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Weekend Recap: Running, Hockey & Yoga, Oh Myyy!

We FINALLY got some cooler weather in North Texas.  The funny thing is that I didn’t even know we were getting it.  I have a really bad habit of thinking that tomorrow’s weather is going to be exactly like today’s.  And on Friday when I went to lay out my running gear for the next morning, it was shoes, socks, shorts, tank top.  When I got up at 5 something, I decided to check the weather.  The temps had taken a massive plummet.  It was in the low 40’s!  Did not expect that!  So I had to scramble to find my long sleeve gear, headband, gloves, etc.  Lesson learned:  Always check the forecast!

The cooler temps helped the run though.  I felt pretty springy.  I was only doing 9 miles for my Disney Dopey Challenge Training, per my Hal Higdon Sched.  I met up with my Project Run 214 peeps, and we knocked out the miles pretty smoothly!

I unofficially backtracked the plan, but it officially started 5 weeks ago.

Week 6 of 18 Done!

Sunday called for Cross Training, so I took a much needed yoga class.  I was able to stretch my bod out a bit, while also clearing my head, and building some strength.  I always feel better after yoga, just like after a run.

Other than that, we took advantage of the nice weather and opened the windows of the house and took the rugrats to the park to play.  Oh, and Griffin had his final class of his introductory Hockey class, designed by Mike Modano.

I know they're supposed to look menacing in their gear, but come on, look at him!

I know they’re supposed to look menacing in their gear, but come on, look at him!

This class they didn’t allow the kids to use any “crutches”.  In the previous classes they had these geezer-walker looking things that they could use to help balance on their skates.  As I anticipated, the kids didn’t need them at all!  It’s amazing what you can do if you remove the easy way out.  Those little rookies were skating all over.  Of course they fell a lot, but all that matters is they kept getting back up!  Here’s a video from my smarty phone of Grif trying to figure it out:

Luckily, little kids are made of rubber, so they can afford to fall over and over without getting hurt!  I’ve only ice skated a handful of times, and only played hockey once.  I was in Maine, and my good friend there was coaching a team, so he let me play with them in their practice.  Did I mention it was a little kid’s hockey team?  Those kids were half my size, but could all skate like Michelle Kwan!

AS long as I stand still, I won't fall.

AS long as I stand still, I won’t fall.

My friend checking me into the boards...and taking great pleasure in it!

My friend checking me into the boards…and taking great pleasure in it!

Anyways, on to week 7 of training!  I’ve got 37 miles to run this week, and I’m glad that it will be in cooler weather!

What have you got this week?  How’s your weather?  Can you ice skate?

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