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Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap – New PR & I Beat Deena Kastor!

Yay, we did it!

We did it, you guys!

Yes, I set another PR, but I’ll get to that. First, let me start at the beginning ~

Like a lot of big races, this one had an expo where we have to go to pick up our bibs. So that’s what I did.

A pretend finish line at a real expo.

A pretend finish line at a real expo.

I saw a lotta friends there, which was good. Tho some of them didn’t notice me at first…

Photobombing like a BOSS!

Photobombing like a BOSS!

But I gotta say, the RnRDal expo has gotten really small over the years. There were not a lot of vendors. I wonder what’s going on there???

Anyway, the next morning some friends met up earrrrrrly to carpool down.

The carpool gang.

The carpool gang. We hang out under bridges and terrorize the city folk.

Since the race route had separate start & end points, we parked near the finish and then had to heel-toe it across town to the start.

The carpool gang roaming the foggy streets of Dallas.

The carpool gang roaming the foggy streets of Dallas.

When we got there, we were waaay early. So we did like a buttload of other runners and kept warm (and off our feet) inside the Omni Hotel.

Chilaxing wide shot.

Chilaxing wide shot.

It’s nice of the hotel to let us destroy their restrooms politely sit on their floors like that. Shout out to Omni!

Chilaxing close up.

Chilaxing close up.

After a while, it was finally time to race! So we shed extra layers, dropped off our gear bags, then went to the corrals. I was in corral 1 – yippee! The horn sounded, and we were off!

Here we come!

Here we come! Lots of interesting outfits here.

The weather was decent. In the 50’s, and somewhat humid. But the rain had stopped a few hours before the race, and it felt cool.

I will rise above, thanks street artist.

I will rise above, thanks street artist.

I had a ton of friends not only running this race, but also cheering and volunteering at aid stations. So great to see so many peeps along the course!

Hey, my form looks pretty good here. I'll take it!

Hey, my form looks pretty good here. I’ll take it!

A bonus of having friends along the course is they were able to take some of the pics you see here. Tho sometimes they didn’t see me until I was going past.

I swear I was waving at my friend and not flipping the bird.

I swear I was waving at my friend and not flipping the bird.

Warning ~ Mild Rant Here

The course itself was just ok with me. I do not understand local race directors obsession with having us run through West Dallas. I know they think it’s cool to have us cross some of the bridges over the Trinity River, but it comes at a cost of us passing MANY bail bond shops, car impound lots, etc. Not the best way to show off Dallas.

I boycotted this race last year because they had dropped their charity and were strictly for-profit. That, and I thought the quality had gone downhill year after year. Part of that quality is the on-course entertainment. There was not a lot of crowd support. And for a race that bills itself as “Rock n Roll”, there were hardly any bands along the course. Speaking of which, why is it they always seem to be taking a break when you run past?

And I already mentioned the disappointing expo, but people were also disappointed with the medals. They were very small and kind of uninspired. What gives RnRDAL?

Warning ~ Mild Rant Over

Runnin over a bridge.

Runnin over a bridge.

Other than that, the course was nice….except for the hills! They threw in a few doozies. Especially towards the end.



I felt pretty good during this race. I never even wanted to stop and walk (well, I might have wanted to on that last hill – but didn’t!), I never drank anything at the aid stations, & I didn’t even eat my Gu. I was never completely uncomfortable during this race. That’s good, because it means I can go faster!


Proof that I ran the race.

I don’t know why I felt so good. Could be that everything just fell into place. However, I did do one thing different that morning…I drank UCAN.

My new BFF.

Just a couple of BFF’s.

They are one of Meb’s sponsors. When I met him back in December, they gave us a free sample. I decided to try it before this race. I need to do more experimenting to see if it really works that well for me, or if it was a fluke!

Back to the race ~

It finished outside American Airlines Center, which is where the Mavericks & Stars play. If you’ll recall, I ran a fun 5k at the same spot back in the fall. Here’s the recap.


Flying to the finish.

Finally, I passed by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders who were dancing near the end and finished the race! New PR! WooHoo!

The stats.

The stats.

This was my first race since turning 40 earlier in the week. I was probably the youngest in my age group. Hahaha, I guess it’s not any easier than the 35-39 age group. I was in the top 6% overall, but only top 13% in my division. Ahh well.

Oh, and one cool feather in my cap is now I can officially say I beat Deena Kastor in a race. She was there pacing the 1:45 group. But officially, it will go down in the record books as me finishing ahead of her. Hahaha!

Anywhoodle, at the finish area I saw a bunch more friends!

Some friends.

Some friends.

And then it was time for the post-race party. I was excited because Eric Hutchinson was the headliner. I actually like some of his music.

The party was ok. They gave us one free Mich Ultra beer. To me, MU is like drinking water. Not much flava. And if you wanted more than one, then you had to shell out $6 a piece. HAHAHAHAHAHA…No thanks!

Our one free beer.

Our one free beer. Celebrating the many PR’s set this day by the members of the Carpool Gang.

So we left to go get brunch and margaritas at a TexMex joint. But before we did, I got in one last 6 second video of the party.

So there it is, another half marathon in the books. And yay for the PR!!!

How bout you? Ever raced without stopping or drinking/eating anything along the way? Are you scared of the Carpool Gang? Did you race this weekend?


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Run + Taco + Soccer + Yoga + Celeb + Swan Balloon

It’s been a crazy few days, kids. We had an uhmaizeeng cold front come through. One day it was over 100 degrees, the next day I woke up and it was in the 60’s! All us North Texas runners were absolutely giddy!

I met up with WRRC to run. The group I fell in with went 12 miles at an 8:30 pace, and it felt easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

It almost looks like a dog.

It almost looks like a dog.

Afterwards I wanted breakfast tacos, of course. So I hit up a taco joint called Taco Joint.

Migas taco. Weird shrimp lookin thing behind me.

Crazy eyes. Migas taco. Weird shrimp lookin thing behind me.

I gotta tell ya, it was like a party up in therre. It was before 9am but it was PACKED with runners from different run groups – as well as a few doctors fresh off the overnight shift. And the bar was open, and the drinks were flowin. It was seriously poppin.

I couldn’t partake tho cause up next I was coaching the boy’s soccer game.

Kick the ball int he goal over there.

Kick the ball in the goal over there.

My parents came out and took some photos.

Aaaand KICK!

Aaaand KICK!

Luckily the boy’s good running form helps him out in soccer too!

He's flying.

He’s flying.

And the day didn’t stop there. My buddy messaged me that he had some extra tix to the FC Dallas pro soccer match. I took him up on it.

My bud with the hook up.

My bud with the hook up.

My dad and brother also joined me. It was a rare men’s night out!

The Evans Lads.

The Evans Lads.

And FC Dallas won the game!!

Go team go!

Go team go! I think that guy in front of us is taking a selfie, too bad the field is in front of him. #turnarounddude

The next morning I was up early again to join my runnin bud Serene for a trail run.

The squiggly part is where I was I was looking for my keys.

The squiggly part is where I was I was looking for my keys.

After the trails we went to yoga. Someone brought their pet.

He's good at 'down dog'

He’s a natural at ‘down dog’

Then I gotta tell ya that something random happened. I ran into Dallas Cowboy legend Charles Haley at the store. Big guy.

Too bad I'm a Browns fan.

Too bad I’m a Browns fan.

Finafreakinly our neighborhood had a block party. Complete with balloon animals.

Stop looking at me swan.

Stop looking at me swan.

I was pooped (not literally). Such a fun weekend, but so much tired. I laid on the couch to wind down with the DVR, but my eyelids promptly closed. Out cold. Dreams of sugar plums (whatever those are).

How bout you? Great weekend? 9 am party-ers out there? What’s your spirit balloon animal?


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Post Storm Run, Lululemon Taco Futures, & Johnny Football to Cleveland!

Last night was supposed to be the popular Katy Trail 5k and After Party for many of my friends.  But Dallas had a massive windy thunderstorm blow through town and they had to cancel the event.  Bummer for those runners.  The weather did clear up later on and so a group of us met at Lululemon for Thursday Night Social Run.

Notice the folks still wearing their race bibs.  At least the got used somehow.

Notice the folks still wearing their race shirts bibs. At least the got used somehow.

I got in a quick 5k at a 7:20-something pace.  It was a bit slippery and humid, but not too bad.


“Rock on!” says my hands.

Afterwards we did the social part of our run and went to a local joint for a little grub and a little brew.  And one of the organizers of TNSR had a surprise – Lululemon gave him some gift cards to a pretty ba-darse local Tex Mex hotspot as a ‘thanks’ for hosting so many of our runs at their store.  He decided to have a number guessing contest to give them away.  And guess what else?  I guessed correctly and won one of the cards!!!

Yes!  More tacos are in my future!  Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Yes! More tacos are in my future! Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Anyway, as we socialized, the NFL draft was on the TV’s.  Being that I live in Texas, Johnny Manziel gets a lot of attention around here…as he also does nationally, but more so here.  So all eyes were on him.  Many people wondered if the Dallas Cowboys were going to draft him.  But they did not, instead the team I root for picked him.  Yup, he’s going to the Cleveland Browns (I’m originally from Ohio, hence my team choice).

I do not know if he will be a bust or a hero, but either way it’s bringing a lot of energy and attention to the Browns.  Something they haven’t had in a long long time.  They have been a bad team for even longer.  It’s been hard being a Browns fan, but we are loyal.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

Here’s hoping the Browns finally reward some of our loyalty!

How bout you?  Ever had a race cancelled (They also cancelled the Dallas Marathon back in Dec due to ice)?  Who loves free tacos in their mouths?  What do you think of Johnny Football going to Cleveland?  Who’s your NFL team (I know Salt, you root for the evil 😉 Ravens)?


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