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How to Get Free Schtuff

If you follow my blog, or my instagram, or my tweeter, then you know that I’ve been getting some sweet birthday meals this week.

Bought by a friend.

Taco Taco (Bought by a friend)

And here’s the best part – they’ve been FREE!  Here’s how you do it:

1.) Have a friend or family member take you out for your birthday.  Repeat with others (don’t take advantage though – and never ask them to buy you food, duh, rude much)  Easy enough.

2.) Go to your fave places’ websites and register for their e-newsletter or whatever.  Come birthday month, they e-mail you all kinds of coupons and vouchers.  Print them and claim rewards!

Free Free Mahi Mahi

Free Free Mahi Mahi (voucher voucher)

You can also tweet the company and see what they say.  I was in the middle of a titter-conversation with Torchy’s Tacos and when it came out that it was my birthday, they sent me this:

I don't know what they're sending me, but I know I didn't buy it.

I don’t know what they’re sending me, but I know I didn’t buy it.

I can’t wait to see what I get in the mail this week!  (more on that later)

Anyways, so far I’ve gotten some tacos and some wings.  Upcoming is some ‘za and more tacos and BBQ.  It’s on.

This goes for non-food too, but I didn’t write about that because hey, I’m hungry.

Anyone else use this ploy?  Any good free meals lately?  Any other ideas to get some?


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Yoga, Lululemon, & Man Panties

This past weekend my knee was feeling better and I wanted to get a sweat on.  Luckily one of my running groups contacted me and invited me to go on a trail run, followed by yoga.  Not ready to test the knee on a run, I skipped it and met them for yoga.  Hence began my super masculine-opposite experience.

This particular practice took place at the local Lululemon shop.  If you’re not familiar, this store is a yoga-athletic one that primarily caters to the female of the species.  So I know ladies, you’d think that  yoga + Lululemon = would cause enough squealing, but it gets better.

A man's child pose.

A man’s child pose.

First off, it was free!  Second off, the instructor was really good.  I very much enjoyed the practice – challenging, different, sweaty, soreness causing, and thought provoking.  I even got two compliments about my deep breaths – something I really try to focus on!

But get this, when we were in our eyes-closed corpse pose at the end of practice, somebody went around and put a little heart shaped dark chocolate piece on each of our yoga mats.

Then get this, they had gone and got Starbucks and blueberry scones for everybody.  I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life, but ever since I visited Scotland for the first time, I’ve had a definite taste for scones!

I may or may not be following along too closely.

Cat, Cow, whichever.

And finally, they told us that everyone in the class could either choose one free panty or boxer-brief (man panty).  This prompted many cheers from the ladies.  I was excited too (spoiler alert, I chose the boxer-brief).  There were only a handful of us dudes in there, but we weren’t about to say “No” to a free pair of athletic undies.  Them bad boys are $40 a pop!

So there it was:  Free Yoga + Lululemon + Chocolate + Starbucks + Scones + Free Undies = Not something dudes typically do on a Sunday, but I don’t care.  Life’s what you make of it, right?

Afterwards, I chatted with my friends who were there, and sent out a playful tweet – joking that they had to collect my man card at the door.  Well, the Lululemon half marathon – SeaWheeze – picked up on my tweet and replied with this…

This counts as a legal document, right?

This counts as a legal document, right?

All in all it was a pretty successful morning.  And my man card is still in my possession!

How bout you?  Ever get free underwear?  How do you like your yoga practice?  What could’ve made this experience even more masculine opposite?

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