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Turkey Day Races

Sis and I after a Dallas Trot couple years ago.  Be jealous of my sweet headband.

Sis and I after a Dallas Trot couple years ago. Be jealous of my sweet headband.

This year I am not racing on American Thanksgiving.  It’s the first time in as long as I can remember that I haven’t.  Feeling nostalgic, I went and looked up some of my old Turkey Day race results.  Much to my surprise, I found out I once got 2nd place in my age group in the Dallas 8 mile Turkey Trot.  I had no idea.  That race gets like 40,000+ people, so yay for me, haha!

Here’s me and my sis taking the race extremely seriously (yes, that’s me doing the Running Man dance while Running)

The race in Dallas has gotten so big and crowded, that I’m going to take a break from it for a while.  Can you imagine that many people with starting corrals????  It’s chaos!  I hear they’re making changes, and hopefully they can get it worked out.

That said, there’s an alternative around where I live:  The North Texas Turkey Trot.  I ran the 10k option last year and enjoyed it.  Here I am before and after…

N. TX Turkey Trot 2012

Throw your deuces up.

I eat you turkey!

I eat you turkey!

A lot of people like to run these races to have an excuse to eat guilt free later in the day.  Most of my friends tho, do so for another reason:  to have an excuse to tailgate at 9 in the morning.  Yup.

Here’s some of us after a Dallas Trot a couple years ago…

We are so thankful.

We are so thankful.

And here’s some of us after last year’s N.TX Trot…

I'm in the background, but I prefer this pic of my Drasian friend (drunk Asian).

I’m in the background, but I prefer this pic of my Drasian friend (drunk Asian).                           Click image to enlarge.

Since I’m not racing this year, I think I’ll still be out there early to tailgate cheer for my friends.  Then it’s off to celebrate with the family!

How ’bout y’all?  Any Turkey Day racers out there?   Other plans to give thanks?

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The Great Santa Run #blog

This weekend in North Texas is the Great Santa Run 5k.  I’m not running it this year as I need to run 12 miles for my marathon training.  And I know if I join in a 5k, my competitive side will come out of the closet and wanna race!  So I’m being smart and sticking with my steady long run.  I did run it last year however, and here’s my recap:

It was the first year for this race, and I think they did a decent job with it.  It benefits a very good cause (My Possibilities), and is a fun event.  They didn’t have chip timing, so I couldn’t find what my time was, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything too speedy.  After all, we were in Santa suits for crying out loud, and aloud.

They were trying to set the world record for largest Santa gathering.  I’m not sure if they did or not, but there were a ton of us out there.  The St. Nick costume was included in our registration.  A rather unique idea for a race, I thought.  I enhanced mine with a red cape (no photo available).  Can I just say though, that they got the suits from somewhere in China, and they were cheeeeaaap.  Now don’t go gettin’ me wrong, I wasn’t expecting anything professional, but it was actually comical how bad they were.  The sizes and styles were completely random, no matter which one you got or what it said on the label.  The suits actually started falling apart during the run.  I half expected this since you could see through them before the race even started.  Haha!  Still, it was fun though.

All in all it was a strange morning.  It was a rather ridiculous sight seeing all those Kringle’s running around, and Eric Estrada (C.H.I.P.S) even made a surprise  spectator appearance.  Apparently he was staying in the hotel near the race start and walked outside to watch us run.  Some lucky fan even got to plank on him.  Totally random.

I have no words for this.

I am now insane for having seen this.

Good luck to everyone who’s running it this year.  I hope it’s just as random!


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