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Mavs Run This Town 5k Preview

This Thursday evening I’m running the Mavs Run This Town 5k. Even though it’s on a random school night, I’m really excited for this race. It combines a lot of things I love.

First off, y’all know that I love to run. I want to run all the miles. This race will add another 3.1 to that.

The blue shirt same shoes dude is no longer in my photos!

At a recent race. Givin that finish line the ole stink eye.

2nd off, I’m a huge Dallas Mavericks fan. And your race entry also gets you a ticket to an upcoming game!!

I became a fan of the Mavs when I was growing up in Ohio and they drafted a player from my home state. I’ve followed them ever since…through the bad times and good. The best times being when they won the NBA championship in 2011.

Pic I took immediately after they won. Yes, I watched the game in my retro jersey. Don't hate.

Pic I took immediately after they won. Yes, I watched the game in my retro jersey.

I really really really hope they’ll have the Larry O’brien Trophy on hand. I’d love to get a picture with it. Because after a lifetime of fandom failure following the Cleveland Browns and Indians, the Dallas Mavs World Championship is my pro sports highlight.

On the court after a game last year.  Dirk is peeking out of my shirt.

On the court after a recent game. Dirk is peeking out of my shirt.

Unfortunately, the team is playing a game in Louisiana the same time as this race, so there probably won’t be any of the players hangin around. I’m sure they’ll have mascots and dancers and alumni and such…and that’s cool. If it’s anything like all the effort they put into the game experience, it will be a lot of fun!

Someday though I’d really love to get a pic with Dirk Nowitzki. I came close at an FC Dallas match he was at. I got an autograph and snapped a pic of him signing it, but couldn’t get a selfie because of the crowd.

Pic I took getting Dirk's autograph at an FC Dallas match.  See, I told you we're tight.

A basketball star signing a soccer program.

Third off, the post race party features a racers-only beer garden & concert by Old 97’s!!! I’m a huge fan of this band. I’ve seen them several times and they always bring a lot of energy to their shows. If you ever need a full throttle song to add to your running playlist, might I suggest their hit *Timebomb. It will put a giddy in your up.

Sorry I couldn't get any closer than two feet away for a picture during this performance.

His moves and shakes make him sweat about as much as a runner.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet the band a few times. Solid dudes. The lead singer – Rhett Miller – is also a popular topic of discussion amongst my lady friends – they describe him as “dreamy”.

Told ya that I've met 'em. Stop doubting me.

Apparently I wear that hat a lot.

In summary, at this race I get to run, I get a Mavs ticket, I get free beer, & I get an Old 97’s concert. For the win!



How bout you? Does your fav sports team hold a race? Should I wear that old jersey on the course? Any memorable post-race concerts?


*Warning – Click that link only if you’re prepared to have your face melt.

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Flula, St. Pats, The Mavs, Oh My!

So that was a jam packed crazy weekend, I tell you.  I’m still nursing this month long weird sickness thing, so I decided not to run, even the the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon was a week away.  Due to this bug I haven’t been able to train properly for weeks, so I figure I’ll just not care about times and just have fun with it.  But even without the running or going to the gym, I still got a workout!  That’s cause I was lugging around video equipment as we shot a crap TON of footage for some videos we’re making with the great Flula Borg!!!!

Like our dope videos or we will fight a non violent way.

Like our dope videos or we will fight you…in a non violent way.

Firsty off, you should know that this weekend was also St. Pats and my birthday weekend.  So it’s usually kind of a big deal to me.  But I skipped it all (mostly) for this amazing opportunity and I’m glad I did.  Yup, I skipped running, my soccer game, the crazy Dallas St. Patrick’s Day party, having a birthday party, all of it.  And I had an absolute blast doing it.  It was so great being around all of Flula’s creative energy for two straight days.

My friend, the amazing TV host Emily Reppert interviewing Flula for a segment we shot.

My friend, the amazing TV host Emily Reppert interviewing Flula for a segment we shot.  And yes, that’s a bedazzled fanny pack.

If you don’t know Flula, whenever you get a free day, spend it watching his hilarious youtube videos (vlogs, music videos, celeb interviews, autotunes, etc. etc.).  He’s also a sometimes DJ, hypeman, actor, live concert giver, poet, host, and author (he’s written two books – both in one day without using spell check).  You can find info here:

Shooting a episode of "Autotunes" on the Zamboni!  He was singing "Ice Ice Baby" btw.

Shooting a episode of “Autotunes” on the Zamboni! He was singing “Ice Ice Baby” btw.

Anyways, now I’m in the process of editing, and videos will periodically be released.  But in addition to working with us, he was also interviewed a few times on 105.3 The Fan sports radio station, aaaaaannnnddd the Dallas Mavericks brought him in to meet his idol – Dirk Nowitzki – and shoot some videos for  And an extra cool part about that is Flula gave me an extra ticket to the Mavs vs Thunder game St. Pats evening.  I’m a huge fan and it was fun sitting a few rows behind Mark Cuban.

We lost the game to OKC, but hey, at least we don't live in OKC.  Kidding.  No I'm not.  Yes I am.

We lost the game to OKC, but hey, at least we don’t live in OKC. Kidding. No I’m not. Yes I am.

And the hits keep on coming.  After the game we went to see my friend’s band Graceland Ninjas!  This was for St. Pats since it was the actual day, even though it was Sunday evening.  These guys are a lot of fun.  They play cover songs as Elvis.  And when they saw me in the crowd, they pulled me up on stage to dance (as they sometimes do).  They also had the crowd wish me happy birthday.

I dance so radical, the camera can't keep me in focus.

I dance so radical, the camera can’t keep me in focus.

And get this!  They’re normal guitarist was unavailable, so who did they get to fill in – John Lefler!  He’s a great solo artist, but he’s best known for being in Dashboard Confessional.  If you know them, you know I’m not in their normal obsessed fan demographic, but I don’t care if mostly teen females are their big record buyers.  I heart them!  And to meet a member was icing on the cake of a crazy weekend!

He likes it when the girls call him Johnny.  I like it when you call me maybe.

He likes it when the girls call him Johnny. I like it when you call me maybe.

There is also a crap TON of stuff I didn’t include from the weekend, but my head is still spinning from all that happened.  It was truly a magical time, and I’ll take magical times anytime.  Even if it means mostly missing my birthday/st. pats weekend.  Let’s be honest, most of those weekends aren’t remembered anyway…thanks to Guinness!  So until next year….DANCE!

I'd be a giant in leprechaun village.

I’d be a giant in leprechaun village.




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