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Hot Chocolate 15k Race Preview & Expo Recap

This Saturday is the Hot Chocolate 5k & 15k in Dallas. I’m running the 15k. I’ve never run this race series before, but I hope it will be fun!

Since the race is on a Saturday, they had the expo on Thurs-Fri. Not very convenient since I typically work on those days. Not to mention it was a pretty long drive from the burbs to the expo site. And get this…they charged us for parking. What the frisbee?!?

But, of course I still had some fun with it…

Me n my new bestie - Marsha M. And look, I got a free hat!

Me n my new bestie – Marsha M. And look, I got a free hat!

I didn’t realize how big this race is – they say there’s 13,000 runners running! So I went on the first day of the expo to avoid the crowds.

I got my swag bag and bib and then tried to take another silly selfie with an inflatable, but some gal ran up to me and insisted on taking the pic for me. It totally threw me off my goof game…

I was too shocked to do anything but give the shaka sign.

I was too shocked to do anything but give the shaka sign.

For such a big race, the expo itself was pretty small. Maybe 15-20 vendors, I think. But they tried to fun it up with a DJ, bounce houses, and chocolate. I made a quick 6 second video to try and capture the moment.

Anyway, as for the race itself, it starts/ends at Fair Park in Dallas. It’s a historical part of town, home to the Cotton Bowl, concerts, State Fair, performances, festivals and such. It’s not located in the best part of town, but I do enjoy going there. I’ve actually done several races in that area.

After the race with some friends and a giant ferris buehler wheel.

After a race in Fair Park with some friends and a giant ferris buehler wheel.

I’ve taken a look at the course and I’m familiar with a few of the sections. One stretch that sticks out to me is Gaston Rd. We ran that same road during the Mich Ultra 13.1 back in October. It stood out because of the long rolling hills. Hopefully it’s gotten flatter since then.

Stay the course, my friends.

Stay the course, my friends.

And while I haven’t run this race before, plenty of friends have. I was glad to get the scoop from them about the driving/parking/traffic nightmare that it is. I guess 13,000 folks can block up the roads. So some friends and I are going to take the train down. Choo Choo Chew Chocolate.

I’m in corral “I”. Usually I’m in corral 1 or 2. But they told me how it works is the 5k is A-H, and they start first. Corral I is actually the first corral for the 15k. Whew, I didn’t want to be doing too much dodging and weaving!

Once the race starts, I’m not really sure how to pace it. I’ve only done one other 15k – like a year and a half ago. All I remember is that I went out too fast, and that it was wicked hot/humid. You can read the recap HERE.

The only pic I took that day. Say ahhhhhh!

The only pic I took that day. Say ahhhhhh!

Anyway, I look forward to the race! I hope it all goes smoothly and we have some fun! And I can’t wait to get this medal around my neck!

It's a metal chocolate bar. That's one way to get iron in your system.

It’s a metal chocolate bar. That’s one way to get iron in your system.

If you want to follow along during the race, my Twitter is set up for runner tracking to post my splits. You can follow me HERE.

Come back in a few days for the race recap!!!

How bout you? Ever run a Hot Chocolate race? Anyone running this race with me that I should look for? Ever run a 15k before?


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The Killers, Taxes & Open Mouthed Selfies

This was a pretty good weekend.

It started with a quick 10k run.  Then a homemade egg and turkey sausage sammich.  So far so good.  But then came the thing I dread all year – doing our taxes.  Ugh.  But I was able to fight through it and get em done.  My reward?  A free concert by a band I really enjoy – The Killers!!!

The Killers in koncert.

The Killers in koncert.

Why are they in Dallas?  Why was it free?  Lemme splain.  The NCAA Final Four (college basketball) is being played in town (the championship game is tonight).

Someone graffiti-ed on the Omni hotel.

Someone graffiti-ed on the Omni hotel.

As part of this tournament, they put on a bunch of fun events for the community – including a bunch of free concerts.  Over the weekend they also had some country music acts, LL Cool J, Fun, and even Bruce Springsteen!

The only show I was able to attend was the Killers, and I’m fine with that.  Like I said, I’m a fan.  They’re one of the few bands that I follow that I hadn’t seen in concert before.

Everything seemed to align for this concert.

First, I got downtown with no traffic, I found cheap parking, then walked toward the venue.

I always watch my back when passing the building where they say Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from (the square window on the 6th floor).

I always watch my back when passing the building where they say Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from (the square window on the 6th floor).

Also, the forecasted severe weather held off (that would’ve been bad at an outdoor event).

In the park!  I'm not sure why every music festival has to have a ferris wheel, but whatevs.

In the park! I’m not sure why every music festival has to have a ferris wheel, but whatevs.

And I was really happy this was FREE (their tickets normally start at $150 – ouch)!  Also, there were no annoying opening acts (they screened the basketball game, and as soon as it ended, the Killers started).

Watching some b-ball, waiting for the show to start, and tanning the inside of my mouth.

Watching some b-ball, waiting for the show to start, and tanning the inside of my mouth.

Also, since I’m old I have to get up early every day (for running and for kids), I was glad that this was an early show start with a fairly early end (the downbeat was at 7:30pm and the encore was over around 9ish).

The Killers were killin it.

The Killers were killin it.

It was first come (first serve).  Open seating (a field).  And I was lucky to get there early enough to snag a spot fairly close to the stage!

About 30 rows deep, my mouth a gasp with excitement.

About 30 rows deep, my mouth agape with excitement.

The show did not disappoint!  The crowd was really into it, most of us singing along to each song.  The band was really into it – the lead singer even mentioned how they weren’t sure what to expect from the crowd (this was for a baskeball tourny after all), but they were really happy with our energy!  The only weird thing was that the cigarettes people around me were smoking smelled kind of ‘skunky’, I think their tobacco had gone bad.

I'm still not sure why I was taking photos when they'd play a song I liked.

I’m still not sure why I was taking photos when they’d play a song I liked.

And since it was an early start/finish, my old responsible self was home by 10 pm!

Post show walking.  Pretty skyline on a pretty night.

Post show walking. And no, I never did ride the ferris wheel.

That show was great, btw!  They were very energetic and made sure to play all their hits.  And since I was home at a reasonable hour, I was able to make it to yoga the next morning!  The whole experience more than made up for it also being my tax preparation weekend.

How bout  you?  How was your weekend (it was a big one for races – anyone race)?  Any good concerts lately?  Are your taxes done?  Do you watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament?  How many flies did I catch in my mouth?

PS – Today is the last day to vote for our video in the Earth Day contest.  Please vote “C”!!!! It’s the one with the little girl and a bag mobile.  Vote for “C” here:



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Dallas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon #blog


Th mediumest medallion and the largest Ferris wheel in North America!

Here’s my brief recap of the March 2012 Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon:

1.) It was hawt! Not hot by Texas standards, but I think it was definitely hotter than what we were used to. The sun was blazing! And since the race didn’t start until 8am, it was already up and on us. I wish it had started at 7am – would’ve helped for sure!

2.) It was hillie! Not by other parts of the country’s standards, but by these parts standards. The first 8 miles or so were up hill. A nice steady incline with a few peaks and valleys.  The last miles were all downhill, but the incline up until that point took its toll on me. Between the hills and sun, I was hurting the last few miles and had to take a few walking breaks. I even used a porta-potty break as an excuse for a quick rest – ha!  And no, I will never call it a “porta-let”.  I don’t know who decided it was the proper term for those things, but I ain’t fallin’ for it!


What the heck is a mole hill? Is it the bump on your face a mole causes?

3.) I still finished! It was a really slow time for me, but I’ll take it. Everyone I talked to had the same struggles as me, so I guess it was even for everyone. My one friend (who’s wife finished in 2nd place in the women’s division) pointed out that I still finished in the top 10%. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that is a great way to look at it and makes me feel better about my performance.


According to my photos, mostly women love half marathons.

4.) It was fun! Having a bunch of friends and families and supporters either running or cheering was huge! We had a rather large group of friends who all participated in one way or another. I love how my friends are all so fitness minded!


Long wait for food makes my mug mean.

5.)  After the race, we celebrated! A large group of us had a few bevvies in the parking lot after the race, then went to a patio for some brunch, though by the time we got a table, it was more like linner (props to Jennie for that joke). The food and mimosas were excellent and the company better. Though the opossum climbing on the shade arbor above us was a bit odd, but he didn’t bother us, so it’s all good.

6.) There were a few negatives about the event itself, like the start/finish being in different locations, the “headliner” concert was pretty spare, and the finishing area is a parking lot outside the Cotton Bowl (finishing inside would be a cool experience for runners and spectators alike), but overall the positives way outweigh the negatives, so I won’t get into it any deeper here. Keep it positive, San Diego!

So there you go, another race in the books! Another medal on the hooks!

Peace out, internet!

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