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Runners – Be SAFE! I’m Not Kitten Around!

Chicago Marathon training is going swimmingly runningly! In the midst of a 55 mile week, with a 20 miler long run this weekend. Things have been going almost purrfectly…almost…..

You guys, you gotta be careful out there…Or should I say “Be catful”? The other day at the TNSR Social Run, things got a little hair-bally…


I couldn’t remember if you’re supposed to play dead, or flail your limbs like a fool when a giant cat is stalking you.

As runners, we all know that you always have to be smart – know your surroundings, watch your back, run with others, carry pepper spray, etc….But this day I completely forgot to bring along my catnip. And it didn’t help much to fake a catnap…

Nope, playing dead doesn't work either.

Nope, playing dead doesn’t work either.

If you feel really threatened on a run, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for a hiding place. I thought the lake would be good, but unfortunately some of these gi-cats were amphibious…

Luckily a couple run buds pulled me from ole crazy eyes there.

Luckily a couple run buds pulled me from ole crazy eyes there.

When all else fails, it’s best to have at least one person around that you can run faster than so they can be the fall guy…it’s all about self preservation at this point.

Even the cute ones are deadly.

Oh snap! I’m in the back of the pack! That’s trouble cause just like with humans, the cute ones are the most dangerous.

One thing I always do when I feel threatened is to face the threatener. Be less of a passive target that way…

Come on, Kitty! Put up your paws! Let throw down!

Come on, Kitty! Put up your paws! Let throw down like Bobby Flay!

More often than not doe, being calm and level headed can go a long way in deflating a dicey situation. That’s what helped us patch things up with our kitty kitty meow meow head friends…


I still don’t trust ole yellow eyes back there.

In the end, errbody was safe and feline fine!

And I hope all of y’all are being safe out there…and if you’re not, then start right MEOW!

How bout yous? Any safe running tips? Did I miss any cat puns? Have you heard of any radiation laced mice that these cats might be eating?

PS. Once again I gotta thank @sojomy for the pictures – he’s always there to capture the moment! Big shout out! That’s him taming the tabby…



And if y’all are ever in North Texas on a Thursday evening, you gotta come to TNSR…fo real doe! To see the rest of the pics, check out the TNSR Facebook Page and give it a Like.

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Halloween Fun & 10 Mile Run!

Yay, Halloween! I wrote the other day about the costumed social run I went on. Good times. But on the official Halloween, it was time for some trick or treating with the fams and friends. It went something like this:

Enforcing the law, lollipop in tow.

Enforcing the law, lollipop in tow.

A good ninja is never seen...except when there's candy involved.

A good ninja is never seen…except when there’s candy involved.

Here in Texas, we haven’t had Autumn yet, so it was a bit sweaty on Halloween. It’s been in the 90’s still during the days. That all changed on Friday night though when a cold front came through. I woke up early for my usual long run and saw the temps in the mid-30’s!!! No thanks! I went back to bed. It was probably the first run I didn’t go on in 6 months. And call me a halloweenie if you must, but I need time to adjust – I can’t just jump into a 60 degree temp change!

Not to worry, it had warmed back up a little on Sunday, so I went for a 10 miler followed by some tough yoga.


I was also race stalking all my friends over the weekend at the NYC Marathon and locally at the Dallas Running Club Half Marathon. Congrats to all!

In between checking split updates, I also cleaned house. And found this gem in amongst the kids Halloween candy.

Times are tough in the suburbs apparently.

Times are tough in the suburbs apparently.

Ha, ok then.

How bout you? Did you race this weekend? Did you go trick or treating? What was your costume? Are you ready to get off the rock?


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Oktoberfest 5k Recap – New PR!

This was a tough 5k. Hot, humid, windy, hilly. There were people puking on the course (and no, I don’t think they’d been drinking the free beer before the race). But I’m proud to say that I pushed through it all and was rewarded with a new current* PR!

It all started when I got to the race early to warm up and ran into a bunch of friends.

Sum uv my run buds.

Sum uv my run buds.

A couple of us were chatting at the start line about how this race was going to hurt, but we still hoped for a good time. I was really wanting to average SUB-7 minute miles.

The course was an out an back with a big man-made hill (bridge) in the middle that we had to cross twice. The out was mostly downhill with the wind at our back…I went out too fast – 6:30ish mile.

At the turn around we realized that the rest of the race was going to be uphill…into the wind…into the sun. Second mile was 7:00ish. Third was 7:30ish. The opposite of a negative split.

The race charity benefits kids with cancer. And they had posters of some of the kids along the course. That definitely helped with motivation. I pushed on.

At the last turn I looked at my watch – I was at 21ish minutes with .1 miles to go…a PR was in reach! I kicked it in, crossing the line at 21:33! That’s an average per mile pace of 6:56!!! Dude. Sweet. Goal reached!

31st out of 1547...I'll take it!

31st out of 1547…I’ll take it!

Afterwards we headed into the beer tent to celebrate!

And it's air conditioned. Yes!

Cold beer and air conditioning…Yes!

Food, live music and Free Paulaner beer from Germany!

Our table. My one friend learned to drink from her dog.

My one friend learned to drink from her dog. I have no idea why they use Bud Light cups for good German beer.

And while I was shut out of placing at this race (I hate my age group), several of my friends did bring home some hardware!! But instead of medals, they got beer steins.

Two age group winners and PR setters!

Two age group winners and PR setters!

Another winner! Picking up her beer stein and baby.

Another winner! Picking up her beer stein and baby.

A good morning was had by all. We couldn’t help but show each other some love.

I'm the meat in a runner sandwich.

I’m the meat in a runner sandwich.

In the end, this event was a lot of fun…But of course, hindsight is 20/20. When I was going up that last hill, I was not having fun at all, but pain is temporary, right? The glory of PR’ing in a local 5k lasts forever!!!!!

How bout you? Race this weekend? Anyone celebrate Oktoberfest? Anyone want to join our sandwich?


*I say ‘current’ because my all time PR is like 19:04 (high school).

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The Running Week That Was

Quick recap of the week.  It all started on Saturday with an extremely humid 7 mile run.  That got me to 100 miles for the month of May…hooray.

Sunday saw another 7 miles, but on trails.  Afterwards we did an hour of power yoga.  That’s when we tried out some experimental and improvised fake partner yoga.

I call this one 'Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench"

I call this one ‘Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench”

We call this one the "toddler superman" pose.

We call this one the “toddler superman” pose.

Tuesday saw a quick 3 mile run.  Nothing much to report there.

Wednesday was National Running Day and I met up with a group to partake.  I finished off the day with an hour of weights.

Thursday was Social Run day.  Another quick 3 miles followed by some swapping of run stories.

Stretchin back four tables deep yo.

Stretchin back four tables deep yo.

I also ran into an old friend at our socializing part of the run.  We did our best prom pose for a photo.  We thought it’d be funny cause I was so casually dressed compared to her.

I'm a cheap prom date.

I wore the same outfit to my real prom back in the day.

That brings us to Friday.  Rest Day.  But it won’t last long.

Saturday I’m getting up suuuuper early to get my run in before going to work.  I’m supposed to interview USA Olympic Superstar Softball Pitcher Jennie Finch.

Give her an finch and she'll take a mile.

Give her a Finch and she’ll take a mile.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask her, you best hurry up and let me know!!!

Anyway, that’s about it.  Pretty low key, but a good week.

How bout you?  Have a good week?  Any questions for Jennie?  Any ideas for new yoga poses we can try?


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