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I Nancy Kerriganed My Own Knee

As we begin these Winter Olympics, we also are upon the 20 year anniversary of when Olympian skater Nancy Kerrigan had her knee get whacked by an attacker.

To honor that anniversary, I apparently thought it would be a good idea to recreate the event…on myself.

Last week we had some nice weather, and I was getting the running itch after my couple week rest from the Dopey Challenge.  So I threw on the ole runnin jorts and hit the road.  About a half mile into it I saw some old abandoned railroad tracks.

Now, I’m a lover of history, and a little way down these tracks is where the first train robbery in Texas had happened back in the 1800’s.  I’d visited to the spot several times (the even host a 5k there).  But I was heading the other way.  I did because I know it leads to the site of where an old Native American attack occurred on some of the first settlers there.  Thought I might check that out.

But I also knew that a little down the tracks, a portion had been removed and was now a dirt path that leads to some paved trails.  Thought it would make for a nice run.  Wrong.

Let me preface this next part by saying that I have NEVER fallen on a run.  Ever.  I know I’m in the minority there…or I was…

As soon as I got on the tracks, I realized it wasn’t a good running surface.  I decided to get off of them.  But about 4 steps in, my feet got tangled in a circular metal wire that was in the overgrown grass on the tracks.  I knew I was going down.  I landed hard.  I knew instantly that something was wrong with my knee.  I looked and it had graciously broken my fall…on a big rock.

Both knees and hands were bleeding.  My shoulder hurt.  My whole body felt on fire.  I knew it was the adrenaline from the unexpected hit.  I laid on the tracks for several minutes holding my knee, not able to move.  Now mind you, I was only a few feet from a busy road.  Why did nobody stop to check on the motionless body on the abandoned train tracks?  Maybe they were scared of what they’d find.

Anyway, after the adrenaline wore off, I was able to slowly get up and slowly walk back.  I got cleaned up and drove home.  Spent the night icing and elevating.  The next morning I woke to find my knee was replaced by a flesh colored grapefruit.

One of these knees is knot like the other.  PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

One of these knees is knot like the other. PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

I iced and elevated the next few days and the swelling mostly went down.  It feels better every day, but I haven’t had it checked out yet.  Going to monitor it a bit more.  I’ve been able to walk OK, but it is stiff.  It is a tad tender to the touch at the point of impact.  I don’t have full range of motion yet.  I’m pretty positive that nothing is torn or broken.  I’m hoping it was just like a big charlie horse.

Anyway, since then we’ve had a nasty little cold front come through, and we even got some snow!  So I’m glad I have an excuse for not running right now!  To be continued…

Do you have any embarrassing good unfortunate fall stories?  Would you stop if you saw a body on the tracks?  Do you have any professional diagnosis?



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Destination Running: San Antonio, TX

So while I was in San Antonio over the weekend winning a couple Emmys (see how I snuck that in there?), I was able to stick to my Dopey Challenge training schedge and squeeze in a run.

Emmy #6!  I'd like to thank the Academy, etc. etc.

So grateful for Emmy #6! I’d like to thank the Academy…

If you’ve never been to San Antonio, it’s a pretty cool town.  Lots of history there.  Of course, you know about the Alamo…

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

Looking for the basement at the Alamo.

But did you know that there are several other “Alamo-style” missions from the same time period around the city?  Probably not, because they didn’t have big battles like this one did.  I looked into running a route that would take me to them all, but it would’ve been too far for me in the short amount of time I had.

I also thought about running around the city proper, as there are plenty of historical landmarks all over the place.  Including this old church….

San Fernando Cathedral - they say the oldest building in Texas.

San Fernando Cathedral – they say the oldest building in Texas.

That church above even hosts the burial tomb of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, among others.  So there’s plenty of stuff like that to see around the city.

But instead, I decided to run along the River Walk.  What is the River Walk?  It’s probably one of the coolest features of the city.  The San Antonio River flows about a story below the city streets.  It’s lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops.  There ain’t a lot of room on the sidewalks, because all that stuff in the previous sentence are right on top of it!  Click on the link earlier in this paragraph for better info and pics, but here’s a quick one I snapped…

Don't worry if you fall in, it's not deep much.

Don’t worry if you fall in, it’s not deep much.

For my run, I needed to get in 7 miles.  I did so on a Sunday at 7:30 a.m.  Not many tourists on the river walk that early, which is good, because like I said, sidewalks are skinny as a 4 year old.  Buuuuut, there were several several runners, which colored me surprised and happy.  I don’t think they were all visitors to the city, I think most were locals.  That’s cool.  I’m glad I got to run a popular local spot.

Tour boats boating tourists on tours.

Tour boats boating tourists on tours.

Anyway, since we were below the city and under several trees, bridges, overpasses, etc. my gps watch was having a Charles Dickens of a time tracking me.  But I knew about how long it would take me to run that far, so I switched my watch to “elapsed time” and kept on going.  I was very pleased to learn that it went for several miles.  I was able to get my out and back 7 total miles in no problemo!

My only regrets were that 1) I didn’t have a picture taking device on me, and 2) I was running and could stop to really experience all that I passed.

Here’s why – I passed by tons and tons of artwork, historical landmarks, and other cool things like waterfalls and grottos.  Since it was a few miles away from the heart of the touristy area, most people never walk that far.  They, like me, probably have no idea all that stuff exists.  I just wish I was able to stop and check it all out.  But experiencing it with passing glances will have to do for now.

All in all, a cool place to run!!!

What about you?  Ever been to San Antonio?  Did you find your bike in the Alamo?  Where’s a cool place you ran while on a trip?

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