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145 Oct Miles Run, The Body Whisperer & London Calling

So I had a pretty good October, running wise. I ended up going the most miles in a month since when I was training for this past year’s Disney Dopey Challenge.

My last run of the month was with friends. Here’s what we looked like after…

post run groupie

Post run #groupie

I ended up running about 145 miles. Not bad, especially considering that I’m not training for any particular race.


I know it says 142, but I did get in some miles that weren't recorded by my watch.

I know it says 142, but I did get in some miles that weren’t recorded by my watch.

Buuut, when it came to the last day of Runtober, I didn’t run. Why not? Because my knee felt weird, fool!

I’m convinced that it was my body telling me to get some rest. I didn’t take one day off…even after setting a nearly 5 minute PR in a half marathon in October. Mistake. And so my body was telling me to take a break.



I ended up taking three days off. And since then it feels much better. And I’ve jumped back into running 6 days a week.

My body did the same thing to me back in the winter. After the Dopey Challenge, I didn’t take enough time to let my body recover. And when I was out on a run, I tripped and Nancy Kerriganed my own knee. Forcing me to take a month off.

One of these knees is knot like the other.  PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

The view back in early 2014…Gettin my swol on.

What’s the lesson? Don’t be a fool…listen to your body, fool! When it says rest, rest. When it says go, go. When it says go-go dance, go-go dance.

She's got moves like grocery bagger.

She’s got moves like grocery bagger.

And now for something completely different…

Here in Dallas, the city is gearing up for the football Cowboys playing their game in London, UK this weekend. And the talk radio station I listen too has been broadcasting live from Jolly Ole’ England. They are going on and on about all the cool experiences they are having. I’ve been to London a few times, but it’s been several years. And all this talk is really making me miss it.

London Calling

London Calling

Ahh well, the best I can do now is find a British Pub and watch English Premiere League on the telly. Might have to do that this weekend.

How bout you? Have a good Runtober? Are you a body whisperer or a fool? Ever been to London town?


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I Got to Run!!!

It had been over three weeks since I took a running tumble and jacked up my knee.  But I finally felt like it was time to give a run a go-go.  This was Saturday.  We had some nice weather and I wanted to take advantage.  I did a lengthy warm up to make sure everything was loose.  Then I hit the streets.

I went to my go-to little 5k route around the town.  I took it nice and easy, listening to my body.  The knee felt a little stiff, but no major pain.  It felt good to run again.

It was super windy, but I didn’t complain, I was just happy to be outside and moving!  In fact, afterwards we took advantage of the weather and wind and took the kite on a walk.

Kite rider.

Kite rider.

On Sunday, I decided to play it safe and not join my buds for a trail run, but I did join them at Lululemon for some yoga.  Different instructor, and she challenged us.  I was sweating and shaking all over the place, but like she said, “Shaking is weakness leaving the body.”  I’ll go with that.

How bout you?  How did it feel your first time back after an injury?  Last time you flew a kite?  Any weakness leave your body recently?

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Scab Watch 2014!

When I say “scab watch” I’m not talking about a timepiece made of dried blood, that’d be odd.  And I’m not talking about checking out people who take over for people on strike.  That’d be bizarre.  I am, of course referring to my dinged up knee.

If you follow this blog then you know that the other week I took a tumble on my run and broke my fall with my knee.  It got all swol and bloody.  Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t even attempt to run again until at least the scabs heal.

I’m happy to announce that they’re healing just fine.  The scabs aren’t completely gone, but they are getting there.  Hopefully the rest my knee is getting is all it needs to get all better.

You’ll notice there are no photos in this post.  I didn’t want to gross anyone out (or turn on any weird fetish people) with pics of scabby knees.  So you’re welcome (or I’m sorry).

Hows bouts yous guys?  Who’s excited for Scab Watch ’14?!?!  Anyone else have any boo-boos they’re nursing? 

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Runner Who Can’t Run

To anyone who likes to follow along with my silly posts, I apologize that I’ve been MIA (that stands for Missing in Action, but it also is short for Miami, I wish I was using it for the latter definition, but I’m not).  I’ve just been out of sorts since I hurt my knee.

The good news is that it is feeling better each day and I think I’ll be back on the roads soon, but as of right now I am still not running.  It’s been two weeks, which I know isn’t that long, but when you’re used to being active almost every day, it feels like an eternity.

Whenever I’m driving and I see someone running along the side of the road, I feel an insane jealousy.  They don’t know how lucky they are!  If you are healthy, please remember that it is a gift.  Every run is a gift.  Every workout is a gift.  And it’s a good kind of gift, not a crappy one that your friend picked up at CVS at the last minute.

I keep trying to remind myself that this is just the universe giving my body some rest.  I must need it.  Must keep reminding myself.  Must.

It’s funny, most people get upset at the fact that they are hurt.  But runners don’t get upset that they’re hurt, they get upset because they can’t run.

But staying positive.  The good news is I took the thumb sucker on a doggy walk yesterday, and I didn’t think about my knee at all.  That’s a good sign.

Sorry we don't match, I tried, but my hair wouldn't reach.

Sorry we don’t match. I tried, but my hair wouldn’t reach.

Anykitandkaboodle, we finally got some sunshine, and the weather is warming here.  Hopefully that’s another sign that it’s almost time to hit the reset button.

How’s everyone else doing?  Anyone else on a “break”?  Do all little girls like the taste of their own hair?  Any good or bad gifts recently?

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Knee Update

It’s been a week and a half since my graceful tumble during my run.  The swelling in my knee has gone way down, but I can still feel a little liquid left in there.  I hope it goes away on it’s own soon.  It seems like each day I get a little more range of motion back.

I don’t have any pain walking, it’s just a little stiff from the swol.  It is still a bit tender to the touch to the point of contact, but that’s better too.

I’ve been taking Arnica, as that always seems to help.  And our blogging friend the Holistic Wayfarer sent me a link to a post she had written with some natural remedies.  You can see it here.  She also has Traumeel listed as an option.  I have never heard used, but will give it a try.

My kind of PED's.

My kind of PED’s.

I also went to my chiropractor, who said I was the most out of alignment that she’s ever seen me.  Hopefully her adjustments will hold for a while.

Oh, and I played amateur MD when I googled “swollen knee from fall”.  The good news is that according to the symptoms, it shouldn’t be anything too serious!

I also watched some Olympics and what is up the the moguls?!?!  Besides sounding like something from Harry Potter, it looks crazy!  I’ve seen a few people getting hurt already, and I don’t understand how everyone is not hurt!  That just looks like torture on the knees!  They did say that one of the competitors just had to have a bunch of fluid drained from a knee.  Hopefully I won’t have to go that far.

I shan’t be trying out moguls anytime soon, and I also shan’t attempt to run until it feels back to normal.  Of course, if it doesn’t continue to improve, I’ll have to go see a specialist, but so far so good!

How bout you?  Do you have any go to remedies when you get injured?  Any desire to ski moguls? 

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I Nancy Kerriganed My Own Knee

As we begin these Winter Olympics, we also are upon the 20 year anniversary of when Olympian skater Nancy Kerrigan had her knee get whacked by an attacker.

To honor that anniversary, I apparently thought it would be a good idea to recreate the event…on myself.

Last week we had some nice weather, and I was getting the running itch after my couple week rest from the Dopey Challenge.  So I threw on the ole runnin jorts and hit the road.  About a half mile into it I saw some old abandoned railroad tracks.

Now, I’m a lover of history, and a little way down these tracks is where the first train robbery in Texas had happened back in the 1800’s.  I’d visited to the spot several times (the even host a 5k there).  But I was heading the other way.  I did because I know it leads to the site of where an old Native American attack occurred on some of the first settlers there.  Thought I might check that out.

But I also knew that a little down the tracks, a portion had been removed and was now a dirt path that leads to some paved trails.  Thought it would make for a nice run.  Wrong.

Let me preface this next part by saying that I have NEVER fallen on a run.  Ever.  I know I’m in the minority there…or I was…

As soon as I got on the tracks, I realized it wasn’t a good running surface.  I decided to get off of them.  But about 4 steps in, my feet got tangled in a circular metal wire that was in the overgrown grass on the tracks.  I knew I was going down.  I landed hard.  I knew instantly that something was wrong with my knee.  I looked and it had graciously broken my fall…on a big rock.

Both knees and hands were bleeding.  My shoulder hurt.  My whole body felt on fire.  I knew it was the adrenaline from the unexpected hit.  I laid on the tracks for several minutes holding my knee, not able to move.  Now mind you, I was only a few feet from a busy road.  Why did nobody stop to check on the motionless body on the abandoned train tracks?  Maybe they were scared of what they’d find.

Anyway, after the adrenaline wore off, I was able to slowly get up and slowly walk back.  I got cleaned up and drove home.  Spent the night icing and elevating.  The next morning I woke to find my knee was replaced by a flesh colored grapefruit.

One of these knees is knot like the other.  PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

One of these knees is knot like the other. PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

I iced and elevated the next few days and the swelling mostly went down.  It feels better every day, but I haven’t had it checked out yet.  Going to monitor it a bit more.  I’ve been able to walk OK, but it is stiff.  It is a tad tender to the touch at the point of impact.  I don’t have full range of motion yet.  I’m pretty positive that nothing is torn or broken.  I’m hoping it was just like a big charlie horse.

Anyway, since then we’ve had a nasty little cold front come through, and we even got some snow!  So I’m glad I have an excuse for not running right now!  To be continued…

Do you have any embarrassing good unfortunate fall stories?  Would you stop if you saw a body on the tracks?  Do you have any professional diagnosis?



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Thanksgiving Running, Gear Deals, & Butt Sweat Hearts

Over the weekend I got to run again!  I had taken 8 days off to let my knee heal more, and on Turkey Day I gave it another go.  I ended up going an easy 4 miles.  Progress!  If you missed what happened the rest of that day, you can see it here.

Anyway, it was stiff and not quite right, but much better than it had been last time.  So come Saturday, I decided to give it another go.  My RockTape came in the mail (which was exciting for me) so I taped up the leg, and met with my peeps at Project Run 214.

Bright and early!

Some of the group!

Many of them are preparing for the Dallas Half and Full Marathon this coming weekend.  This was their last big training run.  I was supposed to go 12 miles, but told myself I’d take it easy breezy lemon squeezy.  I’d be very happy if I even made it to double digits.

Well, a funny thing happened.  I ended up running in the front with a gal who will be doing her first half come Sunday.  I hadn’t seen the training course, and of course, we got off track.  I didn’t want to cut out early and leave her, so we just kept going.  Ended up finishing over 13 miles on our make-shift route.  I was thrilled for her going that far for the first time, and happy that my knee held up!

The real test came the rest of the day, I didn’t want the knee to hurt me like it had after my earlier runs.  I’m glad to say that it didn’t the rest of the day!  I think the Arnica, rest, cross training, and other stuff I’m doing is helping!

My kind of PED's.

My kind of PED’s.

When I woke the next day, it did hurt some, but not as bad as before.  I went to yoga, and that seemed to really help it.  It’s still not right, but it’s getting better.  Hopefully I can continue to run while it heals completely.

Anyway, it was also a big shopping weekend here in the States as companies roll out specials.  I was in luck because a new store in the RunOn chain opened near my house.  Besides the weekend specials, they also had grand opening deals.  Besides that they also gave gift cards if you brought in old pairs of shoes to recycle.  Besides that I had earned some cash in their rewards program.  All combined, I was able to score a pair of my Brooks Pure Flow 2 for a really really really good price (and they threw in a pair of Feetures socks, double score)!  Aaaand, they had free beer and snacks.  Triple score!

Sweat so sweet.

My butt sweat where I sat shows that I heart Brooks shoes.

Also this weekend, since Thanksgiving is now over, we set up the fake Christmas tree.

All our ornaments on the bottom half of the tree.

All our ornaments on the bottom half of the tree.

Another highlight came when the boy and I had our own brunch date at one of our fav Tex Mex joints.  Like me, he also likes to ham it up for the camera…

I wonder where he gets it from?

I wonder where he gets it from?

So pretty good times.

How bout you?  Get any good gear deals?  Is your crib decorated for the holidays?  How was you weekend?

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KT Tape & Elves

No offense to swimming, but I’m really itching to get back running.  I’m going to give it a go later this week, but when I do, this time I’m going to wear some tape (in addition to clothes).  You may have heard/seen all the rage for athletes the past few years: KT Tape.  I have too.  Problem is that the few times I’ve worn it, it never seems to last too long after I get schwetty.

But I have a running buddy who has introduced me to a new (to me) brand.  In case you’re curious about her, she looks like an elf.  See if you can spot the elf in this photo of some of us after a recent trail run…

I was caught by surprise by the camera lady.

Hint: She’s the one on the John.  I was horrified.

Anyway, after a run, she took off her shoes.  Once we got over the smell, I noticed she had some funky KT Tape on the bottom of her feet.  She said she does it to prevent blisters.  “Doesn’t it come off pretty easily in that location?”  I inquired.  “Nope.  Elfen sweat doesn’t bother it either.”  She retorted.

Fast forward to last night.  I was getting adjusted by my chiropractor and she offered to put some KT Tape on my knee.  That’s what reminded me of the Elf’s brand – it’s called Rocktape.  I went to Amazon and read all the glowing reviews.  Mostly they said it cost more than other brands, but is way worth it.  I ordered a roll.  Can’t wait to try it!

Bonus, they have tutorial videos on how to adhere it, like the one above that I’ll be following.

Anyway, what’s your experience been with KT Tape?  Ever tried Rocktape?  Do you know any elves?

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Weekend Recap: Rest, Yardwork & Yoga

Despite a setback, I will come back strong!

Despite a setback, I will come back strong!

I mentioned last week about how I tweaked my knee on a Disney Dopey Challenge training run.  As a result, I had to miss my first two workouts in 3 months!  It was frustrating, but I think it was the smart thing to do.  I just had to keep reminding myself that missing two runs will not hurt my fitness very much.  I have not run since Wed.  I have rested my knee and had a couple sessions with my chiropractor, in addition to some RICE.

I did take the dogs on a short walk on Saturday and it felt fine.  So on Sunday I went to see my yoga instructor.  That was exactly what the metaphorical doctor ordered!  I was worried the knee might feel it in some of the squats or lunges, but nope, it felt great!

Unfortunately, I had to do about 4 hours of yard work afterwards instead of rest it, but I had no choice.  I’ve left the yard neglected for over a month now, so had to take care of it.  I also had to take advantage of the 85 degree weather.  Yes, it’s mid November here and still quite warm.  But I’m hoping this was my last mow as the grass around these parts is going dormant now, so hopefully no more growing until spring.

But anyways, I’m glad to report that the yoga/yardwork combo has left me very sore.  So even though I couldn’t run, I still feel like I got a good workout in!  I’m going to test the knee on a run tomorrow, but I’m hoping it’s all good in the hood.

How was your weekend?  Is it still Birkenstock weather where you are?  Have you ever been sore from house/yard work?

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Knuther Knee Update

Thanks again to everyone!  Today I feel much much better.  Here’s what I think went down – I hadn’t missed a workout, not a single one, in over 3 months.  Road runs, yoga, trail runs, track workouts, weight sessions, etc. etc. etc., it’s been a never ending parade of physical phitness.  So last week when my knee decided it wasn’t going to let me run or workout, I think it was just telling me to take a few days off.  So that’s what I’m doing.

It hurt noticeably for a couple days, and when that scared me enough to decide to cool it through the weekend, it suddenly started feeling better.  As if my knee was saying, “Thanks for getting the message, bro.”

As those of you who complain about taper madness know, I’m kind of going through the same thing.  But I’m using the time to catch up on housework, etc.  Hopefully next week my body will have gotten the recovery it needed and I can get back at it.  We shall see.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Tell me something good.

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