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Runnin Past Celebrity Mansions & Pool Party

This weekend I met up with the White Rock Running Co-op for a “Run My Hood” run.  One of the members hosted a long run from their house…which happened to be right by a lot of the fancy pants mansions here in Dallas.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

I didn’t have my photography device with me on the run, but trust me, these mansions were huuuuuuuuge!    Massive.  Of some of the famous people’s homes I saw were Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, and G. W. Bush.  Not sure who all else we passed, but when you see a house with it’s own football stadium (complete with scoreboard) in it’s side yard, then you know they’ve made some dough.

Anyway, I got in 7-8 miles on this steamy Texas morning.  And afterwards we cooled off with a little pool party!

Stop looking at me swan.

Stop looking at me swan.

It was a great way to see a part of the city that I normally don’t hang out in (Come on Dirk, invite me over!).  And of course we got to run with some cool peeps and then celebrate after.  I love celebrating the small things.  We should all do that more often.

How bout you?  Ever run past mansions or famous homes?  Ever celebrate little things?  Which is better – shampoo or conditioner?  Who got that last reference?


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