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Katy Trail 5k Recap – Hawt Run, Dope Party & Epic Photos!

The other day was the Katy Trail 5k. This is a hugely popular race in Dallas. I hadn’t registered for this race before it sold out, but I got hooked up with a bib at the last minute from my man K-Rob. Thanks dude, it was a blast!!!

Pre race group below, double photobombs up top.

Pre-race group below, double photobombs up top.

The Katy Trail is a highly popular running spot around here. It’s 3.5 miles long and it really is pretty nice. In fact, last week after the Bloomin 4 Mile Race, some of us went to KT to get in some extra miles.

Runnin down the trail...or was it up the trail?

Runnin free down the trail…or was it up the trail?

This race takes place on a school night at 7pm. I had planned to take it easy, after all it was in the 90’s – also I had already run 5 miles this day and done a track workout the day before.

My heart shaped butt sweat from the track workout.

My heart shaped butt sweat from the track workout.

But of course, when the horn sounded I was off like a prom dress! Unfortunately, the heat and previous miles took their toll…legs felt heavy…There would be no PR this day – not even close! But I’ll take the results, considering it all.

Official Results: 22:17, 7:10 per mile, 14th in Age Group, 132/3622 Overall.

If you want to see a 5 second video of me crossing the finish line, do so HERE!

Post Race - I'm glad Josh fixed my washed out head in photoshop. Looks natural.

Post Race – I’m glad Josh fixed my sun-washed-out head in photoshop. Looks totally natural.

But the reason this race is so popular is the after-party. Local restaurants bring out a ton of good food and drink – and it’s all free!!!! Besides the grub, there’s also live music and tons of give-aways. And there may have even been a human centipede pyramid or two.

I had hoped to be a top.

I had hoped to be a top.

My buddy Logan won the race in around 15:30. Not too shabby, I guess. 😉 But I bet he’s more proud that he made it into one of my famous leg-pop photos…


Logan and his short-time fiance, Amanda & me and my long-time friend, Tahressa.

Since it was an evening race, pretty soon the sun was down. Luckily we had time for a couple more photo ops before heading home to slizzeeep!

Good times!

Good times with these fools.


Smart move on the free photo-booth with your logo…Well played, Nike.

I had only run this race once before a few years, and to be honest, I thought it was a bit unorganized then. However, this time ’round I had a blasty blast!!! I get now why it’s so popular ’round here. I’ll be back!

How bout you? Ever run an evening race? Why do runners lurve a good post race party so much? What is the shape of your butt’s sweat stain?


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Running a Camel-Thing, Hangin with Da Prez, & Thanking Bloggers!

First off, big ups to all my blogging friends who have contributed to my Chicago Marathon Charity Fundraising Campaign.

Check out these amazing bloggers: Run Colby Run, Helly On The Run, Outdoor Running Adventures, So Very Slightly Mad, & Charissa Running.

You guys truly rock my wheelhouse! I promise to get you your personalized thank you pictures/videos soon!  Maybe they’ll even look like this…

Last visit to Chi-town. Hung with the Lincolns and a baby.

On my last visit to Chi-town. Hangin with the Lincolns and a baby.

You guys have really helped me get closer to my goal digit!

So close!

So close!

I’m super pumped about the Chicago Marathon. It’s really helped inspire my runs this week. Starting with a 12 miler with WRRC.

After the run.

After the run. Chillin outside La Rei.

The next day I did some hill repeats on my run. Why not?

Looks like a bunny-camel.

Looks like a bunny-camel.

And of course, I have to follow it up with yoga to help keep me centered and strong.

Caption says it all.

I can’t spell gud, butt at least I finally kept my tongue in my mouth. Yeah, it’s Snapchat – add me: piratebobcat

What else is inspiring this week – oh yeah, watching the Boston Marathon! I especially loved stalking tracking all my friends who were there. Y’all did some amazing times! Including my man Logan, who rocked a 2:31! Yes, that’s a full 26.2 in 2:31!

Logan at the finish via webcam.

Logan at the finish via webcam. I will run this race one day. I will.

So there it is. Rockin and rollin! Keepin on and remaining calm. Bring it on, brah!

How bout you? Watch Boston…or were you there? What’s inspiring you? Any suggestions for the personalized pics for those bloggers?

PS. If you’d like to donate to my fundraising campaign, you can do so HERE. Or watch a short video I made telling you why HERE.

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Dallas Half Marathon Recap (or…That Time I High Fived Meb)

This past weekend was the Dallas Marathon, Half, & Relay. This was a big one. A sold out event. Live TV coverage. Huge city. Running royalty like Meb, Deena Kastor, Ryan & Sara Hall.

I ran the half. I was hoping to PR, and maybe break 1:40, but it wasn’t in the cards. I still had a decent race and a great time!

Big state, little medal...It's all good in da hood.

Big state, little medal…It’s all good in da hood.

It all started the day before at the Expo. I had carpooled down with three female friends…Mistake!!! They treated it like a shopping outing, hahahaha! We were there for hours. At least it gave me plenty of time for red carpet photos.

White sunglasses.

White sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

After that, it was time to rest up for the race! But like most pre-race nights, I didn’t get much sleep (kept thinking I’d miss the 4 am alarm). But luckily I made it up early to carpool down with another friend. I was glad we were there early to avoid the stress of running late. We chilled for a while before heading to the corrals.

On the way I bumped into Meb! The Meb! But I let him alone so he could focus on his race. I’d see him again later…

I also ran into a bunch of non-Olympians…

Some runner friends before the race.

Some runner friends before the race.

When I got to corral A, I ran into a bunch of members of the WRRC who I trained with most of the summer/fall.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey shirts that day.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey t-shirts that day.

Then it was time to race! After some fireworks and confetti, we were off!

The elites at the starting line.

The elites waiting at the starting line.

There was about a 15 mph wind, and it was in the 60’s and like 90% humidity. There was mist in the air and the streets were wet with slickness. The first 9 miles were generally a long steady incline.

Da course & elevation

Da course & elevation

Conditions weren’t great for a PR, but I gave it a go anyway:

5k ~ 25:08 ~ 8:06 per mile

10k ~ 49:15 ~ 7:46 per mile

Halfway and so far so good. But then the humidity and hills took its toll. I started to slow.

15k ~ 1:14:12 ~ 8:04 per mile.

Finish ~ 1:45:01 ~ 8:01 per mile.

Final Results ~ 501/8441 Overall & 75/510 Division

I was hoping to break the PR I set in October, but wasn’t happening. I was still happy because this was my 2nd fastest half to date!

On da course.

On da course.

I haven’t always viewed this race in the best light. But I gotta say, the changes they made this year were great! Except for a few bail bond and pawn shops, the course was pretty scenic. I like how we went through many Dallas landmark neighborhoods.

And the energy was terrific! In particular the crowd support was AWESOME! And it was great to see so many friendly faces along the way, like my pal Tory who went all out with his cheer station…

Tory the sign master.

Tory, the sign master.

There was definitely a lot of creativity by the spectators.

My pal David and his malfunctioning umbrella.

After the race with my pal David, and his malfunctioning umbrella.

It was also cool during and after the race, where I can’t even count how many racing friends I ran into…

My friend Sylvia..I'm pretty sure that was her first half!!!

My friend Sylvia..I’m pretty sure that was her first half!!!

Another cool thing was my local elite friends had a good showing too. Our friend Brent got 7th place overall in the marathon! And my buddy Logan came in first place overall in the half, with a time of 1:08:20!!!

Logan at the finish!

Logan at the finish!

After the race, it was time to celebrate!

Group shot 1.

Group shot 1.

We had a rotating group of some really strong runners join us for some craft brews.

Group shot 2.

Group shot 2.

But I gotta say, the COOLEST thing that happened that day was Meb giving me a high five! He was running the first leg of the relay. After he passed the baton, he hung around to support the runners. When I saw him, I made a detour to hit that opportunity (literally)! So cool! And what’s even cooler, later on I got to meet him formally!!!!

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots. Or something like that.

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots…or maybe tortoise and hare.

All in all it was quite a whirlwind. I’m still processing it all. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this race. I may have to sign up for next year already!!!

How bout you? Did anyone else race Dallas? Hang out with any Boston Marathon champs recently? Seen any creative race supporters lately?


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Running with an Elite to get Tacos!

Yesterday morning a local running store (Luke’s Locker) was having a breakfast taco run.  I’ve written before about my love of tacos + running, so yes, I did get up at 5am to partake.

Yes, those are boxes filled with tacos.  Gotta love a taco box!  *Pic stolen from a friend.

Yes, those are boxes filled with tacos. Gotta love a pink taco box! *Pic stolen from a friend.

When I showed up, I was half asleep, but I saw a few friends.  One of them is the super speedy Dr. Logan Sherman.  And when I say he’s speedy, I mean like, his last half marathon was…1:07…he literally races with the Kenyans…

Told ya.

Told ya.

As we started our run, I decided to try and hang with him and a couple other dudes.  I had originally planned on going 5 miles, but they were doing 9.  We had a nice little pack going (luckily Logan slowed down his normal pace quite a bit for us) and were around 7-7:15 per mile when I had to turn to get back to the tacos head back after about 3.5 miles.  I ended up finishing with 7 miles at a 7:30 pace average – pretty good – especially since I hadn’t planned to run that far or that fast that morning!!!

After the run.  I'm pointing at one of the many tacos I was in the middle of devouring.

Our human pack after the run. I’m pointing at one of the many tacos I was in the middle of devouring.

It was great running with those guys and it was very nice of Logan to take it easy on us!  And of course, TACOS!!!!!  All the tacos!  Tacos 4 life!  All day taco day!   …Sorry, I got excited for a sec.

How bout you?  Ever go to a run for an incentive?  Ever try to run with folks who you know might be going further and faster than you normally do?  Is there ever a bad time for tacos?


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Running in a Human Pack (or herd, or gaggle..?) & Seis de Mayo!

First off, I hope everyone had a festive Cinco De Mayo!  I certainly celebrated with some authentic cuisine…

I'm assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti.

I’m assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti. 

Today I continued the celebration with an early morning 5k+ run, a gym sesh, and a margarita at a local taco joint.

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

On my pre morning run, I got to thinking.  Dangerous, I know.  But seeing as how I dedicated this Spring to trying to get some of my speed back, I thought of how some of the faster runners I know run training runs in a sort of human pack….

…Or are human packs called something else, like herds, flocks, gaggles, swarm, school, pride…?  Or do we need to invent a word?  Like a ‘sapiencrew’ of humans.

Anyway, I see these fasties running in their tight little flocks and they seem to be on unit pushing each other along.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

I thought about this when I ran with my friend Pepsi (yes, real name) the other day.  We pushed each other along at a decent pace.  We talked about this afterward and now I want to add some more people to our herd.  I have done this in the past, and it does help.  But it’s been a couple years.  I need to get the gang back together…or maybe start a new band.  I shall work on this!

How bout you?  Ever run in a sapiencrew?  Do you celebrate the days of May in Spanish? 


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Social Run & Dynamic Warm-Up Class

Last night I met up with the uber cool TNSR at Lululemon for the weekly social run. (click on images to enlarge)

Why no, there was no photoshopping involved.  They're just super acrobatic.

Why no, there was no photoshopping involved. They’re just super acrobatic.

I cranked out a sunny/windy 5k at 7:45 per mile.

Not sure what I was looking/laughing at.  I guess I was a happy runner.

Not sure what I was looking/laughing at. I guess I was a happy runner.

There were a few people there who had just run and/or spectated the Boston Marathon, so it was cool to get their stories!  One of them is the super speedy Dr. Logan Sherman.  He’s still sore from his 2:30-something finish, but he and his co-horts from the chiropractic office took time to teach us some good dynamic movements.

Dr. Sherman instructing us.

Dr. Sherman instructing us.

Hey, I've done this in yoga!

Hey, I’ve done this in yoga!

I've done this in yoga too!

I’ve done this in yoga too!

They might have been messing with us on this one.

They might have been messing with us on this one.

But it was all smiles in the end.

But it was all smiles in the end.

It worked!!!  Look how fast I am - like I'm flying!

It worked!!! Look how fast I am – like I’m a flying blur!

Anyways, some good tips.  I still need to read the handouts they gave us, so hopefully I can report back with some more specifics later on.

How bout you?  Do you do dynamic warm-ups before a run?  Did you know incorporating moving yoga poses in your warm up could help your running?  What could I have been looking at during the run?!?



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Social Run and Mustachioed Fun

I went to my fav social run last night.  It was great to see so many familiar faces!  Went a little further than a 5k at a decent pace – so much easier to do with other people to help pace you!  Towards the end, it started to ache on my lower calf/upper achilles (calfilles?).  I don’t think it will be anything major if I don’t over do it until it heals.

I know what you're thinking, but no, there was absolutely no photoshopping done to add in runners who missed the photo op.

I know what you’re thinking, but no, there was absolutely no photoshopping done to add in runners who missed the photo op.

This social run had an ulterior motive – to raise funds for the Boston Police Foundation.  You can donate HERE.

It’s meant for them because they are on the Marathon course.  As part of this, you’re supposed to grow a “bostache”.  I missed that memo, but my friends didn’t.

I also missed the sweatband memo.

Fortunately, I always keep a backup bostache on hand.  Unfortunately, I also missed the sweatband memo.

Mustachioed friend on the left is my super speedy (last 13.1 was 1:07) buddy Logan Sherman.  He’s running Boston on Monday.  We’re all wishing him luck!  If you’re watching the race in person, online, or on TV.  Look for him and cheer!

I have a ways to go before qualifying for Boston.  But in the meantime, I’ll be running this virtual version:  Boston Marathon World Run    Join me if you can!

Anyways, after the social run, we got social!

Girls Night Out!

Girls Night Out!

Good peeps.  Good cause.  Good times.

How bout you?  Any social runs lately?  How’s the wooly worm on your upper lip coming in?  Any Boston Marathon plans (watching, running, donating, etc. etc.)?



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Week Workouts, Boston Fundraiser, & Bestie Visit

I’ve been crazy busy this week, but workout-wise it’s been kind of a weak week.  I’m blaming part of that on the weather.  What up spring?  Storms one day, crazy winds the next, temps in the 80’s one day, then temps in the 30’s another day.  What up?

All I’ve managed to get in this week is one yoga class, one weight sesh, one doggy walk, one run.  And on my run I must’ve stepped wrong because 3.25 miles in my lower calf said, “no mas.”  I was able to make it to four, but sheesh.  Luckily my blogging buddy – had sent me some Rocktape for my birthday!  Thanks Amy!

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

So now I have it taped up and I’m off to a social run tonight to give it a go.  I’m also going cause one of my elite runner buddies – Logan Sherman – is going to be there as he’s doing a fundraiser for Boston Police who work the marathon course.

He's fast.

You know you’re fast when fitness magazines write articles about you.

If you’re interested in donating, or want more info – here’s the LINK.

Other than that, I had a pretty good visit from one of my besties who was in from North Crackalaka.  Of course, I took her to get some TACOS!

Steps:  1. Open face.  2. Insert taco.  3. Repeat.

Steps: 1. Open face. 2. Insert taco. 3. Repeat.

She also got to visit the fam and play with the rugrats.

Then we went to a Texas patio bar.

Christie is joining you in a virtual drink.

Christie wants to join you in a virtual drink.

Which led to this sort of klassy behavior.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

All in all it was a good visit.  Hopefully she’ll be able to come back again soon!

Final patio selfie.

Final patio selfie…because her hair was on fire.

So there you go.

How bout you?  Crazy weather?  Doing anything (running, fundraising, etc.) for Boston?  Who wants to meet up at the patio bar later?


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Running with Elites – Get Ready to Work it!

This weekend was meant to be an “easy” one in my Disney Dopey Challenge training.  It was supposed to be a laid back 10 miler on Saturday and cross training on Sunday.  Well, the laid back 10 miler turned out to be not so laid back.  That’s because I ran part of it with an elite runner.  Lemme splain.

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

I can’t wait to get Dopey, fo realz.

I was running by myself.  Enjoying the cool 50 degree temps.  Maybe because of the weather, or because I knew I didn’t have to run back to back days this weekend, but my pace was getting faster and faster as the miles passed.  Working on that negative split, yo!

Then I came to the appropriately named Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  There I first ran into my buddy The Dancing Runner.  We had an brief chat, wished each other luck, then I went for a loop in the preserve.  It was hilly, but pretty.

Views from the AHNP.

Views from the AHNP.

When I came out, I then ran into my Elite runner buddy – Logan Sherman.  We had a quick chat and determined that we were both heading the same direction after leaving the preserve, and so he said he’d run with me.  I thought, “How in the world is this going to work?!?”

He's fast.

Recently profiled in Competitor Magazine.

This guy runs 5 minute miles when he wants to.  His next goal is running a sub 1:05 half marathon at the USA Half Marathon Championship in Houston this January.  That would qualify him for the Olympic trials.   My last half marathon I ran a little over 8:00 minute miles.  I didn’t want to hurt his workout too much, so I picked up the pace the best I could and we hit the road.

Yes, that's him running with Kenyans.

Yes, that’s him running with Kenyans.

Obviously, he had to slow down his pace a to run with me, and we ended up going around 7:00 minute miles.  That’s normally my 5k pace, not normally the last few miles of a 10 mile training run.  But I’m glad to say I held up alright.

The whole time we ran, we were talking.  It was hard for me to get words out while breathing that hard, but I did manage to make a few complete sentences.  One cool thing is every other runner/walker we passed, he would yell out words of encouragement to them.  He did the same to me.  Saying stuff like, I was looking strong and relaxed.

When it came time for our paths to split off, he gave me some more encouragement – saying he was proud of me and that the pace was easy for me.  I thanked him, wished him luck on the rest of his run, and told him to keep up the good work.  Then he was off in a blur.

Getting some Q&A time in.  Also, when I look at people, I don't see color.

With Logan and Friends after a recent social run.

I’ve run with other elite runners before, but usually as part of a large social group, and at a casual slow pace – not one on one.  So this run was a fun and inspiring experience. It gave me some confidence knowing I can really pick up the pace at the end of a run.

I want to continue to become a better runner, and continue to get faster.  I’ve got some work to do, but hopefully sometime in the future I’ll be able to hang for more than just a couple miles.

What about you?  Have you ever run with a crazy fast person?  How’d did it go?  Would you find it inspiring or intimidating?

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Boston Marathon – Possible?

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

At last night’s social run we had a few speedy people, including several Boston Marathon runners.  I got to talking to some of them after the run.  They were all talking how they got in the 2014 race as registration was open this past week.  But not just anyone can register, you have to run a qualifying race and time first.  I said how I’d like to run it, but would probably have to go through a charity registration as I can’t run a 3:10 marathon yet.  Yet.  That was the key word, and they jumped all over it.  My one friend told me it took her 6 marathons before she finally qualified.  My other friend, a local elite runner named Logan Sherman, told me that they would get me there.  Here’s a pic of Logan as he was featured in this month’s Competitor Magazine:

He's fast.

He’s fast.

This gave me some hope and inspiration, but the numbers don’t lie.  I’d have to run a 3:10 marathon to qualify.  That’s 7:15 minute miles.  I can run faster than 7:15 miles now, but during a 3.1 mile race, not a 26.2 mile race.

Anyways, I want to try at some point.  I wouldn’t mind going the charity route, but I’d have to raise a LOT of money.  Thousands of dollars.  And I’d kind of like to be able to get there on my own too.  I’d have to get really serious about improving endurance and speed.  I used to be a lot faster (in high school), but can I get back to close to that conditioning?  As one of my other elite running buddies told me on the track one day – Yes you can.

Smokin' fools in the 400 in high school.

Smokin’ fools in the 400 in high school.

I still have those track shoes at home (autographed by former world record holder Butch Reynolds on the right outside heel – check it out, eagle eye).  Maybe I need to lace them back up.  Maybe I should get the same haircut too, yeah, that was probably the secret to my speed.

Anyone else have dreams of Boston?

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