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Running With Kanye, Blogger Shout-Outs & Free Beer!!!

Not sure how it is where you are, but the weather has been gorgeous this week round here. I took full advantage by hittin the pavement. With the social run always being a highlight.

Again, I was assured that there was no photoshopping in this pic.

Oh hey, look…Kanye joined us. Again, I was assured that there was no photoshopping in this pic. (click to enlarge to see the non-photoshopping)

I got in 4 fun miles with the gang.

Don't mind us, just running through.

Don’t mind us, just running through.

And then after the run, we were treated to free beers from a local liquor rep! Score!

Free is good.

Free is good.

This week also saw another track workout. The weather was in the freaky forties early in the morn. Felt good, but I didn’t think I’d have to bust out cold weather gear for like another 8 more months.

Yes, I wore pants. Yes, I'm a baby when it comes to cold.

Yes, I wore pants for the 400’s. Yes, I’m a baby when it comes to cold.

I know the Texas summer is looming, but it’s nice to have this little break in temp. I’ll take it!

That wrapped up a 145 mile month of April. Hopefully I can continue this and have a really great race at the Chicago Marathon. Speaking of which, the lottery winners were announced this week – Congrats to all who got in and to all those who are running for charity, like my pal Helly On The Run – Can’t wait to see you there!

BoA_ChiMar_v_rgbThere ya go, short and sweet. But I can’t go without another blogger shout out. Thanks so much to This Mama Runs for Cupcakes! You helped me reach my Chicago Marathon Charity fundraising goal!!!!!! I’ll get to work on your personalized picture!

And if anyone else wants to donate, you can still do so HERE.

How bout you? Who all got into Chicago???? Good weather weather lately? Did you see any non-photoshopping?


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