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Off To Chicago Marathon, You Stalkers!

Hey guys, it’s almost time. After over 700 miles of training, countless hours of yoga & weightlifting, it’s time to #OwnChicago!

This week saw just a few more training runs. They looked something like this:

The only explaination I can give for this is we have taper madness.

The only explanation I can give for this is we have taper madness.

It was nice to have shorter runs this taper week leading up to the race.

Yellow + Blue = Green. No, I didn't plan this, I dress in the dark, it was coincidence.

Yellow + Blue = Green. No, I didn’t plan this, I dress in the dark, it was coincidence.

I still can’t believe it’s here. It’s been so many months of running many many miles at ungawdly hours. I mean, just look at this daily alarm setting:

I died a little each night when I turned this alarm setting on.

I died a little each night when I turned this alarm setting on.

I’m happy to report though, that we ran EVERY SINGLE TRAINING RUN. We didn’t skip a single one. No, they weren’t all pretty, but at least we were out there.

I still can’t believe the final run came and ended…

Done before the sun, but it's all good, we glow anyhow.

Done before the sun, but it’s all good, we glow anyhow.

Now it’s here. Time to run 26.2 miles. Going to let me sink that in for a while.

In the mean time, feel free to stalk me:

I’ll be Instagramming hard in Chicago: @piratebobcat

I’ll bet Tweeting too: @piratebobcat

You can track me TWO ways during the race (My bib number is 2411):

  1. Download the Chicago Marathon App
  2. Get updates with MY RUNNER TRACKING

That is all. See you on the other side.


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Running With Dinosaurs, I’m Punny & My Shorts Are Soaked With Something!

Things are really picking up in the Chicago Marathon training world. And it was made even more challenging because during one run, some dinosaurs had escaped from the zoo!

The pterodactyls were using the restroom, but I couldn't hear because the pee is silent.

The pterodactyls were using the restroom when they snuck up, but I couldn’t hear them because the pee is silent. Is that joke funny, or am I getting carried away here?

This was at the always fun Thursday Night Social Run. It was just unfortunate that the dinos were everywurrrr!

After this run I was definitely dino-sore.

After this run I was definitely dino-sore.

Though it got a little hairy scaley, in the end we all made up.

The tyrannosaurus is cool, but I prefer his smarter cousin the thesaurus.

The tyrannosaurus is cool, but I prefer his smarter cousin, the thesaurus.

Big shout out to @sojomy for the pictures!!! If you want to see all of them, just check out the TNSR FACEBOOK PAGE. And give em a ‘like’ why don’t ya?

Other than that, I’ve been sticking to the training plan. Mileage is ramping up. The Texas summer is hot. But I’m hanging in there. Here’s last week’s weekday runs…

Kid and Playground.

Kid and Playground.

Give me all the food!

Give me all the food!

I've got the whole sun in my hands. The whole sun in my hands...

I’ve got the whole sun in my hands. The whole sun in my hands…

I'm either wringing sweat or urine out of my shorts.

I’m either wringing sweat or urine out of my shorts.

That was a hawt one! Fo realz...I'm not lion.

That was a hawt one! Fo realz…I’m not lion.

As you can see, I’m pretty regular with updating MY INSTAGRAM. I’m also trying to keep up on MY TWEETER. Check them out if you want to stay more up to date. Or don’t, no big whoop.

Stay tuned for more updates, selfies and puns!!!

How bout you? Every been chased by something scary? Did I miss any pun opportunities…or are they oppuntunities? Do you ever play cards in the jungle?…If they’re not a lion, they’re a cheetah…amiright?


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Key West Half Marathon or Bust!

Things have been hectic, per usual. This time it’s as I prepare for sunny Florida and the Key West Half Marathon.

Can't wait to be 90 miles from Cuba again.

Can’t wait to be 90 miles from Cuba again.

I gotta tell ya, it couldn’t come at a better time. The weather around North Texas has been, shall we say, less than stellar. Cold, Rainy, Windy. I’m over it. Hard to run in this garbage regularly without going mental.

What's been staring me in the face on my 6am runs.

What’s been staring me in the face on my 6am runs.

Despite the conditions, I’ve continued to stick to the plan – and by plan, I mean not skipping any runs/workouts. My last “long” run was this past weekend with WRRC. We went all over Dallas. Totaling over 15 miles, at a decent pace. Hopefully this means I’ll be in decent shape for the race!

IMG_2678 So there ya go. Next stop: beaches, boats, bars, & ballads. I’ll try to keep up with the blog, but if not, you can always find me posting nonsense on my Instagram. Stay tuned for vacay/race updates!!!

How bout you? Getting your workouts in despite crummy weather? Anyone else heading to where the weather suits your clothes? Will anyone else be in Key West for the half marathon???


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How to Get Free Schtuff

If you follow my blog, or my instagram, or my tweeter, then you know that I’ve been getting some sweet birthday meals this week.

Bought by a friend.

Taco Taco (Bought by a friend)

And here’s the best part – they’ve been FREE!  Here’s how you do it:

1.) Have a friend or family member take you out for your birthday.  Repeat with others (don’t take advantage though – and never ask them to buy you food, duh, rude much)  Easy enough.

2.) Go to your fave places’ websites and register for their e-newsletter or whatever.  Come birthday month, they e-mail you all kinds of coupons and vouchers.  Print them and claim rewards!

Free Free Mahi Mahi

Free Free Mahi Mahi (voucher voucher)

You can also tweet the company and see what they say.  I was in the middle of a titter-conversation with Torchy’s Tacos and when it came out that it was my birthday, they sent me this:

I don't know what they're sending me, but I know I didn't buy it.

I don’t know what they’re sending me, but I know I didn’t buy it.

I can’t wait to see what I get in the mail this week!  (more on that later)

Anyways, so far I’ve gotten some tacos and some wings.  Upcoming is some ‘za and more tacos and BBQ.  It’s on.

This goes for non-food too, but I didn’t write about that because hey, I’m hungry.

Anyone else use this ploy?  Any good free meals lately?  Any other ideas to get some?


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Run Without Music, Get Faster

Yup, it’s true.  And there’s proof, but I’ll get to that.  First let me say that over the past year or so, I’ve noticed that I’m more and more likely to run without my music.  In fact, on Saturday I decided for a 9 mile loop around White Rock Lake.  I parked my car, got my shoes tied, put on my headphones and started off.  But then I turned right around and threw the headphones back in the car.  It just seemed too distracting.  Yes, my music was too distracting.

Back a few years ago, I would’ve NEVER run without my tunage.  In fact, whenever I see a race that doesn’t allow headphones, I’m all like, “Yeah right, try and stop me!”  I understand it’s a safety thing for the race, but the way I figured it, I’ve done all my training runs with music and was able to avoid getting hit by another runner or a car or whatever.  Also, I’d done all my training runs with music and was going to race with music.

That distraction is also why I made my first marathon the Disney one.  I wanted my mind to not be on my pain.  And I knew that Disney being Disney that they would go all out…and they do!  Besides the sights running through the different theme parks, they also have characters, props, bands, cheerleaders, comedians, volunteer fans, giant puppets, videos, fireworks, tons of other runners, funny signs, celebrities, bright colors, shiny things, gospel choirs, robots, and tons and tons of fans cheering for you along the way.  Buuuut, when I did the marathon for the 3rd time this past January, after a while I ended up ripping the headphones out of my ears as the music on top of all the other stuff going on was really distracting me.  My head was all over the place.

So all that said, what am I getting at?  Well I just read an article that a study was done on runners in a ten mile race.  They found that the beginners and the slower runners tended to be distracted more easily.  They were more inclined to listen to music, look at the sights they were passing, etc. etc. etc.  The more seasoned and the faster runners all tended to be focused on their bodies and how they felt.  They were constantly thinking about their form, breathing, pace, posture, stride, foot strike, etc. etc. etc.

And I’ve noticed that the more I run, the more I am thinking about all that stuff too.  I’m constantly monitoring my body during a run.  And like I said, I’m less distracted by my surroundings.  In fact, on my run around the lake, about 5 miles in I realized that I hadn’t even glanced at the beautiful views of the water.  I hadn’t been looking at the mansions overlooking the lake.  I hadn’t been doing anything but think about how my body was feeling with each step and adjusting to that.

Not to say that I’m perfect.  I still like reading the funny signs during a race.  I still sometimes listen to my tunes…which can help pump you up when you start to bonk.  I still like to take in the surroundings – especially during a destination run, just not as much as before.  I can do the real sightseeing afterward.

It not only goes for running – have you ever seen people at the gym with their phones.  It drives me nuts.  I always leave my phone in the locker.  Can’t people take an hour without texting, facebooking, tweeting?  Recently I saw my friend at the gym on the elliptical…she was texting or whatever, NONSTOP.  I didn’t even say “Hi” cause I was so put off.  She was NOT getting a good workout.  She didn’t even notice that I was right in front of her.  Sheesh.  Her pace was so slow and uneven because she was so focused on her phone.  I see it all the time, people do a set, then text for 10 minutes, then do another set, then text, repeat and repeat.  That’s not a very effective workout.

Whatever happened to the zen of exercise?  That’s another reason to run without an electronic tether.  Just get out there and use your workout as a zone out therapy.  Learn to focus your mind, you’ll be better off for it.  I know a lot of people carry their phones for safety reasons when they run, and I may start doing that too soon, but now I don’t.  That’s why I don’t have photos from every run/workout I do.  That’s just one more distraction from your workout if you have to stop in the middle of it to take an Instagram.  Sure, there are times when I see unique stuff and would like to record it, but sometimes it’s just as good to have your own personal memories.  It is your workout afterall.  Like on the lake this weekend I saw a pack of unicyclers riding around.  Yup, I did, but you’re going to have to take my word for it.

And think about this, elite runners never run with them.  Sure, they’ll get pumped up before a race by jamming out, but during the race they have to focus.  In fact, I saw a elite buddy of mine on the lake this weekend too.  He just qualified for the Olympic trials in the marathon.  And he was cruising along pretty fast with a small group of dudes, and none of them had headphones on.  As we slapped hands when he passed, it did also occur to me that they’d be running for a lot less time than I would that day – even if they were running a further distance.

Maybe if I keep running without distractions and focused on my form, then I’ll be able to finish faster too.  Anyway, that’s my two cents today.  If I can find that article about the study, I’ll post a link for it later.


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