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Losing the Best (Running) Friend

Sweet Bailey Girl.

Sweet Bailey Girl.

We adopted Bailey from a local shelter 10 or 11 years ago. She was just a puppy. A stray they had found on the street. We’ll never know where she came from, but we’re glad she ended up with us.

Sadly, she just entered the big dog park in the sky.

Bailey & Guinness - the Irish Car Dogs.

Bailey & Guinness. Best buds.

When she was younger, I’d take her on my runs. Her short stubby legs trying to keep up. As she got older, it seemed her hips bothered her some, so she stopped joining my runs, but still loved our walks!

I think this is the last photo taken of her (too bad I cheesed it up). It was on a recent walk. Her grey muzzle in full effect.

I think this is the last photo taken of her (we were both panting). It was on a walk a month or two ago. Her grey muzzle in full effect.

She loved people. Even at the dog park, she couldn’t care less about the other pups, all she wanted to do was find humans to pet her. If anyone ever sat down anywhere (home or away), she’d put her chin on their lap, encouraging you to scratch behind her ears.

A few years (and lbs) ago. Her chin was forever on people's legs, just wanted to be petted.

A few years ago. Her chin was forever on people’s legs, just wanted to be petted.

She was also a great sport. In fact, I used her in several short films I made. If you have a few minutes and want to watch them, then here are the links:

Once Upon a Time in Dogtown (Grand Prize Winner at PetFlix Film Festival 2007)

Have a Knife Day (Best Short Tail Winner at PetFlix Film Festival 2008)

My New Best Friend (Official Selection at PetFlix Film Festival 2009)

She liked pirates as much as me.

She liked pirates as much as me.

A few months back she began having seizures. They were short at first – a minute or two, but gradually got longer. The internet and the veterinarian both said it can happen to older dogs. Could be a brain tumor. But as long as she was happy, then it was ok for now. She was happy.

She had the most soulful eyes.

She had the most soulful eyes.

Around 5am the day before Thanksgiving, I heard some noises coming from the living room. I went to investigate and it was Bailey having another seizure. There’s not much you can do, except move stuff out of the way so she doesn’t hurt herself. Other than that, just comfort her. So we comforted her…for nearly an hour. By far the longest episode. By far.

Finally it slowed down, but she wasn’t snapping out of it like previous times. I knelt next to her and put my hand on her side. I could see the breathes get shallower and shallower, but I could still feel a heart beat.

Then the heart beat stopped. It just stopped. I still can’t believe I felt her last heart beat with my own hand.

Always a happy pup, with so much intelligence in those eyes.

Always a happy pup, with so much intelligence in those eyes.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I went on a run to clear my head. I made sure to run her favorite routes. I think she was with me in spirit and enjoyed being able to get back out there like when she was younger.

When I got back, the kids were waking, so we let them say goodbye to her. She was always so gentle with them.

Bailey and Grif a couple years ago. Just chillin.

Bailey and Grif a couple years ago. Just chillin.

Today we are supposed to pick up her ashes. I’ll be sure to take them with us on our walks whenever possible. She always loved our walks………..

Goodbye sweet Bailey girl.


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Runners as Good Semaritans

This morning on my 7 mile run I came across a middle school gal riding to school on her big person bike.  Her shoelace caught on her pedal and she took a nasty spell and ate some pavement.  What would be your first reaction?  Probably take a picture of her for your blog, right?  No jerk, you don’t take a picture…at least until you know she’s OK.

Seriously, what I did was immediately run over to her, stop my GPS watch, and check on her.  She said she was OK, but I know when people first get hurt, the adrenaline and embarrassment causes them to say they’re OK, even if they may not be.

I'd be a giant in leprechaun village.

Don’t worry you Damsels in Distress, here comes your lucky charm!

Luckily I had an excuse to hang around and make sure she really was OK…Her shoelace was still tangled pretty good.  She was trapped under her bike and couldn’t get up.  I was able to help her up and eventually unlace her Chuck Taylors from the pedal.  After spending all that quality time together, I realized she really was OK.  I told her to be safe and continued on my run.

This isn’t the first time I’ve helped people on a run.  I’ve aided folks in pushing broken down cars off the road.  I’ve stopped kids from running into traffic. Basically, I’m a modern day sweaty clothed super hero (JK).

And if you follow this blog then you know about my occasional run-ins with canines.  But there have been times when the pooches weren’t aggressive, they were friendly and just happened to be loose.  I’ve helped catch them and return them to their owners – one time even keeping the dog overnight until the owners got home.

So my point is to help give runners a good name by helping out others if you come across a chance to do so.

Have you ever done a good deed in the middle of a workout?  Please share!


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