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Half Marathon Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 3

Race 3 of 4 of the Dopey Challenge.  This time it was time for the Donald Duck themed half marathon.  The evening before the race, we prepared by chilling a bit at Downtown Disney.

My sis and I carbo-loading.

My sis and I carbo-loading.

Our sunny set view.

Our sunny set view.

Then came the morning and another 2am wake up call.  By now I was used to it.  I had used up all my pre-race sleep jitters before the first race (5k).  And while I still hadn’t had a full night sleep, at least I got a few hours.  And of course we took our customary pre race photo.

Sis, Me, Mom.

Sis, Me, Mom.

Still wanting to take it easy, so I wore one last costume (as you can tell).  This time it was my PR 214 tech tank with an Alice in Wonderland apron.  My friend (who looks like an elf) lent it to me the day before I left for Florida.

Knee out. Hands on hips.

Knee out. Hands on hips.

She told me she got it at Disney World when she was a little girl…so it’s probably like 50-60 years old (JK – if she read this).  She also lent me the matching dress, but I could no way in Hades get it on.  I tried, but couldn’t get the waist over my broad manly shoulders.  Nearly split it in four.  I guess costumes meant for a 6 year old girl don’t work on me.

I do like how the rabbit is chasing time - just like us runners!

I do like how the rabbit is chasing time – just like us runners!

The apron got quite the few comments and gawks.  One example during the race: a couple bros asked me if I lost a bet – I told them that it was either a result of too much medication, or not quite enough.

I'd be much faster if I ran like a normal person.

I’d be much faster if I ran like a normal person.

I also ran with the GoPro camera.  But I had forgotted to charge it the night before, so I only got a few moments of video recorded during the race.    You can see the fleeting moments here:

As you can see in the video, there was a bit of a let down at the start of our corral.  Now I won’t get into the corral complaints here, as I’m sure the runDisney folks have gotten quite the mouse earful already.  But what I wanted to bring up was that our corral got extra jacked up.  You see, Disney shoots off a pretty nice little fireworks show for each corral start – except for ours.  Something happened when the dude pushed the boom button and we got zilch sky explosions.  Bummer, bro.

But no matter, we were underway!

Follow the yellow brick road...or painted line, as it were.

Follow the yellow brick road…or painted line, as it were.

I ran the whole way with my sis.  We chatted the whole way too, further ensuring that we’d take it easy (in addy to the costumes).

I have to correct my running form.  So does she.

I have to correct my running form. So does she.

We didn’t stop for any characters, but we couldn’t pass up the Cinderella’s Castle photo op (no lines!).

As much as my arms are in the air, I hope I did have BO.

As much as my arms are in the air, I hope I didn’t have B.O.

I was looking forward to this leg of the Dopey.  I had run the Disney Marathon 3 times, but never one of their 13.1 races.  I wanted to know what it was like.

Peace homey.

I think I thought I was in 2nd place here.

But after running it, I can now say that I’m glad I run the fulls.  They didn’t have all the bells and whistles out for the half.  The course only hit up two parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot).

Half of the most magical place on Earth.

Half of the most magical place on Earth.

The lights of the castle weren’t even on.  The people who run the half really do miss out on all the action of the full – but I guess that’s part of the reward for the people who are more than half crazy???

Catchin flies.  Schwetty shorts.

Catchin flies.

Anyways, it was pretty warm and humid.  So the apron and everything else got nice and sweaty (if Elf reads this – we did wash it after).  I’m really glad we didn’t have this weather for the full!  It was swampy!

Put the guns away already!

Put the guns away already!

Once again, the race started and ended in the Epcot parking lot.  The crowds of supporters were bigger than the day before (10k), which was bigger than the day before (5k).

No mid race selfie for you!  Battery is dead bro!

No mid race selfie for you! Battery is dead bro!

But once again, I was trying to go for a personal worst (PW).  This was the 3rd of 4 legs of the Dopey Challenge and the 1st of 2 legs of the Goofy.  And once again I succeeded!

I must've run the entire way with my hands in the air.  Sheesh.

I must’ve run the entire way with my hands in the air. Sheesh.

We finished at 2 hrs 17 mins.  A near 30 minutes slower than my previous half (1:48).  Just a nice easy medium-long run.

And at the finish, I did a little high step dance, but I couldn’t get the video for y’all, but you can kind of tell from the pics.

Sideways high steppin.

Sideways high steppin.

Anyways, we enjoyed the journey and Disney does make a fine race medal!

Thumbs up, finally arms down.

Thumbs up, finally arms down.

So now we’re 3 races down, with just one to go – the full 26.2 mile marathon!

Family reunion time.

Family reunion time.

The only scary thing was that people started to point out that even though we’d finished 3/4 races, we hadn’t yet reached halfway of the total mileage!!!!!  We wouldn’t reach that until a few miles into the full.  I wish nobody had pointed that out.

You can lick the medals if you want.  One of the benefits.

You can lick the medals if you want. One of the benefits.

So there you go.  We are now 1/2 Goofy and 3/4 Dopey.  One (big) race to go to complete the challenges!!!

***Side note – I saw a really funny race shirt that day – it read on the back, “Is this the line for Space Mountain?”  Bwhaha!****

If you missed the previous recaps, here’s the ones for the Expo, 5k, and 10k.

How bout y’all?  Ever cross dress in an ill-fitting outfit for a race?  Can you suggest a new mid-race pose other and arms up?  Should we had made fireworks sound effects when their real ones malfunctioned?

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5k Recap – Disney Dopey Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of 4 of the inaugural Dopey Challenge.  This was the 5k Family Fun Run.  It was chilly, but humid.  I was there with my mom and sis.  It was early.  The 2 am alarm clock did not allow for much sleep – especially since I kept tossing and turning afraid we’d miss the alarm.  I also couldn’t shut my mind off while struggling to figure out which outfit to wear for this race (a manly problem, I know).

Sis, mom, me.  Before the race.

Sis, mom, me. Before the race.

My goal for the first 3 races was to finish with a PW (personal worst).  I wanted to save my legs for the finale of 26.2 miles in just a few days.  To remind myself to take it easy, I had brought a few outfits to wear.  You can’t take a race too seriously if you’re wearing something silly.  I decided on an old Goofy hat that I own, along with giant Disney cartoon gloves.  And of course, I had to represent my Ohio Bobcats!

The theme of the race was Pluto, but Goofy's a dog too...isn't he?

The theme of the race was Pluto, but Goofy’s a dog too…isn’t he?

I also carried a GoPro video camera to capture some of the highlights.  If you have a couple minutes, and don’t mind Blair Witch style cinematography, then you can watch the video here:

And while I wanted to get a PW, I still wanted to RUN all 4 races.  I figured part of the Challenge is to actually run, and not walk.  Save for a few photo ops.  Not that I have anything against walk/runners, but for me personally, I wanted to complete what I took to be part of the challenge – running the races.

Yes, I started and finished the race before the sun came up.

Yes, I started and finished the race before the sun came up.

The 5k started in the Epcot parking lot, and finished there too.  Basically the course took us on a lap of the park.

The warm-up runs.

The warm-up runs.

I was a tad disappointed with the lack of characters out.  They’re were a few – but the line to get a pic with Dopey was insane!!!  Luckily I got to meet up with him later on (stay tuned for that pic)!

Judging from the photos, I ran the whole race with my arms in the I don't have a care.

Judging from the photos, I ran the whole race with my arms in the air…like I don’t have a care.

I was also a tad disappointed that they didn’t have all the Disney flair going on – Like lighting up the giant torches.  This was done for a later race, however.

At the finish, next to a lady with a glorious lion mane of hair!

At the finish, next to a lady with a glorious lion mane of hair!

I was lucky to start in Corral A.  From the peeps I talked to who were in the later corrals (through E), it took a long time before they got started.  In fact, I talked to some who said people were finishing the race before they even started!  Apparently the gap between corral starts were kind of lengthy.

Bird's eye view of the finish.  Hands still in the air.

Bird’s eye view of the finish. Hands still in the air.

In the end, I reached my goal of getting a PW by about 10 minutes – 35:26.  Considering my last two 5k’s I finished right at 21:50, I’d say this result is a good job of taking it easy!!!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

All smiles at the finish photo line!

Race 1 done, 3 more to come!  3.1 miles over, 45.5 to go!  And a fun finisher’s medallion to boot!

Medal 1/6 gotten!

Medal 1/6 gotten!

This race was over quick.  Like I said, it was still dark out at the finish.  And it was good to get the race jitters out of the way.  It was weird to line up for a race that I wasn’t “racing”, but like I said – I had a plan and stuck to it!

So there you go, Dopey Challenge Race 1 Recap!  Next up will be the race 2 recap – the inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k!  If you missed my recap of the Expo, you can read it HERE.

How bout you?  Ever ran a race that you didn’t “race”?  What do you think of the Disney 5k?  Holla at me!

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Disney Dopey Challenge Week is HERE!

In just a couple days we’ll be in sunny Florida for the Disney Dopey Challenge – 5k, 10k, 13., 26.2.  This weekend’s training called for 8 miles on Saturday and cross training on Sunday.  Done and done (Sunday was a really tough yoga class).  All that’s left is 2 miles (+ weights) on Tuesday.  Then the training is done!

Let's get doped up.

Let’s get doped up.

Some exciting news – they released the official design of the race shirts…well, 4 of the 6 anyway…

I'm guessing the Dopey and Goofy shirts will have Dopey and Goofy on them, respectively.  Yup, I'm smart.

I’m guessing the Dopey and Goofy shirts will have Dopey and Goofy on them, respectively. Yup, I’m smart.

It’s time to make final preparations.  Thanks to everyone who gave me costume ideas.  I found a couple gems in my box of Halloween past.  They aren’t too exciting, as I want to keep it functional and also light, as the weather may be warm.  I’ll be sure to post photos at the race!  Be sure to check my Instagram and Twitter!

My standard Disney statue and castle photo op.

My standard Disney statue and castle photo op.

Even if you’re not going to this race, here’s a tip – DO NOT PACK YOUR RACE SHOES IN YOUR LUGGAGE! Last year, an American airline (which shall remain nameless, ha!) lost my bag for a MONTH.  Luckily it was on the way home from a race and not on the way to a race!  Keep them on with you, like they’re your little shoe babies!

My precious Brooks (and heart shaped butt sweat)

My precious Brooks (and heart shaped butt sweat), can’t run without em!

I’ll also be sure to leave room in my carry-on for all the bling!  My eyes are already looking like this…

Dopey in the sky with diamonds.

Dopey in the sky with diamonds.

Because these will be some of our rewards…

I hope to have the energy to carry these!

I hope to have the energy to carry these!

Anyway, my brain is kind of skattered trying to get everything ready.  I’m itching and ready to race!

If you care to follow my progress in real time during the races, then either follow my Twitter, or sign up for Runner Tracking through Disney – HERE.  Just enter my name – Scott Evans, and choose how you want to follow my progress.

How bout yous?  Any last minute personal tips you want to share?  How do you get ready for a destination race? 

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Dopey Challenge – To Costume or Not?

Since the Disney Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2) is only a few days away, I have a dilemma:  Should I wear a costume during the first 3 races?

I since the last race is a full marathon, I want to save as much energy for that as I can for it.  So that means NOT racing the first 3 events.  This can be hard to do – once you line up at the start, it can be difficult to fight the adrenaline and excitement and competitiveness.  But I still have hopes of PR’ing in the 26.2, so I must resist the urge to go hard the early races.

To do this, I thought about wearing costumes.  I usually wear costumes when I run in races that I just want to have fun in, to make sure I don’t take it too seriously.  Here’s a few examples…BTW, I went through a mud/obstacle race phase a couple years ago…

Fire bad!

Pirate say, “Fire arrgh bad!”

Hippie power!

Hippies love mud.


Firefighter Scott - in case of emergency.

Firefighter Scott – in case of emergency.

Can you guess which one of us is the real Santa Clause?

Can you guess which one of us is the real Santa Clause?

Updated pirate - ear ring and hook!

Updated pirate – ear ring and hook!

I went as a Parrothead for this race...and in real life.

I went as a Parrothead for this race…and in real life.

So, do you think I should go for costumes?  Check a box  Yes___  No___

If yes, what should I be?  I do have some Mickey Ears and giant Mickey Gloves…

My mickey not ask about the rest of my outfit...

My mickey mitts…do not ask about the rest of my outfit…

The official themes of the races are: 5k – Pluto, 10k – Minnie, 13.1 – Donald, 26.2 – Mickey, 13.1+ 26.2 – Goofy, All 4 races – Dopey.  I could go off of those, or be more creative.  Anything Disney related goes – any character, ride, movie, etc.  Or I could be a tourist.  I also have a whole box of years past Halloween costumes to pick through.  Cross dressing is OK too. The options are endless, but we’re running short on time. 

Please, give me your ideas/suggestions for race costumes!  What’s your fav thing Disney?  Let’s brainstorm!

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Dopey Challenge Trianing Plan

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

OK, so I’ve been preparing myself the past couple months for the Dopey training.  Yes, I’ve been training for my training.  Good thing too, cause I just settled on which plan to follow and Hal Higdon is the winner!  As you can see, week 1 requires you to be able to already run 13 miles at once.  So you better have done some pre-training to be ready to do that.

Not too bad, right?

Not too bad, right?

Honestly, it doesn’t seem too bad.  Sure the back to back long runs will be tough, but they’re not as long as I thought they’d be.  I may add a little extra mileage, but maybe I should be smart and stick to the schedule as made.  After all, he’s the expert.  I settled on this plan because I’ve heard a lot of good things from several runners about following his plans before for marathons.  It’s worth a try.  Though I’m sure no plan is perfect since this is the inaugural edition of the Dopey, so if nobody’s done it, then maybe nobody knows the best way to prepare for it.  And maybe there is no best way to train.  I’m sure there are several plans that good for different people.  It’s not an exact science, after all.

True words.  It takes a lot of work.

True words. It takes a lot of work.

My only addition to his plan is I’ll continue on with my cross training during the week.  I know he has some cross training days in there, but I currently do more than that and want to continue.  I believe it is VITAL to cross train when doing distance running.  Need to keep your body strong in order to run strong.  So I’ll keep up with yoga, weight lifting, etc.  Not sure if I’m going to play soccer this fall though – I’d hate to invest in running this Dopey only to get an injury playing soccer – may have to skip a season.

Anyway, the official kickoff for this program is September 9th, 2013.  Just gotta make sure I’m ready to run 13 miles by the end of that week in addition to the other runs.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m almost to that distance on my current long run and I’m basically running 5 days a week anyway.  Here’s to hoping for a successful training season and a successful Dopey completion!!!

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Dopey and Goofy Training: 202 Days to go

I keep forgetting that part of the Dopey Challenge includes the Goofy Challenge, which is the Half and Full Marathons on back to back days.  For most people, the Goofy would be challenge enough, and I agree.  Shoot, I think every distance you race is a challenge in itself.  But when I think about the Dopey and four straight days of racing with increasing distances, I’ve kind of been glancing over the first few days as no big deal.  Yes, my plan is to take it easy and go for PW (personal worsts), the miles will still be there and they’ll end up on my legs.  Gotta remember that in my training.  Can’t overlook a single day.  Anyways, that’s the random thought I have today.

As for my workout today, I’m planning on hitting the gym (sorry gym) and then later doing another hawt track workout.  Not sure what’s planned for the track work, but I do know this…it will hurt, like it always does.  But I’ll be glad after I do it, I know that much.  Tired, but glad.

After the run, I’ve got a quick video shoot for an upcoming race.  I’ll fill you in on that soon.  Stay tuned…literally.

Peace out internet.


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Dopey Training (203 Days to Go) and Bling

Just saw that the Disney Dopey Challenge is 203 days away.  Seems like a long time, but I guess it’s really not.  Maybe it is, but I still want to start getting ready now.  Been working on getting ready the past couple months actually.  Keeping my legs tired and my body sore as much as possible.  This weekend I did a humid 8 miles with friend runners and frienemy hills.  Then it’s on to 3-4 hours of yard work.  And by yard work, believe me, it’s work.

Sunday did another 6 miles.  And that was a struggle.  A struggle because it was absolutely fabulously humid and hot!  It was disgusting.  When I finished it looked like I had jumped in a lake during the run.  I mean, my clothes were absolutely fabulously soaked.  It was disgusting.  Did I mention it was disgusting?  But I got through it.  Normally I would’ve gone to yoga after, but it was niece’s birthday day, so spent it at a community pool playing with water rug rats.- that counts as exercising, right?

Monday, back at the gym to pump up some iron…or whatever materials they use to make the heavy things in the gyms now a days.  Today, up early to run again.  It was raining, which was actually nice.  It was somewhat humid, but cloud cover is good and cool rain is good.  I rather enjoyed it.  It wasn’t pouring, but a nice steady sprinkle.  And it didn’t take me half the morning to cool my body internal temps down.  It’s always a little uncomfortable at work when I’m sweating from a morning run…even after a shower!

So it goes on and on.  But I’m feeling good so far.  Feeling strong.  Still early, I know.  But building slowly and smartly is key to avoiding injury.  I looked up the Galloway training plan for the Dopey and it’s for peeps who’ve already been running regularly for 6 months, but it starts it’s week 1 the first week of July.  So this being June, I’m already ahead of the game and the mileage that his plan starts with.  Good I think.

Anyway, I had a thought.  I googled images for the Dopey Challenge and this one of Dopey the Dwarf came up:

Dopey in the sky with diamonds.

Dopey in the sky with diamonds.

I think it’s appropriate for these race.  Here’s because:  I know it was a factor for me, so I know it was a factor for others –  The Bling!  In previous posts I’ve mentioned that when we complete this 4 days of racing, we get 6 medals.  And 6 Disney medals at that.  They don’t mess around with their medals.  And so I know some of us were thinking about all that bling and had diamonds in our eyes like Dopey.

Maybe that should’ve been a warning.  Maybe the race directors thing that being blinded by bling is a bad thing and are throwing us an underhanded dis by calling us Dopey for blindly going for it.  Maybe they secretly think this 4 days of increasing race distances will punish us for our greed.  But I don’t think so.  First off, Disney has never been accused of being anything but greedy itself…just look at the race entry fee for crying out loud!  But I’m not hatin’.  I love all things Disney, always have.  So I’m looking at it like we are getting the bling as a proper reward for completing the tough tough challenge.

203 days until we’re officially Dopey (and Blingy)!

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In Training: The Run Disney Dopey Challenge

So I did something that might be a little suspect.  It went down a couple months ago I was in North Crackalaka to run The Flying Pirate Half Marathon.  I was at the apt. of my good friend Christie, or Xty as I call her.  She has a gluten allergy and can’t drink beer, so wine it is!  After a couple glasses I get a text from my sis in Florida.  She was getting ready to join us in NC for the race, but had just done something a little suspect.  She had registered for the Dopey Challenge at Disney World.  The Dopey is a brand spankin’ new event.  It takes place during Disney’s Marathon Weekend.  It’s four straight days of racing with each day increasing the distance.  Thurs=5k Fri=10k Sat=1/2 marathon Sun=Full marathon.  She registered because she lives there, wants the challenge, and wants the bling (you get 6 crazy medals for completing the challenge).  Also, after a day and a half of being on sale, the Dopey was already 99% full.  Drats!  I had to make a choice to join her or not then and there.  It was about to sell out, but I wanted time to ponder.  No time to ponder.  Another glass of wine.  Registered!

Let's get doped up.

Let’s get doped up.

Registered.  Now time to train.  But how does one train for this?  I’ve asked several people but they usually tell me I’m on my own with that one.  Some say I should treat it like an Ultra.  The official training guru for Disney is Jeff Galloway, and he does have a plan on their web page.  I will reference it in my training, but I know his method is the run/walk one.  I want to attempt to run each race, to me that’s part of the challenge.

One thing I do know is that our bodies won’t get much recovery time between races.  So what I’ve been doing is trying to make my body sore/tired all the time to get used to it.  I’ve been basically doing two-a-days of running and weights or yoga, back to back long runs, etc.  Last week I was so drained that it was a struggle just to walk the dogs around the block, and when I got on the floor to do my foam rolling, I promptly fell asleep. On the floor.  On my foam roller.

But it’s all good.  I think my body is getting used to the constant (as can be) motion.  Already lost some extra lbs.  Adjusting my diet too to keep up with the extra energy I need.  And I think the lactic acid in my legs are getting flushed out faster so they can be ready to run again sooner.  But in reality, I haven’t started the actual training yet.  The race isn’t until January, which is good.  Gives me time to get ready.  So I’m trying to be smart about it and not do too much too quickly.  Avoiding injury is key!  But I’m wondering how my body is going to respond in a few months when I have to run 10+ miles one day, and then 20+ miles the next.

As far as training programs go, I already mentioned Galloway, which I will reference once in a while.  I’m also looking at Hal Higdon.  I think he advocates back to back medium/long runs.  So that could be useful.  I’ve also looked into the Hanson marathon method.  They never have you run more than 16 miles, but you are running almost every day and going pretty good distances each time.  Something to consider.  I will look at all of it and try to figure out a plan of attack.

I know I’m probably just telling myself what I want to hear, but I’m thinking it won’t be so bad.  I’ve been running these distances for about 5 years now.  And this past year was the first time it all felt like it was starting to click.  I’ve been injury free (mostly) for that time and I keep getting faster.  I recently read that they tell elites coming out of college that it will take them about 3 years before it clicks for them, and it makes sense.  You’d think running is just running, but it’s not. It’s a lifestyle.  You’ve got to learn to put it all together – the diet, sleep, cross training, etc. etc.  It can take a while to get it.  I still have more to learn, but I hope I’m getting it.

Good news is the 5k is not timed.  My goal will be to get a PW (personal worst).  The other races are timed, but I’m hoping to be smart about it.  I do NOT want to PR in the 10k or half marathon.  I want to keep as much in the tank as possible for the full.  It will hurt the ego and competitive spirit to run slow in a race, but it is necessary.  And I know it’s dumb, but I’m secretly hoping I can still PR in the full.  Like I said, I know that may be a dumb wish.  It would be pretty cool to PR though after three straight days of racing.  We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’ve resisted in the past using this blog as a place to post my routine workouts, but I might start doing more of that now.  Hopefully some of you others doing the Dopey can get some use out of my training posts.  And maybe some of you can offer me some advice from your own perspectives.  Runners helping runners.  There you go.

So it starts here.  I’ll recap my week.  Saturday, 7 miles then 1 hr yoga.  Sun, 7 miles.  Mon, weights.  Tues, 4 miles. Wed, weights then 5 mile track workout.  Thursday (today), weights then running around 4 miles.

Like I said, it’s Thursday.  That means evening social run.  This week we’re running from one of my fav local pubs (they always have good quality beers and it helps that I know the owners) – Rugby House.  Last week we ran from the Katy Trail Icehouse Outpost in Plano.  GREAT patio!  It’s close to 100 degrees outside in North Texas right about now, but on the patio you wouldn’t know it.  Blanked with tree shade, chilled with cold brews, and fanned by misty fans.  Though on my track workout yesterday, I definitely did know it was close to triple digits….HAWT!

That’s enough for now.  I’ll leave you with a pic from our social run last week.  Join us sometime why don’t you?

We run.  We socialize.  It's cool.

We run. We socialize. It’s cool.

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runDisney Dopey Challenge (5K, 10K, 1/2, Full)

So Disney World announced this new challenge last week – the appropriately named Dopey Challenge, cause that’s how you’ll feel doing it!  Here’s the breakdown: Thurs-5k (3.1 miles), Fri-10k (6.2 miles), Sat-1/2 marathon (13.1 miles), Sun- full marathon (26.2 miles).  Included in this is their original endurance challenge of running the half and fool marathons on consecutive days – which they call the Goofy Challenge.  Now when you complete the Goofy, in addition to the 1/2 Donald Duck and full Mickey Mouse medal, you also get a Goofy themed medal (coincidentally enough).  And if you know Disney, they go all out with their medal design and each year they change it up.  I also heard a rumor that the Goofy is having it’s 10 year anniversary, so that should be a special design too.

Medals dang near big as yo head!

Medals dang near big as yo head!

For the 5k, you get a Tres Amigos finishers medallion (it’s like a regular medal, but made of rubber).  And for the new 10k you’ll get a Minnie Mouse medal, I hear.  And for completing all four races, you’ll get an innagural Dopey medal.  That’s in addition to the 5k, 10k, 1/2, full, and Goofy medals.  So you get 6 total medals!  You also get 6 shirts.  I believe the 5k is a cotton T, but the others are long sleeved tech tees.

I am tempted by this challenge.  Funny that I’ve never really had an inkling to do the Goofy, but I’m interested in the Dopey, which includes the Goofy.  I pretty sure the 5k is not timed, so could walk it if we wanted, but I think I’d want to complete the challenge by actually running all the races.  Tho there most likely won’t be any PR’s!  From what I hear, you’ve got to take it easy on the earlier races to save everything you can to finish the final race (the 26.2).

What I am not tempted by is the starting entry fee of 500 skrilla units!  And the price will go up as time passes!  Yowzy!  Add to that the cost of travel, and it would more than cover a year’s worth of races.  But I’ve been trying to rationalize it – you get 4 race entries, 6 shirts (5 of them tech), and 6 medals.  Still doesn’t quite add up, but I guess that’s the price you gotta pay to run with the mouse.

My standard Disney statue and castle photo op.

My standard Disney statue and castle photo op.

So anyway, I’m debating registering.  My only fear of hesitating is that their similar Disneyland Dumbo Challenge (10k and 1/2 marathon) sold out in less than one day.  Not sure if this one will too, but it adds pressure.  I’m sure it will be a magical four days of running, so this will be a tough call.

OH WAIT, I HAVE A SOLUTION!!!  Anyone out there want to sponsor me???  I’ll promote your gear/cause/business/company/family/product/etc. with all my powers…blog, “celebrity” friends, twitter, facebook, Instagram, and did I mention I’m a multi-Emmy award winning TV producer???  If anyone has any extra skrilla units hanging around, feel free to send em my way!  Haha, I’d love to be sponsored by something mundane, like “Running on behalf of John Doe’s 27th birthday”, or something of the like.  Think about it you and let me know and I’ll send you my Pay Pal account!

Have a great day everyone!


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Running with Celebs

So I’m still working on organizing all my pics and vids from the Disney Marathon, so I haven’t blogged about it yet.  But looking at some other reviews of the race made me realize that we were in the presence of some celebs.  I’m not talking running celebs and elites, cause I’ve run races with plenty of them (Frank Shorter, Jeff Galloway, Bart Yasso, etc), but actual Hollywood types.  I live in the Dallas area, and don’t get to run with as many as if I lived in NYC or LALA Land, but I’ve raced with a few….and have beat them all!!!  Haha.

First was the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon a few years ago.  Troy Aikman was also in it.  My sis and I beat him by 15 seconds or so.  Yup, we’re faster than a world class athlete, lol.  Then my sister followed that race up by beating him again by a few seconds a few weeks later in another half at Cowboys Stadium.  Here’s a photo of them next to each other after finishing:

Based on running times alone, I'm athletic enough to quarterback the Cowboys.

Based on running times alone, I’m athletic enough to quarterback the Cowboys.

But Disney had pulled out all the stops and starts for the 20th anniversary of their marathon, and some running celebs wanted to be part of it.  A bunch were running the half, but Sean Astin and Drew Carey were signed up for the Goofy Challenge (Half on Saturday, Full on Sunday).  Unfortunately Sean had to pull out due to a gig.  And Drew had to pull out due to an injury.  Though being the cool guy he is, he still showed up to cheer on the runners and party with them afterwards.  Here’s a pic from when I met him a few years ago (before losing weight and taking up running).

No, my plastic novelty glasses aren't prescription.

No, my plastic novelty glasses aren’t prescription.

As for Sean, he showed his support through twitter.  He even responded to one of my tweets when I told him the hot conditions wreaked havoc with my per mile pace.  He helped put it back into perspective:

Getting Twitter celeb support, I'm officially a twit.

Getting Twitter celeb support, I’m officially a twit.

It’s a shame he wasn’t able to run, but we runners appreciate his support.  I was a little bummed because I have met the real Rudy and was hoping to get a pic with the fake Rudy.

He really was five foot nuthin, and a hundred and nuthin.

He really was five foot nuthin, and a hundred and nuthin.

Also of note, Joey Fatone ran the Goofy Challenge.  Now he’s not a runner – this was his first half and full, but he did it!  He ran in place of his injured wife and followed the Jeff Galloway walk/run method.  So needless to say, we beat him in the full – another feather in our caps…haha!  (Now if only I had use for these feathers)

It's the guy from that boy band - I think it's named - My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

It’s the guy from that boy band – I think it’s named – My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Anywaddle, I’m always glad to see celebs out there promoting running and being healthy.  I really appreciate their support of the sport, and it’s great to see how they like to run just as much as some of us!

That’s all for now because I have to go and pick up all those names I just dropped.



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