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Silly Questions to People Who Workout

I think I’ve unlocked a key as to why so many people around the world are out of shape and don’t do anything about it.  I think it’s how their minds work.  Lemme splain.  Over the years I’ve noticed a theme in the same silly question I keep hearing from people who don’t workout.  Here’s some of the actual questions I’ve been asked:

1. Out to dinner with friends, I order a healthy dish.  My friend asks me, “Why are you eating that, you’re already thin.”

2. At the gym showing a newbie some of the machines and how they work.  This person looks around at everyone working out and asks me, “Why are all these people here when they’re already in shape?”

3. At a former job I had a co-worker on a Jenny Craig diet tell me this, “I cannot wait until I reach my goal weight so I can go back to eating whatever I want again.”

4. I invited a former friend to yoga, my former friend tells me, “I can’t go to yoga because I’m not flexible.”

5. Why do you do all that running, you’re already fit.”

So there it is.  I think these people think that once you get in shape, you stay there forever.  I’m being serious when I say that I really believe some people’s brains just work differently than others.  The way my brain thinks is like this: I have to work hard to stay in shape, cause if I slack off I will become out of shape.

Here’s what I tell myself when I’m in the same situations as above:

1. I eat this way so I can try to stay thin.

2. These people are in shape because they are here.

3. Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a temporary band aid.

4. I go to yoga to try and become more flexible.

5. I run because I love it and it I want to get more fitness, more endurance, more speed, more fun.

Anyways, am I alone here?  Have you heard or thought similar things?  How can we help change people’s mindsets?

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