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Social Running

So like most every Thursday you’ll find me running with a great group of folks.  The cleverly titled group name is: Thursday Night Social Run.  Here’s why I like to run with them.

After a recent run.  Didn't want to get my shirt sweaty.

After a recent run. Didn’t want to get my shirt sweaty.

1.)  I did an experiment last week.  I ran one day by myself and tried to go at a good pace.  My pace was good, but I had to struggle a bit to do it.  Then a couple days later I ran with TNSR and tried to go at a good pace.  Not only was my pace faster, but it was more effortless.  Conclusion:  running with others makes running easier.  Do it.

We're totally lit.

We’re totally lit.

2.)  The folks in charge really care about the runners.  They are always getting us discounts at stores and bars and food places.  And they work to make each run fun!  You never know what surprises they have planned any given week.  Keeps it interesting.

3.)  Did I mention the discounts?  Who likes to pay full price for tacos and beer?  Not I.  We also get a standing discount at the Tri Store.  Why do these companies welcome us with open arms and give us free stuff and discounted stuff?  Now I’m not business expert, but if I managed a store and each week had the opportunity to welcome 50-100 potential customers for a short event at minimal/no cost to me, I think I’d dang sure take advantage of it!

4.)  After we run, we have social fun.  Beer is always an option for the post run festivities.  It’s like a sweaty happy hour.

If I could just be serious for a minute...I'd ruin less photos.

If I could just be serious for a minute…I’d ruin less photos.

5.)  The runners and folks in charge are loyal to the group.  And why not?  It’s a bunch of like-minded people who want to to something healthy and enjoyable.

6.)  With a large group of runners comes a large range of per mile paces.  This is good cause you’re pretty much guaranteed to have someone to run with.  This is very valuable to me.  I had run at some other smaller social runs the past year, and more often than not, I was alone.  I’m not the fastest guy in the world, but at many of these runs I was out in front all by myself.  How is that social?  With this group, there is no chance of that happening to me.

7.)  Friends.  You make friends and contacts.  Why would it be surprising that like minded peeps get along?

8.)  The group has spread to other parts of our lives.  People get together for races, drinks, brunch, or whatever.  That can’t be a bad thing.

9.)  We’re not afraid to be silly.  Running is fun.  Life is fun.  Why not take advantage?

Group pyramids are an important part of our cool down process.

Group pyramids are an important part of our cool down process.

10.)  It’s a good example for others.  When people see us, they ask about the group.  So many people join us just from seeing us and seeing the good times we exercisers are having.  Spreading the fitness message always makes me happy.

So that’s it in a quick nutshell that wasn’t too hard to crack.  If you have a fun social running group near you, I say try ’em out.  It’s always better to run with others.  You learn from them.  You become a better runner.  And check this idea – when you are on a trip, research local running groups and see about joining them for a trot.  I did that in NYC last summer.  it. was. dope.  I met with a group of really cool folks and we went for a run through Central Park.  That was an unexpected bucket list item checked off right there, I tell you!

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