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Runnin Hill Repeats…Oh, & My New Emmy Nominations!

I’m proud to say that we’re nominated for two more Emmy’s this year, but I’ll get to that…

At last year's Emmy's. That's #6 I've won so far. Honored!

At last year’s Emmy’s. That’s #6 I’ve won so far. Honored!

But first…I noticed on a couple runs recently that I was really struggling whenever we came to a hilly sections. So what’s the solution? To go run up and down hills of course…doy!

I realized that a while back I had replaced my weekly hill repeat workout with a track workout. This reminded me that I need to mix up my workouts more often. So I went and ran some hill repeats…Fun!

To be honest, I really do kind of like hill repeats. Sick, I know.

To be honest, I really do kind of like hill repeats. Sick, I know.

Since I’ve reincorporated the hill repeats, I have noticed them getting easier on my long runs. Nice to see results!

Now for the Emmy news…Here’s the Nomination Announcements:





I’m lucky to have such talented people to work with on these videos. (I’m including photos below in case Jason doesn’t believe that I actually know these people.)

Like my pal David Chicken.

At a music video shoot.

At a music video shoot.

And my buddy Ashley Kamrath.

At last year's Emmys.

At last year’s Emmys.

And of course my crazy amigo Flula.

We are two wild and crazy guys.

We are two wild and crazy guys.

Oh, and here’s a bonus pic of me, Ashley and Flula at a video shoot at the Texas state capital building.

Keep Austin Weird.

Keep Austin Weird.

So here’s hoping. Please cross your fingers for us!

If you want to watch the videos that are nominated, you can see the ‘Play’ music video HERE and the ‘Rec X’ episode HERE.

Until the gala comes, I’ll be out there runnin the streets and all the hills! Boojakashaw!

How bout you? Been runnin any hills? Ever hang out with YouTubing German DeeJays? Ever dance with a grown man in a chicken hat and cape?


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Please to Enjoy these Running (and not) Links for You

Short post today. I thought I’d share a few things that have been on my mind.

1.  This runner is totally cracking me up! She’s been running routes based solely on the picture the GPS data will create. Most are not SFW, but they are hilarious! Here’s the link:  Running Drawing

Runners World posted a fascinating article about Robin Williams. It’s about his pre-fame running days in NYC. Hello, can you say 34 minute 10K!?!?! Fascinating:  Robin Williams, the Runner

Finally, I went to a funeral the other day. She was the mom of a friend of mine. They are both entertainers and I’ve been lucky to work with them on several videos. One of his personas, David Chicken, is a family entertainer. He travels the world performing for kiddos. Mama Chicken was always at his side (even rapping in some numbers). Check out some of their videos when you get a chance:  David & Mama Chicken

That’s all I got right now. Hope you like the links. Please let me know your thoughts on them.


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‘Nuther Weekend, ‘Nuther Race

So a few weeks back I registered for the Dopey Challenge at Disney World.  It was a pricey entry.  I’m still waiting for sponsors to help me out – come on already,  you know you want to!  Anyway, I’ll write about that later.  In the meantime, I figured I’d have to skip other races cause I spent so much on that one entry.  But here’s the thing, I’m in a 5k tomorrow.  I got a free entry from a co-worker, so that is good.  I like free race entries.

It’s the Head for the Cure 5k in Plano, TX.   I don’t know what to expect because I’ve been a little sick the past two weeks and that took a toll on my runs.  It caused me to run slower than normal and even skip a couple runs all together.  But you know how it goes on racing day, the adrenaline can get cha!

I also don’t know what to expect from the course.  It goes through a nature preserve mainly, so it could be quite scenic.  But from what I gather on the course map, there are quite a few switchbacks.  I hope they aren’t too bad.  I also hope the weather is good.  Anyone who lives in North Texas can tell you that it’s been windier around here than in a 1939 Kansas farmer girl’s dream/nightmare.  It’d be nice to have a run where I’m not facing 20-30 mph steady gusts.  And I hear the temps are supposed to be around 60 degrees American – which would be surprising and awesoming!  N.TX don’t usually see those temps in mid May, I’ll take it.

I’ll do my best to try and place in my age group, but you knever know about that.  I’ll fill y’all in on how the race went on Monday. So stay tuned!

Either way, after the race on Saturday we’re shooting a new David Chicken music video.  If you (or your little ones) want to be in it.  Holla at me!


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Long Run and Harlem Shake

So tomorrow is the last long run before the Dallas Rock n Roll Half.  I think we taper the next week, so that will be nice.  We’ve been training some runners who will be running their first ever half marathon, and I’m really excited for them.  I know they’ll do great!

In the mean time, when I’m not running, I’m a TV/Movie producer/editor/writer/shooter/director/actor/etc.  And a few weeks back we put together a Harlem Shake video.  I know what you’re thinking – Another one?!?!  But we think ours is unique as it stars senior citizens and a celebrity or two.  See if you can spot the celebs, oh and see if you can spot my cameo!

Here’s a hint.  The celebs are Burton Gilliam from Blazing Saddles, Honeymoon in Vegas, etc. etc., as well as family entertainer David Chicken, along with Mama Chicken.

Please to enjoy.

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