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Mars Attacks Runners & A Dewey 18 Miler!

What it is, playa playa? Hmmm – Just occurred to me that if you speak Spanish, you think I just called you “beach beach”. OK, that works too…What’s up, beaches?

It was a crazy week of running. I mean, at TNSR we were attacked by friggin Martians!!!

I don't know what it is about all this marathon training, but I eat like I got a hole in my stomach.

I don’t know what it is about all this marathon training, but I’ve been eating like I got a hole in my stomach.

It was crazy, we were just minding our own runness when they attacked!

Jewely & Andre The Human were unimpressed. I'm going to miss that street sign.

Joke’s on the aliens, they attacked the wrong headquarters! Either way, Jewely & Andre The Human were not impressed.

We tried to make nice and offer a truce through a group photo, but things deteriorated quickly!

After this, now I think like I got a hole in my head.

After this, I’m now thinking like I got a hole in my head.

Before I move on, I gotta give credit for all the above photos to @sojomy He brings some creativity and funny stuff to the table! Thanks Josh!

I move on…

Chicago Marathon training is going well. Haven’t missed a workout yet. Body feels mostly good. Tired, but mostly healthy. The weather doe, that’s another story doe. Like at Saturdays long run with WRRC…

That was far.

Started at a taco joint, ran to a lake, somehow ended up in Downtown Dallas. Craziness.

Our dew point has been hovering around 70. I was reading somewhere that when it’s that high, you should just skip your workout. Welp, that’s not an option. So sweaty times it is!

It’s pretty oppressive, but with the help of friends who stick with me when I struggle, I do get through it. Thanks friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have our reward at breakfast.

Salt, ice, citrus, tequila - all things that help runners recover.

Salt, ice, citrus, tequila – all things that help runners recover.

And it goes on and on. More (s)miles and (s)miles. Looks like 192 miles is the plan for August…and at least 148 selfies to go with them. Stay tuned, beaches!

How bout you? Gotta plan for when Mars attacks? Do you have a secret to fighting the dew point? Wanna meet for a breakfast ‘rita? 


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Undressing Runners, Trespassing Yoga & (not) Passing up Tacos!

Sup kiddos? Keep it real? Rock n rollin? I hope so. As for me, I’ve just been tryin to stay gold.

Chi Marathon training is in full wreckx n effect. It’s goin good so far. This weekend’s long run was with WRRC’s Run My Hood series. And it was hot.really hot.and humid. But crushed a 14 miler…Followed by a pool party!!!

Get me in that pool!

If that wasn’t a salt water pool to start with, it is now.

This run started bright dark and early with a smaller group of folks who needed the extra miles.

You'll never shine if you don't glow.

“You’ll never shine if you don’t glow.” -Smashmouth #NeverForget

We got in a quick 6 miles before heading back to meet up with the sleeper-inners.


This group is known for running in various states of undress.

I’m not gonna lie, I had a really hard time on the second part of this run. The sun was up and it was really really hot. I struggled. It was just one of those bad runs we all have from time to time. As soon as we finished I started to cramp up a bit and had to bust out an impromptu yoga sesh in a stranger’s yard.

I CANNOT believe my "friend" took this photo of me. At least a passing car gave me a honk doe!

I CANNOT believe my “friend” took this photo of me and put it on the internetz. At least a passing car gave me a honk doe…I still got it, baby!

Even though it wasn’t the best run, I’m thankful I had friends who helped me through it – especially the last few miles!!!!

And afterwards, of course was the funner stuffs! Woot wooot!

Oh, and we couldn’t wrap up the morning without one last mandatory group photo.

See, various states of undress.

See, various states of undress, I told ya.

Double oh, this may have also happened…

Don't judge us early morning taco eating margarita drinkers. I mean, I'd been up since 4am for crying out loud.

Don’t judge us early-morning-taco-eating-margarita-drinkers. I mean, we’d been up since 4am for crying out loud. It was like afternoon to us. It’s 5am somewhere, #amiright?

Other than that, the mileage is starting to ramp up. 45 big ones this week. Stay tuned for updates…and more taco pictures.

How bout you? When is too early for tacos/margs? Ever down-dogged someone’s yard? How undressed do you get (when you run)?


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Social Runs, Hawt Runs, & Tex-Mex (guaranteed to not give the runs)

First off, thanks to everyone for your kind words about my last post.  I’m sure if any of her friends or family ever come across that post that they will appreciate all of your comments as well.

Anyway, it was a decent week of exer-ma-cizing.  Texas brought the heat, but I hung in there.  I got through all my workouts, but the hottest was at the Thursday Night Social Run.  Triple digits.  Even hotter heat index.  Full on blazing sun.  But we still had our fun…

Me and two Boston Qualifiers.

Two Boston Qualifiers and me.  All smiles.  Weird hand gestures.

Of course after the run came the social part.  It’s always great talking with other runners.  I can pick the brains of the more experienced ones, and can share stories with those who are more newish.  We talk about races, training, etc.  For some reason my non-running friends don’t really care to talk running all the time.  Go figure?!?!

This time our run was hosted by a cool Tex-Mex joint in town called Chiladas.  And being it was National Tequila Day, there may have been a margarita or more involved.  The owner (and runner with our group) snapped a group selfie.

Four points if you can spot me.  *Hint*

Four points if you can spot me. *Hint***there are chips and salsa in front of me*** Hope that helps.

I’m really looking forward to my next run in the morning.  The heat aside, it will be fun.  A couple of the groups I run with are merging for some longer miles.  The aforementioned TNSR, and also the White Rock Running Co-op.  We’re meeting at a very popular breakfast/brunch/post-run joint for some mileage.  They have the patio reserved for us.  Stay tuned for the results!!!

How bout you?  Have a good week exermacizing?  Ever get to run with people who you can steal advice from?  What’s better than post-run food and fun?


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Running in a Human Pack (or herd, or gaggle..?) & Seis de Mayo!

First off, I hope everyone had a festive Cinco De Mayo!  I certainly celebrated with some authentic cuisine…

I'm assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti.

I’m assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti. 

Today I continued the celebration with an early morning 5k+ run, a gym sesh, and a margarita at a local taco joint.

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

On my pre morning run, I got to thinking.  Dangerous, I know.  But seeing as how I dedicated this Spring to trying to get some of my speed back, I thought of how some of the faster runners I know run training runs in a sort of human pack….

…Or are human packs called something else, like herds, flocks, gaggles, swarm, school, pride…?  Or do we need to invent a word?  Like a ‘sapiencrew’ of humans.

Anyway, I see these fasties running in their tight little flocks and they seem to be on unit pushing each other along.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

I thought about this when I ran with my friend Pepsi (yes, real name) the other day.  We pushed each other along at a decent pace.  We talked about this afterward and now I want to add some more people to our herd.  I have done this in the past, and it does help.  But it’s been a couple years.  I need to get the gang back together…or maybe start a new band.  I shall work on this!

How bout you?  Ever run in a sapiencrew?  Do you celebrate the days of May in Spanish? 


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