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A Pirate Looks at 40 ~ The Birthday Post

Yup, it’s my 40th birthday. Not sure how that happened. Seems like it was just the other day when I was a kid in a party store looking at all the “over-the-hill” gag items. I remember thinking that that was like a million years away. Haha, it’s a lot closer now.

Thoughts from this morning's run.

Thoughts from this morning’s run. I only received a few complaints form neighbors.

I was reading an article recently about how people tend to make major life decisions as they approach the end of a decade. For example, they said as you reach the age of 30, 40, 50, etc. you have a higher rate of suicide, or signing up for a marathon.

Well, I’d kind of like to keep on livin. So I guess I’ll choose the running option. Even though I’ve run some marathons, I’d like to run more…only faster!

One of this week's runs. It's like an upsidedown deflating birthday party balloon.

One of this week’s runs. It’s like an upsidedown deflating birthday party balloon.

And yes, my birthday does fall the day after St. Pats. Which sounds cool, but in reality everyone is too worn to want to do any more partying. That’s ok though, I can kind of combine them.

Limited edition Guinness in my personalized PirateBobcat pint glass.

Limited edition Guinness in my personalized PirateBobcat pint glass.

We’ll be celebrating later, but I’m not exactly sure what the party plans are yet. But I do know this, I need a cake hat like the boy had at his birthday.

We're just a group of mouth-breathers.

We’re just a group of mouth-breathers.

The good news is that I’m now in a new racing age group! Hopefully I can be competitive!

In addition, it was pointed out that my Boston Qualifying Standard is a little slower now! Woo hoo! Now I only need to run a 3:15 marathon! That means I just have to run my 10k pace for for 42k…….er, uh, wait. I guess I have some work to do!

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

You have to be fast as a bearded unicorn to qualify.

I’ll leave you now with this. It’s some lyrics from the song that’s been stuck in my head all week:

Yes, I am a pirate two hundred years too late
Cannons don’t thunder there’s nothin’ to plunder
I’m an over forty victim of fate
Arriving too late, arriving too late

-Jimmy Buffett from “A Pirate Looks at 40”

How bout you? Any milestone birthdays coming up/just passed? Did you get me anything? Ever run in your birthday suit on your birthday?


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Shhh, My Secret Race!

So I’ve got a secret. I’ve been keeping it close to my vest (side note, I also started wearing vests). Here it is: I’ve been secretly training for a race.

I hadn’t registered for said race until just this week, but I’ve been eyeballing it from a distance. It’s the Dallas 13.1 half marathon. I ran this race two years ago and set a PR.

It was called the Allstate Dallas 13.1.

In all black like a villain robbing time and bling!

This race has the best half marathon course of any race I’ve done in Dallas. And since I did well last time, and since the weather will hopefully be cool, and since I have a ton of friends running it, and since I’m healthy and in decent shape, those are the reasons I chose this race.

This year's bottle opener medals. Funny cause Mich Ultra is a twist off. Maybe I can cover up the logo with a a proper Guinness one.

This year’s bottle opener medals. Funny cause Mich Ultra is a twist off.

It used to be sponsored by Allstate, but now it’s presented by Mich Ultra. To be honest, I’m no fan of Mich Ultra. I personally want a beer with some flava. Like a proper Guinness. Maybe I can cover up the gigantor Mich Ultra logo on my medal with a Guinness one…

My other issue with this race is that it is officially called the “Michelob ULTRA Dallas 13.1 Marathon”. Catchy title, eh? My issue is that they call this half marathon a ‘marathon’. What the wha? I have zero clues as to why they are calling a half marathon a marathon. Not cool. Not to mention the fact that ULTRA is in the title, implying that it’s an ultra marathon.

Anyways, back to my secret training…It’s been all about them miles.

Long run, Trail Run, Weekday Run...Not even halfway through Oct and already at 70 miles for the month!

Track work, weekday run, trail run, long run…Halfway through October and already at 74 miles for the month! Woot Woot!

I haven’t been following any specific plan. My main goal was simply to increase my weekly mileage. I’ve also been doing some speed and hill work, but mainly I’m all about the miles this time around. If you read my weekend recap then you know I put in 25ish miles – much further than the 13.1 I’ll be racing. I hope this strategy helps.

They say you hit the wall at the point of your previous long run. So I hope that by running 15-16 mile long runs will delay the wall in a 13.1 mile race. Legs Fingers crossed!

How bout you? You have any secrets to share? Are you also offended that they’re calling this 13.1 race a ‘marathon’. Do you train by running further than the race distance?


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Birthday Runs & Tacos Addiction

The day after St. Patrick’s Day is my berfday.  Always has been.  Which is kind of bitter sweet.  Sweet in the fact that it’s so close to one of the biggest parties of the year.  Bitter because the day after St. Pat’s, not too many people want to party (many are hungover).  But I can’t do nuthin about it, so I try to make the best of it!

I celebrated with a Guinness in my personalized glass, along with the 4 leaf clover plant my wife got me!

Bring me luck please!

Bring me luck!  #please #luckyclover #andluckyguinness

I seem to always go for a run on my bday and that didn’t change this year.  And to keep the birthday week going, I did another run today.

And look out competitors in my age group – I did hill repeats for the first time this season.  Hill repeats are basically the beginning of speed work, and soon I’ll be moving back to the track.  #Yeehaw!

Other than that, I’ve been taking full advantage of birthday meals this week.  So far I’ve had three taco meals.  I took a photo of two of em.  (I scarfed down the third before I could snap a pic.)

That's an Independent and a Dirty Sanchez from Torchy's Tacos.  Honestly, that's their names.  #veggie

That’s an Independent and a Dirty Sanchez from Torchy’s Tacos. #Honestly #that’stheirnames #veggietoo

Mahi Mahi was so Goodi Goodi. #Iknowit'sasteak #youputthepartsinsoftcorntortillas #tomakeataco

Mahi Mahi was so Goodi Goodi. #Iknowit’samahisteak #youputthepartsinsoftcorntortillas #tomakeataco

I still have a few days left in my birthday week, and I have some more stuff planned.  #willkeepyouposted

How bout you?  Anyone doing hill and/or track work?  What’s your birthday meal?  Am I using hashtags correctly?  Anyone want to celebrate with me the day After St. Patty’s Day next year? #i’llbeyourfriend

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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I love Ireland and the Irish.  I love Guinness.  I love Irish music and food.  My favorite color is green.  So needless to say, I love this holiday.

I'd be a giant in leprechaun village.

I’d be a giant in leprechaun village.

I have been to Ireland thrice, twice of which was on St. Pat’s Day.  Those are some good times, my friend.

My St. Pat’s weekend this year kicked off with a 5am run.  I met some friends and we cruised to an easy 7-8 miles, followed by a mimosa 1 mile fun walk – it was St. Pat’s after all.

I'm checking my watch, and yup, it is 6ish AM.

I’m checking my watch, and yup, it is 6ish AM.

I was on daddy daycare duty (and doodie) this weekend, so I wasn’t able to go to the big shindig with all my peeps.

Playing firefighter selfie.

Playing firefighter selfie.

I was however, able to make it to one of the big St. Pat concerts – Graceland Ninjaz.  It’s basically Elvis singing cover songs.  It’s fun.  I was actually in one of their music videos last year.  I played a ninja, coincidentally.

In between takes with some "Felvis" dancers (female Elvis).

In between takes with some “Felvis” dancers (female Elvis).

We had some wicked storms blow in the early evening that day, and I thought the show might be cancelled, but then we got a St. Patrick’s Day miracle.  The skies cleared and delivered us a double rainbow!

But what does it mean?!?!

Turns out I was the pot o’ gold at the end of the double rainbow after all.  But what does it mean?!?!

The show was on!  It was a fun time!  I’m friends with most of the people in the band, and so they brought me on stage for a bit so I could perform some of my sweet dance moves to titillate the crowd.

On stage open mouth selfie.

On stage open mouth selfie.

Back up for Elvis!

Back up for Elvis!

The next morn we were supposed to do a trail run, but it was too muddy.  So I met my runnin buds for power yoga at Lululemon.  Afterwards we went across the street to Starbucks.

Starbux selfie!

Starbux selfie! Why am I always in back?

Now I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life.  So I don’t make it to Starbucks much.  But I wanted to try the turkey bacon egg sammich that Run Salt Run goes on and on about.

Salt made be do it.  I'm a sucker to peer pressure.

Salt Gal made be do it. I’m a sucker to peer pressure.

It was purdy tasty!  Thanks Salt!  However I think I pissed off the line of coffee zombies behind me when I ordered my sandwich and tea.  I’m sorry I held you up, but their system of cup sizes cornfuzed me!  Sheesh!  Like I said, it had been years since I’ve been in one of those shops.

Anyways, it was a nice lil weekend there.  And today is the actual St. Patrick’s Day, so I will celebrate with a pint o’ the black stuff in my custom etched Guinness glass that I’ve been saving for today.

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Another thing to love about this holiday – it doubles as my birthday eve.   Yay me!

How bout you?  How was your weekend?  Do anything special for St. Pats?  Ever been to Ireland?  Did I take too many selfies this weekend?

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Early Run, Longhorns, & Guinness

I did end up getting pretty early this morning for my 7 mile Dopey Challenge Training run.  I heard some rain sprinkling on the roof, and it was tempting to get back in the warm bed, but I knew I had to hustle because I had an early shoot today…but I’ll get to that.

Didn’t see many people on the roads this morning.  It wasn’t cold due to the 90+ percent humidity and 70 degree temps, but I did get caught in a few sprinkles.  I can handle sprinkles.  I was tired, but cruised along.

I wanted to give myself a treat on the run by stopping at a water fountain at a park I like to run through.  Some treat, eh?  Well, I didn’t even get it because the city has decided to turn it off.  They do this for the winter so no pipes burst, but come on, it ain’t close to feeling like winter around here!

After the run, I hustled to my shoot – which was a Longhorn Cattle Drive.  Yes, I live in Texas.  It was fun, and I think it will turn out to be a decent little video.  And oh yeah, this happened:

Howdy pardner.  You like my ride?

I won’t lie, it was an udderly fantastic experience…no bull.

That bad boy weighs 2200 lbs.  All on a grass diet.  See, just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you still don’t have to watch what you eat!

Anyway, two more workouts tomorrow (4 mile run, then weights) before we get to celebrate Halloweenie!  I’ll be stomaching the endless night of doorbell ringing by putting some good stuff in my stomach, held by my new precious…

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Last night the Guinness reps were in town with their newly redesigned pint glasses.  They also had a dude on hand to etch our names on them.  I got PirateBobcat put on it, obviously.  I’ve been to the brewery in Dublin, Ire three times.  Love the stuff.  And I do believe it’s good for my running.  But that’s another story.

What would y’all get etched in your own pint glass?  Keep in mind that the limit is 2 lines, 8 characters on each line.  Is there an animal you’d like to take a ride on?

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Disney Dopey Run Training Week 3

So week three Dopey Challenge training is in the books!  And people who run around here really lucked out cause the weather dropped for a couple days.  Instead of being 85% humidity combined with the extreme Texas heat, we had a stretch of 60 degree temps in the mornings!!!  It was still humid, but man did it feel great to be out there in cooler temps.  I felt like a whole new runner!

The weekday runs and workouts were still hot, but I got through them no problemo.  In fact, I ran one of my evening runs at near my 5k pace of 7:00 min miles – cooler temps + being around some fast runners were the reasons me thinks.  The weekend came though and I was glad for the cooler temps.  My schedule called for a short 3 miles on Saturday and 11 miles on Sunday.  3 sounded silly, so I did 4, then went to an hour of yoga.  Afterwards a group of old friends got together for a mini reunion of sorts, where I did enjoy their company and also a few Guinnesseseses.

I guess some of my friends were glad to see me.

I guess some of my friends were glad to see me.

I’m glad to report that the health benefits claims of Guinness must be true, because I woke up early for my 11 miler and handled it pretty well.  Like I said, the cooler temps helped too!

Anyway, that’s all I got right now.  More than enjoying this rest day and get back at it tomorrow!

Peace out internet!

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Race Recap: The Beer Mile

So I did my first beer mile.  First off, let me say that this was mostly a fun social race, as opposed to an official one.  The timers were people holding iPhones.  The course was not exactly 1/4 mile, but it was pretty darn close.  And from what I understand, we may not have followed all the rules.  Supposedly you’re supposed to all drink the same beers from their bottles.  Not sure if that is true, but we didn’t do that anyways.  It was BYOB, and most people had Mich Ultra, Miler Lite, or the like.  I had Guinness.  This surprised many people and they said I was crazy, but I saw it as an advantage.  It’s less carbonated than those fizzy light beers, it tastes better when it’s not ice cold unlike those other brews, it has a little less alcohol too, and since it takes time to settle I had them poured into red Solo cups.  Drinking from a cup helped me too cause there’s more surface area for air to touch the beer and help add pressure to help push it out of the cup and into my mouth.  Trust me, I’m a scientist (no I’m not).

I also had a “pit crew” whom I relied on to have the beer waiting for me after each lap.  She not only poured the beers while I was on the previous lap, but could hand them to me – easier than searching for it on a table of a bunch of other beers.

BTW, I guess I need to explain what a Beer Mile is.  You drink a beer, run a quarter mile, repeat until you reach one mile.  I was fortunate enough to come in 2nd place – beating several runners who are much faster than I.  I think my strategy of drinking Guinness helped.  Plus I did a two mile warm up run to get loose.  I ended up finishing in 9 mins 49 secs.  Not bad!

A trophy, yay!

A trophy, yay!

Here’s the breakdown:  Beer one, everyone pretty much chugged em down pretty fast and we were off and running.  My plan was to keep a steady pace and not go out too fast.  Just like any race, there are always the majority of folks who go too fast at the start and struggle at the end.  Negative splitz is the goal!  Indeed people went all out the first lap.  I finished in somewhere near 10th place.  Then came the second beer – all the sprinters were gasping for air and the cold fizzy beers went down very slowly.  I still had control of my breath and was able to down mine pretty quickly.  From that point on I was in 2nd place.  I wasn’t able to catch the super speedy dude ahead of me and nobody else could recover after the first lap to catch me.  I hear there was a barfer or two, and some people had to drop out.  But everyone who competed is still a champ!

It was not an easy race.  Lots of people complained about being hard to run with full bellies.  I lucked out on my 3rd and 4th laps because I was so full I didn’t think I could run anymore, but after a few bouncy steps….BEEELLLCHHH!  Apparently chugging a beer, when you’re already huffing and puffing, traps a lot of air in your belly.  Who knew?  After the burps, I was back to my pace.  Funniest moment came when I was trying to get those burps out – both times this guy next to me kept saying, “It’s coming up!  It’s coming up!”  I’m not sure if he puked or not, but was funny to hear him narrate it like that.

It was an interesting experience, I’ll say that much.  We even made some new friends as a baby shower that was going on at the same place asked if the mama could take her picture with us.  They said we were as much a part of the night as their own people.  I guess we were entertaining to watch.

Our group with the mom to be (hint - she's not wearing running clothes)

Our group with the mom to be (hint – she’s not wearing running clothes)

OK, off to the track.  Gotta get faster for the next one!


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Race Preview: The Beer Mile

This is something runners do apparently…even elite runners have been known to take on this challenge (much more common than I assumed).  I have never done it.  There is one tonight with Thursday Night Social Run.  I am thinking about trying it.  I’m curious how I’d do.  But let me break it down for you.

First, you drink a beer, then run a quarter mile, repeat until you reach a mile.  The first one to finish wins.  So that means you have to run fast and drink fast.

I’ve already worked out today and will want to get some extra miles in before the race so my legs won’t be fresh, but hey, it’s my first time at this kind of event so automatic PR!

I think beer choice will be key.  I could go for some glorified water (mic ultra), but I think I should drink a real beer.  I’m thinking Guinness.  Now I know some people think of Guinness as a meal, and it can be but I like it.  I find it smooth and much less carbonated than other beers.  I think the lower the carbonation, the better for this race.  And I have won a couple Guinness chugging contests, so that could come in handy.  Now sprinting a quarter after doing so, that’s another story.

And besides…..

If a sign says it, it must be true!

If a sign says it, it must be true!

The other key will be drinking it from a cup, because if you try to drink from a can or bottle, not enough air gets in there fast enough to push the liquid into your mouth.  See, I’m a scientist.  Not really.  Creative types don’t usually like sciency stuff.  BTW, don’t ask me how I know that trick, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got.  Not sure what to expect, but hopefully it will be fun!


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Running Sick and Elite Help

So apparently I’m still sick, not so that I have to take of of work, but so that I’m having a hard time being myself.  I’m tired, sore, and gots no energy.  But I’m still trying to fight through it as the Rock n Roll Half Marathon is next week.  Problem is, every time I try to run, it really saps my strength.  And I definitely am more sore and take longer to recover.  It’s crazy.  I’ve had a hard time finishing my last couple long runs all together.  But I’ll keep on carrying on.

St. Pats is coming up and maybe some Guinness will do me good.  It always has before.

But other than that, the peeps we’ve been training for the half marathon have been doing great.  However we wanted to offer them some extra info, and to our luck, local elite runner Logan Sherman agreed to speak to our group.

Some of these folks are training for a race.  Some are training for St. Pats Day, ha!

Some of these folks are training for a race. Some are training for St. Pats Day!

Whenever I see Logan at a race, no matter the distance, I know pretty much everyone else is running for second place. Just the other week he won the Cowtown Ultra Marathon.  But he is also about to graduate as a chiropractor.  He’s very in tune with athlete’s bodies and has certifications in all sorts of treatments like ART.  So it was very cool that he came to talk to us.  He shared lots of tips about nutrition, proper warm ups, general health, and injury prevention.  He also took the next couple hours to answer any questions we had.  Very interesting and informative.

Getting some Q&A time in.  Also, when I look at people, I don't see color.

Getting some Q&A time in. Also, when I look at people, I don’t see color.

Why do I tell you this?  Cause I think we all need to take advantage of educational opportunities that are around us.  If you’re interested in something, seek out some experts and pick their brain marbles.  You never know what you might learn and how it may help you in your endeavors.


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