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Katy Trail 5k Recap – Hawt Run, Dope Party & Epic Photos!

The other day was the Katy Trail 5k. This is a hugely popular race in Dallas. I hadn’t registered for this race before it sold out, but I got hooked up with a bib at the last minute from my man K-Rob. Thanks dude, it was a blast!!!

Pre race group below, double photobombs up top.

Pre-race group below, double photobombs up top.

The Katy Trail is a highly popular running spot around here. It’s 3.5 miles long and it really is pretty nice. In fact, last week after the Bloomin 4 Mile Race, some of us went to KT to get in some extra miles.

Runnin down the trail...or was it up the trail?

Runnin free down the trail…or was it up the trail?

This race takes place on a school night at 7pm. I had planned to take it easy, after all it was in the 90’s – also I had already run 5 miles this day and done a track workout the day before.

My heart shaped butt sweat from the track workout.

My heart shaped butt sweat from the track workout.

But of course, when the horn sounded I was off like a prom dress! Unfortunately, the heat and previous miles took their toll…legs felt heavy…There would be no PR this day – not even close! But I’ll take the results, considering it all.

Official Results: 22:17, 7:10 per mile, 14th in Age Group, 132/3622 Overall.

If you want to see a 5 second video of me crossing the finish line, do so HERE!

Post Race - I'm glad Josh fixed my washed out head in photoshop. Looks natural.

Post Race – I’m glad Josh fixed my sun-washed-out head in photoshop. Looks totally natural.

But the reason this race is so popular is the after-party. Local restaurants bring out a ton of good food and drink – and it’s all free!!!! Besides the grub, there’s also live music and tons of give-aways. And there may have even been a human centipede pyramid or two.

I had hoped to be a top.

I had hoped to be a top.

My buddy Logan won the race in around 15:30. Not too shabby, I guess. 😉 But I bet he’s more proud that he made it into one of my famous leg-pop photos…


Logan and his short-time fiance, Amanda & me and my long-time friend, Tahressa.

Since it was an evening race, pretty soon the sun was down. Luckily we had time for a couple more photo ops before heading home to slizzeeep!

Good times!

Good times with these fools.


Smart move on the free photo-booth with your logo…Well played, Nike.

I had only run this race once before a few years, and to be honest, I thought it was a bit unorganized then. However, this time ’round I had a blasty blast!!! I get now why it’s so popular ’round here. I’ll be back!

How bout you? Ever run an evening race? Why do runners lurve a good post race party so much? What is the shape of your butt’s sweat stain?


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Post Storm Run, Lululemon Taco Futures, & Johnny Football to Cleveland!

Last night was supposed to be the popular Katy Trail 5k and After Party for many of my friends.  But Dallas had a massive windy thunderstorm blow through town and they had to cancel the event.  Bummer for those runners.  The weather did clear up later on and so a group of us met at Lululemon for Thursday Night Social Run.

Notice the folks still wearing their race bibs.  At least the got used somehow.

Notice the folks still wearing their race shirts bibs. At least the got used somehow.

I got in a quick 5k at a 7:20-something pace.  It was a bit slippery and humid, but not too bad.


“Rock on!” says my hands.

Afterwards we did the social part of our run and went to a local joint for a little grub and a little brew.  And one of the organizers of TNSR had a surprise – Lululemon gave him some gift cards to a pretty ba-darse local Tex Mex hotspot as a ‘thanks’ for hosting so many of our runs at their store.  He decided to have a number guessing contest to give them away.  And guess what else?  I guessed correctly and won one of the cards!!!

Yes!  More tacos are in my future!  Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Yes! More tacos are in my future! Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Anyway, as we socialized, the NFL draft was on the TV’s.  Being that I live in Texas, Johnny Manziel gets a lot of attention around here…as he also does nationally, but more so here.  So all eyes were on him.  Many people wondered if the Dallas Cowboys were going to draft him.  But they did not, instead the team I root for picked him.  Yup, he’s going to the Cleveland Browns (I’m originally from Ohio, hence my team choice).

I do not know if he will be a bust or a hero, but either way it’s bringing a lot of energy and attention to the Browns.  Something they haven’t had in a long long time.  They have been a bad team for even longer.  It’s been hard being a Browns fan, but we are loyal.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

Here’s hoping the Browns finally reward some of our loyalty!

How bout you?  Ever had a race cancelled (They also cancelled the Dallas Marathon back in Dec due to ice)?  Who loves free tacos in their mouths?  What do you think of Johnny Football going to Cleveland?  Who’s your NFL team (I know Salt, you root for the evil 😉 Ravens)?


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