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25 Solo Miles, Race Advice, & Yoga Pal

First off, congrats to everyone who raced this weekend! In particular, I had a ton of friends (including my sister) at the Chicago Marathon. Looks like everyone had a great time…I’m guessing it’s due to my advice I gave them…

Remember kids...

Took this pic at a marathon in New Orleans the other year. It’s still relevant today.

As for me, I don’t have a race for two weeks, so I’m still getting ready. I got up on Saturday for my long run and it was raining…back to bed it is! When I woke up a second time, the rain was gone, but so was my group I was meant to run with. I had to do 15 miles by my lonesome.

Just me, my shoes, and my thoughts...scary!

Just me, my shoes, and my thoughts…scary!

I’ll tell you what, it’s much more of a mental struggle to run these distances by yourself. The miles don’t fly by like when you’re having conversations with folks. But that will make us stronger come race day, right?

On Sunday I got up to go run trails, but my running co-horts were either out of town or sick, so once again I was on my own. I ended up going 7-8 miles. For you math majors, that’s a good 22-23 for the weekend. If you include the 3 I ran on Friday, then that’s even more (I wasn’t a math major).

Afterwards it was on to power yoga.

I'm in there somewhere.

I’m in there somewhere. Hint: I’m a dude.

And speaking of running and yoga…my run/yoga buddy moved to NYC over the weekend.

With B (in pink) and friends at a recent race.

That’s her (in pink) and other friends at a recent race.

She’s going to be working in fitness, and will be a yoga instructor. Livin the dream in the Big Apple. We had a going away happy hour.

B is off to N-Y-C.

Is any city nicknamed the “Big Grapple”? There should be.

So there you have it, another exhausting weekend. Fun, but busy.

How bout you? Did you race or have friends race? Ever long run by yourself? Is it really okay to poop your pants?


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Balloon ½ Marathon Recap (From Someone Who Didn’t Race It)

The day after running my 5k PR, I was up early again for a race…but this time I wasn’t racing. I was running yes, but not racing. I was there with some friends to support the racers.

The cheer squad.

The cheer squad.

I had SEVERAL friends running this race – (Hot Air) Balloon ½ Marathon & 5k – Including my brother…it was his first Half!

So I got there early to get in some miles before the race. We eventually came to the start of the race just in time for the gun. We cheered on the runners until it thinned out then jumped on the course and joined them. We ran along the first 4 miles and eventually found my brother and ran with him for a short while.

Along the way we saw dozens of hot air balloons as they launched. That was a cool sight.

I don't care what you say, those dudes are full of hot air!

I don’t care what you say, those dudes are full of hot air!

We also found some friends who were there to cheer too. Though the racers didn’t seem to appreciate their sign. It read, “You are NOT almost there.” Haha!

We then ran back to our cars for 10 total miles! Waiting in our cars were mimosas, bloody mary’s and shiner beer. We were parked at mile 11 of the course and tried to encourage the runners to finish strong!

Our cheers didn't work on that guy...he kept walking.

Our cheers didn’t work on that guy…he kept walking.

A lot of the runners thanked us for being there. This course was VERY hilly. The temps were VERY hot. It was a tough day for them all. I’m glad we could help some of them.

My run bud Ana. I guess we made her smile.

My run bud Ana. I guess we ‘cheered’ her up. See what I did there?

Buuut, some of the runners had a bad attitude going into the race….



And apparently I was hatching an evil plan in my head while we spectated…

Muahaha! Evil smile much?

Muahaha! Evil smile much?

And then we saw my brother!

Almost done with is first half marathon!

Almost done with is first half marathon!

As my BQ friends there mentioned, he was looking pretty solid at this point of a very tough race. He didn’t look like he was hurting at all. And he got er dun!

In the end, we cheered on many runners – friends and strangers alike. I know I appreciate the support of race spectators. And if we can squeeze some of our own miles in along the way, then all the better!

Our 'refreshments' are almost gone. Time for one last pic.

Our ‘refreshments’ are almost gone. Time for one last pic.

Sometimes it’s good to give back like that.

How bout you? Ever go to a race just to cheer? Ever run along a race course to support the runners? Was it wrong to taunt them with our mimosas?


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