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More Miles & Smiles, More Races & Faces

It was time to get in one last weekend of miles in before my next half marathon.

So Friday I knocked out a quick 4 miler – pretty uneventful.

Saturday I banged out 14 miles. This run I met up with the White Rock Running Co-op, and a long time run bud…

My friend Ann. We ran. I ran with Ann.

My friend Ann. We ran. I ran with Ann.

My bud and I hadn’t run together in a while, and so we chatted the (exactly) 2 hours we were running. I was pretty pleased, because even with the chatting we still were able to hold an 8:30 per mile pace. I’m hoping that’s a good sign for this weekend’s race where I really want to claim a PR.

It was also good that I ran there because part of the race is going through the same part of town as this training run.


Afterwards we had tacos…naturally.

How can it be butt burnin if it's only medium heat?

How can it be butt burnin if it’s only medium heat?

Then it was on to the boy’s soccer game. Sadly, my coaching didn’t lead us to a win this week.

Go Landsharks!

Go Landsharks!

On Sunday I met up with some friends for a trail run. We cranked out another 6 miles.

We forgot to take a pic, so here's an old one of mostly the same folks.

We forgot to take a pic, so here’s an old one of mostly the same folks.

We were either on a squiggly trail, or drunk..or both.

We were either on a squiggly trail, or drunk..or both.

Afterwards it was on to yoga. Aaaaand my legs were done.

The rest of the weekend saw us visiting the pumpkin patch. Though it didn’t seem quite right when it is 85 degrees out.

1272248_10152504935040369_8325893545289344225_o 10413412_10152504904900369_3040217240909062864_n 1912337_10152504905145369_8779984640811400934_n

What else, what else..oh yeah, I signed up for a 2nd race this week!!! Two days before the 13.1, I’m running a 3.1. It’s the inaugural Mavs Run This Town 5k. Woot woot!



This event combines a lot of stuff I love – running, the Mavericks, and The Old 97’s. I’ll preview this race soon, but for now, just know that I’m super happy fun time pumped!

How bout you? Exhausting weekend much? Any good topics to talk about on long runs with friends? Git yo pumkins yet? Good idea to race less than 48 hrs before another race?


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Weekend Group Long Run, Tacos, & Taco Aftermath

On Saturday I met up at 6am at a taco joint with the WRRC for a long run. Did I mention the meeting spot was a taco joint? Of course they weren’t open that early, but I knew they soon would be, and that is some incentive right there to get the run dun.

The lake + some.

The lake + some.

Wheweeee! This was a hawt one. Even at that hour. But I pushed through and ended up going 11 sweaty miles with some nice hills thrown in the last few.

I definitely had some runger going on afterwards. But did I mention meeting spot was a taco joint? I took full advantage!

Sometimes it's good to be fuzzy.

Sometimes it’s good to be fuzzy.

Of course, there are sometimes side effects to eating tacos. And I recruited the boy to demonstrate in a 6 second video (put on your headphones for all the classy sound effects)…

Yes, we’re very mature. I know this.

How bout you? Ever get the runger? Get in a long run this weekend? Have any taco consequences stories?


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