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I Got to Run!!!

It had been over three weeks since I took a running tumble and jacked up my knee.  But I finally felt like it was time to give a run a go-go.  This was Saturday.  We had some nice weather and I wanted to take advantage.  I did a lengthy warm up to make sure everything was loose.  Then I hit the streets.

I went to my go-to little 5k route around the town.  I took it nice and easy, listening to my body.  The knee felt a little stiff, but no major pain.  It felt good to run again.

It was super windy, but I didn’t complain, I was just happy to be outside and moving!  In fact, afterwards we took advantage of the weather and wind and took the kite on a walk.

Kite rider.

Kite rider.

On Sunday, I decided to play it safe and not join my buds for a trail run, but I did join them at Lululemon for some yoga.  Different instructor, and she challenged us.  I was sweating and shaking all over the place, but like she said, “Shaking is weakness leaving the body.”  I’ll go with that.

How bout you?  How did it feel your first time back after an injury?  Last time you flew a kite?  Any weakness leave your body recently?

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