for the festivities where I met a couple guys in nude tuxedos.

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

This one is for the frosted fitness blogger lady!

Ran into some of my friends who were also nominated for Emmys.  Here’s my buddy Emily Reppert – host of Chevy Hometown Kids on Fox Sports Southwest.

I almost wore that same, would that have been embarrassing.

I almost wore that same dress…man, would that have been embarrassing.

Out of the 5 nominations, we took home 2 Emmys!

Pretty cool night!

Pretty cool night!

Since we won 2, I got to make 2 speeches.  I think my jokes were funny.  Others might not be as amused.  haha.

Saying something important, I'm sure.

Saying something important, I’m sure.

The next morning I ran a 7 miler around the city.  Had breakfast with a friend, then flew back to Dallas. Ran into Nitro from American Gladiators at the airport.  2nd time I’ve run into him, so figured it was a sign to have a chat with him.  Very nice guy.  Now he promotes the Gladiator Rock n Run.  Worlds colliding!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Right before we went through the gauntlet!

Once home, the wife and I went to get some veggie burgers.

So my veggie burger wouldn't get lost, the branded it.

So my veggie burger wouldn’t get lost, they branded it.

I then met up with a bunch of my runner friends for a big tree lighting ceremony.  I brought one of my Emmys, people liked taking photos with it.

We don't always run, we sometimes have other fun.

We don’t always run, we sometimes have other fun.

Yes, it was a Christmas tree lighting.  I don’t know why they did it, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  But they lit up the whole square as well.  All the trees are lit, looks nice!

I'm so totally lit right now.

I’m so totally lit right now.

Obviously, it was a tremendous weekend.  I’m still processing it all.  But I’m also very thankful.  I work hard, and appreciate the recognition.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

I had to give the golden lady a kiss.

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Which American Gladiator would you like to meet?  Tell me something good that happened to you recently! 

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