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Halloween Fun & 10 Mile Run!

Yay, Halloween! I wrote the other day about the costumed social run I went on. Good times. But on the official Halloween, it was time for some trick or treating with the fams and friends. It went something like this:

Enforcing the law, lollipop in tow.

Enforcing the law, lollipop in tow.

A good ninja is never seen...except when there's candy involved.

A good ninja is never seen…except when there’s candy involved.

Here in Texas, we haven’t had Autumn yet, so it was a bit sweaty on Halloween. It’s been in the 90’s still during the days. That all changed on Friday night though when a cold front came through. I woke up early for my usual long run and saw the temps in the mid-30’s!!! No thanks! I went back to bed. It was probably the first run I didn’t go on in 6 months. And call me a halloweenie if you must, but I need time to adjust – I can’t just jump into a 60 degree temp change!

Not to worry, it had warmed back up a little on Sunday, so I went for a 10 miler followed by some tough yoga.


I was also race stalking all my friends over the weekend at the NYC Marathon and locally at the Dallas Running Club Half Marathon. Congrats to all!

In between checking split updates, I also cleaned house. And found this gem in amongst the kids Halloween candy.

Times are tough in the suburbs apparently.

Times are tough in the suburbs apparently.

Ha, ok then.

How bout you? Did you race this weekend? Did you go trick or treating? What was your costume? Are you ready to get off the rock?


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