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Holiday Recap: Runnin & Funnin

One year ago, I went out on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping.  It was awful – the crowds, the traffic, etc.  This year I did the same thing.  Apparently I’m not smart enough to learn from my mistakes.

The Murrayest time of year!

The Murrayest time of year!

But this year, it wasn’t so bad…I was much more calm this time around.  The hoards didn’t bother me.  In fact, I kind of liked all the people watching.  I even had my sense of humor intact, as you can see in this 6 second video I shot in the mall.

How was I able to cope?  I ran before hand, of course!

Following my Disney Dopey Challenge Hal Higdon training plan, I had 5 miles scheduled for Christmas Eve.  I felt pretty good on my run.  After a weekend that saw me run 38 slow miles, it felt good to do a fast five!!!  I really believe that starting the day with a run really helped me cope with the holiday shoppers.  Though it would come back to haunt me later…

My wife’s family always celebrates Christmas right when the clock strikes midnight.  It’s always a night of fun and food, but these days I’m not much of a night owl.  Since I get up so early to run most days, and since I’m always a little tired from said runs, I can’t hang like I used to.  Once again this year, I had to be woken up at midnight to join the celebration.  So I slept at a party, that’s the price runners pay, right?

The little girl was not a fan of the fat man.

The little girl was not a fan of the fat man.

On Christmas Day we had a small gift opening party with our immediate family.  Naturally, I got some running gear.   I always like to wear an Ohio University shirt at big races, as you can see…

Disney Marathon 2012

Disney Marathon 2012

Then it was off to my parents house for a big get together of family and friends.  A highlight was a gag gift exchange.  I originally won this weird Russian box of chocolates, and my fake smile serves to contain my excitement…

If I ate that box, along with that bacon chocolate = me fat indeed!

If I ate that box, along with that bacon chocolate = me fat indeed!

All in all it was a pretty good holiday!  Oh, and the little girl did get into the spirit once away from Santa…

The Santa must've smelled like beef and cheese.

The other Santa must’ve smelled like beef and cheese.

Back to training today.  A short 4 miler plus weights.  Almost time to get Dopey!

Did you have a Murray Christmas?  Get any good gear?  Does Santa make you cry too?  Do you have any go-to race shirts?

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Jarrod Shoemaker & Normatec

Last weekend I had a chance to meet Olympian and champion Triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker.  He was making an appearance at a local tri shop which also houses a sports chiro office that my buddy works at.  They were having a sort of open house, so I went into their open house.  I listened to Mr. S’s talk while I tested out some normatec leg sleeves, as the office had a few of them available.  I didn’t take a picture, but my friend Ann took one during her session this week, so I stole it (sorry Ann) – Here’s the view:

I hope there's not a fire.

Oh great, now I need to find a matching top!

The sleeves inflate like a blood pressure gauge does on your arm.  It inflates at different points and at different intensities.  I don’t know no much about science and stuffs, but they say it helps aid recovery from tough workouts by forcing your blood to move around.  I didn’t ask too many questions, I just jumped in.  Like I said, it felt like a blood pressure thingy, and it kind of felt good.  It’s not painful at all, it just gets tight in different areas at different times.  After they took em off, I didn’t really notice feeling any different, but I bet if I used these things regularly, I would be able to tell a difference.

Apparently TONS of pro athletes have these at home and zip em up while they chill on the couch.  I wish I had one at home…Does anyone have $1700 that I could like…have?

Anyway, while I sat there, Mr. Shoedude did his talk.  I want to share a few of the main points that I took away from him.

I guess he knows what he's talking about.

I guess he knows what he’s talking about.

-He said he eats several small meals all day long so that he’s not hungry and his body has calories to use as fuel.  This includes eating right before he goes to bed.  I know that goes against everything you’ve ever been told, and I’m paraphrasing here, but he said he wants his body to spend his sleeping hours using energy to digest that food instead of his muscles and stuff.  Now remember, he’s a world class athlete and probably burns a ton butt more calories during his workouts then the average Joey.  His metabolism is probably off the charts.

-He also credits chiropractic care and massages for helping keeping him healthy.  I’m glad to hear this as I visit a chiro regularly and feel it helps me tremendously.  Massage is another story.  I so badly want to go and go regularly (to get a massage that is), but honestly, it’s been about 5 years since I had one, besides the self massages my foam roller and golf ball give me.  I should really change that.

-Finally, he also said that when he got into racing, he started as a runner.  Problem was he kept getting hurt – IT Band, etc.  Then he realized that his whole life he had played multiple sports (soccer, baseball, etc.).  So he gravitated to triathlons.  That way he could still be doing different sports within one sport.  The lesson I take away from this is that everyone should train like a triathlete, even if you aren’t one.  You need to do more than just run, or you risk injury.  That’s why I run, yoga, soccer, lift, bike, etc.  Cross training so that I can stay healthy enough to run injury free!

Anyways, that’s all I got.  Have any of you ever used those sleeves?  What do you think of em?  What else do you do to recover?



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What a Weekend!

So much happened this weekend that it will probably take all week to write about it all.  Today I will give you a summary:

Friday – Went to visit a friend who works at a Sports Chiro joint (pun intended) inside a Tri store.  Got to test some recovery equipment and attend a talk by an Olympian and world champ triathlete – Jarrod Shoemaker.

Saturday – 4 mile run.  Then took the toddler to his first hockey practice.  Oh yeah, Mike Modano was on the ice too playing with the kids.

Me and Mo.

Me and Mo.

Sunday – 14 mile run.  Then got the new iPhone.  Then an awesome patio lunch.  Then took the toddler and went to a pub where we met my dad and watched the Browns play like an actual football team.  Also, saw the Indians and Rangers make it to the post season!  Also, the Steelers still suck, and that’s a good thing.  I also ate a naughty snack as I heard that a new world record was set in the Marathon!

What else?  Oh yeah, this weekend I got nominated for FIVE Emmy Awards!!!  Did I mention that I’m a TV producer when I’m not running?  Here’s a pic from last year where we added #7 to the trophy case!

Don't be fooled by the fancy photo, I'm actually not wearing pants.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy photo, I’m actually not wearing pants.

I’ll give more in depth descriptions of what went down as this week progresses.  For now, just enjoy this picture of the 4 year old in his first ever hockey gear!

He looks serious!

He looks serious!

More to come, stay tuned!  Until then, let me know how your weekend went!!!

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