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The Runners’ Stinky Co-Pilot

Sometimes I get bored on my commutes.  If you follow my Instagram, then you probably know this.  Cause I sometimes do silly things when sitting at a red light.

You can see the reflection of the red light in my shades.

You can see the reflection of the red light in my shades.

Besides playing with my camera phone, I also think about things.  Recently I thought about this…

Several years ago I was lining up at the start of a 5k race.  A dude in front of me was wearing a shirt with stuff written on the back.  It was a list of things that only a runner would understand.  One of the things listed was ‘a separate hamper for running clothes’.  Ha, I don’t know why that stuck in my head all these years, but I can certainly relate!

I definitely have a separate hamper, and it don’t always smell so fresh.  And now that we’re moving in to summer, the clothes that go into it are sweatier and it’s smelling less fresh.

Sweaty clothes = Free smells

Sweaty clothes = Free smells

And if I were to make that list of things a runner understands, I would add something else – ‘Always has a change of clothes on hand.’ 

I always keep a towel and a change of clothes in my vehicle.  It works out perfectly after a sweaty run – change shirt/shorts and then put the towel on the car seat to keep it dry.  This comes in especially handy if you’re running pals want to go grab a bite or a drink after.

Join me for a post run brew - it's ok, I changed my shirt first.

Won’t you join me for a post run brew – it’s ok, I changed my shirt first.

It also comes in handy if you get caught in a rain storm, or if you have an unplanned meet-up after work, etc. etc.  It’s just a good idea to be prepared, so do it already!

One disclaimer – Always remember to take your discarded sweaty clothes OUT of your vehicle when you get home.  Do not leave it in there overnight – or you will smell it in the morning.  And the fumes may make you get even sillier on your commute.

I wore make-up today, ain't I purdy?

I wore make-up today…ain’t I purdy?

What about you?  Do you keep a change of clothes on the ready at all times?  Do you have a separate hamper?  Anything else you’d add to the list of things runners understand?  Any make-up tips?


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