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Week Workouts, Boston Fundraiser, & Bestie Visit

I’ve been crazy busy this week, but workout-wise it’s been kind of a weak week.  I’m blaming part of that on the weather.  What up spring?  Storms one day, crazy winds the next, temps in the 80’s one day, then temps in the 30’s another day.  What up?

All I’ve managed to get in this week is one yoga class, one weight sesh, one doggy walk, one run.  And on my run I must’ve stepped wrong because 3.25 miles in my lower calf said, “no mas.”  I was able to make it to four, but sheesh.  Luckily my blogging buddy – had sent me some Rocktape for my birthday!  Thanks Amy!

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

So now I have it taped up and I’m off to a social run tonight to give it a go.  I’m also going cause one of my elite runner buddies – Logan Sherman – is going to be there as he’s doing a fundraiser for Boston Police who work the marathon course.

He's fast.

You know you’re fast when fitness magazines write articles about you.

If you’re interested in donating, or want more info – here’s the LINK.

Other than that, I had a pretty good visit from one of my besties who was in from North Crackalaka.  Of course, I took her to get some TACOS!

Steps:  1. Open face.  2. Insert taco.  3. Repeat.

Steps: 1. Open face. 2. Insert taco. 3. Repeat.

She also got to visit the fam and play with the rugrats.

Then we went to a Texas patio bar.

Christie is joining you in a virtual drink.

Christie wants to join you in a virtual drink.

Which led to this sort of klassy behavior.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

All in all it was a good visit.  Hopefully she’ll be able to come back again soon!

Final patio selfie.

Final patio selfie…because her hair was on fire.

So there you go.

How bout you?  Crazy weather?  Doing anything (running, fundraising, etc.) for Boston?  Who wants to meet up at the patio bar later?


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KT Tape & Elves

No offense to swimming, but I’m really itching to get back running.  I’m going to give it a go later this week, but when I do, this time I’m going to wear some tape (in addition to clothes).  You may have heard/seen all the rage for athletes the past few years: KT Tape.  I have too.  Problem is that the few times I’ve worn it, it never seems to last too long after I get schwetty.

But I have a running buddy who has introduced me to a new (to me) brand.  In case you’re curious about her, she looks like an elf.  See if you can spot the elf in this photo of some of us after a recent trail run…

I was caught by surprise by the camera lady.

Hint: She’s the one on the John.  I was horrified.

Anyway, after a run, she took off her shoes.  Once we got over the smell, I noticed she had some funky KT Tape on the bottom of her feet.  She said she does it to prevent blisters.  “Doesn’t it come off pretty easily in that location?”  I inquired.  “Nope.  Elfen sweat doesn’t bother it either.”  She retorted.

Fast forward to last night.  I was getting adjusted by my chiropractor and she offered to put some KT Tape on my knee.  That’s what reminded me of the Elf’s brand – it’s called Rocktape.  I went to Amazon and read all the glowing reviews.  Mostly they said it cost more than other brands, but is way worth it.  I ordered a roll.  Can’t wait to try it!

Bonus, they have tutorial videos on how to adhere it, like the one above that I’ll be following.

Anyway, what’s your experience been with KT Tape?  Ever tried Rocktape?  Do you know any elves?

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