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Morning Crud Run & Mumford & Sons

I don’t know what happened on my run this morning.  Was to be an easy 5 miles, but man did I feel like crud.  I was sore and tired all over.  So weird how you can change like that from day to day.  Yesterday I felt decent on my run.  Today not decent.  Here’s hoping I’ll be back to decent tomorrow.  Oh well, I still pushed through and got it done, that’s what counts right?  Per uge, I was dripping with sweat and covered in gnats by the end.  I’m still waiting for those fall temps to come!

Anyways, I’m glad I got it done because tonight we’re going to the Mumford and Sons concert.  Twas supposed to be a few months back but they had to cancel the day of the concert due to one of the band members undergoing emergency brain surgery.  Luckily he’s all better now and so the band is making up the dates they missed.

Pic from the 1st time I saw them.  What a great show it was!

Pic from the 1st time I saw them. What a great show it was!

This will be the second time I’ve seen them.  First was a couple years ago.  I knew their music myself, but since I don’t usually listen to pop radio, I had no idea that lots of other people like them too.  I assumed they were a small indie band that not many people knew – I learned otherwise when I went to buy tix and they were completely sold out!  Luckily luckily luckily my friend is a radio DJ here in Dallas and she was able to hook me up with a free pair the day of the show – score!

Admission: $0.00

Admission: $0.00

Now they’re back, and in an even bigger venue that sold out within minutes.  It should be a blast.  My sis came to town for it, and we’ve got a lot of other friends and families going to the show.  BTW, if you haven’t seen their latest video, it is High Larious!  Check it below.

BTW, I’ve pretty much given up listening to music when I run, but when I did, I could always count on “The Cave” to pick up my pace!

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