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Runnin, workin out and exciting news!

Hey Kids!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Quick update: After my post yesterday where I touch on Robin Williams, I followed through with what I wrote about revisiting his various productions.  I sat the 5 year old boy down to watch Mork & Mindy.  He found it as funny as I did at his age.  Good stuff!

Anyway, I’m continuing my workouts per uge.  The past few days I’ve gone to yoga, had a weight room session, and gone on trail, road, and track runs.  Boom.

Did I hear something or see something?  You make the call!

Did I hear something or see something? You make the call!

Gotta another couple runs and a lifting session to go until the weekend.  Doin work son!

OH, and some exciting news!!!  I got some new running socks!  Haha, when I was a kid I haaated getting clothes for gifts, but now I am pumped.  We had a tax-free weekend and a local running store was offering a deal – buy three Features, and get one free.  Aaaand I had a $10 off coupon!  I got four pairs of Features for like $20.  I always wear them on my long runs since I discovered them last year – no more blisters for me!

How bout you?  Good week so far?  Varied workouts?  Aren’t you excited about my new socks!


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