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Interview with someone who runs really fast.

A buddy of mine here in Dallas recently qualified for the US Olympic Trials in the Marathon.  He did so by running a 1:03:55 half marathon.  His goal in the 26.2 is to run right at 2:15.  I know a lot of people who have a goal of breaking 2:00 in a half marathon.  So that gives you an idea of how fast these people are moving.

My fastest ever mile was in high school at 5:04, he was running faster than that for 13.1  If you want to know what goes through the head of someone running sub 5 minute miles in a half marathon, here’s the link to an interview he just did about that race.

I bump into Enoch on the roads, trails, and at races around town.  He’s always very supportive of us non-elite runners.  And we are supporters of him as well.  So congrats to him for this accomplishment!

How bout you?  What are your thoughts on running that kind of pace? 


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